Cedarcleaver the Great


Cedarcleaver was hatched in the cedar groves that surrounded the Elfin Swamp late in the Age of the Beatific of the First Cycle of Man.  He grew quickly and became a force of destruction in the area around River's Birth and Castle Ramforst until he was driven away by the castle's lord before he reached adulthood.


Cedarcleaver flew north towards Tanglewood after being driven from his home.  He settled in the cedars along the edge of a swamp on the southwestern edge of the great forest when he encountered an older green dragon that claimed Tanglewood for himself, Lord Tangle.

He dwelt at the edge of this swamp competing for resources with the black dragon Drymorjoc until they joined forces with the imminent deity, Zodyu the Grotesque in his war to conquer Legion Hedge, the human kingdom to the west.

After The Seven-Years War and the Fifth Wizards' Cataclysm ending the last cycle, Cedarcleaver maintained a truce with Drymorjoc until Isildul's Arcaners slew Lord Tangle sometime in the first half of the first century of the Age of Chaos.

Cedarcleaver has slain many adventurers and interlopers into his territories.  The most notable being the first king of The Elven Monarchy, Malachi Ijoynvaeh in 671 PC.  Malachi was the half-brother of the deity and empress of The Almebezbikian Empire, Visaria Ijoynvaeh Random.

With the realization of his full potential and his ill-temper in his advanced age, Cedarcleaver has become increasingly active having recently attacked Redemption.

Current Demesne

Cedarcleaver seized Lord Tangle's claims when he was slain and has expanded them to include the entire expanse of Tanglewood in the last 900 years.

Despite his claims, The Fey also claim Tanglewood and they have clashed a number of times.  The Fey have proven no match for the Great Wyrm.

He now looks to add tribute from the city of Troll's Bridge to his hoard as a result of a deal he struck with the heir to the lordship of the city.


As the Legions of the Almebezbikian Empire approach Troll's Bridge, Cedarcleaver and his entire clan overflies the city to confront Ran MCXI and his forces.

Oliveryn, of the Heroes of Redemption, teleports to the labyrinth where the Orb of Green Dragonkind secured by Aifos and retrieves it. He then flies after the dragons, intending to draw their attention away from the Emperor.

The misguided plan works and draws Cedarcleaver back toward Troll's Bridge until they meet at Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos. Cedarcleaver crashes into the castle in an attempt to destroy the Orb.

He suddenly finds himself opposed by all the Heroes of Redemption. During the battle, he manages to damage the Orb, but the Heroes are too powerful for him.  As the spirit of Verdigris escapes the orb, Cedarcleaver's life force is freed from his temporal body and drawn into the Orb.  The violent passing of Verdigris nearly kills the Heroes and reseals the Orb, trapping an even more powerful dragon's spirit within.