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Dodecitina 11, 1000 PC

Our heroes, without delay, enter the arch and find themselves in a storage room. It is not known that his is The Floating Tower until Wintersky ascends the stairs and recognizes the hallway where Celesta's chambers can be found.

After discovering blood on the floor outside Celesta's door, the heroes follow it up a spiral staircase to an area of the tower that is open to the outside and see The Crater and Tanglewood far below.

They quickly find that kyton have found this way into the tower, but they are quickly dispatched. In the aftermath of the quick battle, Isildul wanders into the area, his aura in full force and panics all but Wintersky who requests he reduce its effects and then collects her comrades to return to the mission for which they have been summoned.

They find Celesta temporally suspended in a cabinet in Isildul's vault and upon removing her from the protective environment find she is in a dire predicament. The fetus inside her is growing at an alarming rate, which threatens to kill the archmage. Wintersky, Nyza, Dale, Elenia and Aifos work quickly to stabilize Celesta and help transform her at the same rate as the growing fetus, so they can deliver the child and keep both alive.

In the mean time, more devils break into the tower and occupy Legeand, Sparta, Oliveryn and Eregard. The devils fall, but in the process Manty's Heirloom is lost to The Crater and Legeand's frenzy last longer than the opponents.  Without Luanes at hand to bring the barbarian safely out of his frenzy, Eregard, Oliveryn and Sparta have to wear him down without being killed themselves. When Ringo is sent to find Nyza and Nyza attempts stop Legeand, the berserker manages to dodge the sorceress' spells.

As Legeand's frenzy wanes and he collapses in exhaustion, Celesta gives birth to her and Isildul's baby boy. The birth triggers Isildul's release from undeath and he has Wintersky send him on to his final destination.

The heroes see the beam of light form into an archway and Dale, Eregard and Wintersky with Elenia on StormClouds followed by SnowShadow pass the arch and disappear from sight.

Sparta: Dale! Wait for me.

Aifos: They seem confident this is not a trap.

Sparta runs to follow Dale through the arch.

Sparta: Doesn't matter if it is anymore, she's on the other side.

Sparta passes the arch and vanishes.

Legeand: I guess there is one thing to do. Follow!

Oliveryn shrugs and nods at Legeands advice.

Aifos warily follows, giving the arch a stern look as he passes.

Nyza teleports in.

A large group of Tetons and villagers approach the arch curiously.

Oliveryn: Nice for you to join us, Nyza.

Nyza: You are a prince! You can manage without me for fifteen minutes.

Nyza: Mask, on the other hand.

Oliveryn: I doubt me being a prince has anything to do with my inability to have you next to me at all times.

Oliveryn smiles and walks through the arch.

Nyza looks warily at the arch, but it must be safe enough if everyone else went through. She follows.

Legeand follows after the other two into the arch.

Our heroes pass the glowing arch and enter a storage room, the shelves and walls of which warp and shift as more enter, including horses and other animals. It grows to accommodate all with elbow room to spare.

Aifos: Interesting place. Where are we?

Nyza: Like a mage's mansion, perhaps? See how it grows?

Oliveryn: Maybe it grows depending on how much intelligence there actually is with in its holds.

Oliveryn touches the shelves to see how real they are.

The shelves are as solid as can be.

Sparta looks for a door.

Two exits are apparent: a heavy, iron-bound, wooden door and stairs leading up with a door at the top.

Oliveryn looks at the other door to see what it is made of.

Wintersky dismounts and runs up the stairs to the door.

The door at the top of the stairs slowly opens as the stairs are mounted.

The door at floor level is made of ironwood and iron bands.

Wintersky checks her head long plunge and readies Blessed Black before going through the door.

Dale follows Wintersky up the stairs.

Nyza: Ms. Sky, please be careful.

Wintersky: Who needs help!

Aifos: This seems to be a basement or at least a ground floor. No stairs down.

Legeand: An entry way at least.

Nyza: Me just mean, this is probably the lich's tower? It could be dangerous.

Eregard races up the stairs, "My aunt needs help. This is The Floating Tower, is it not?"

Dale: I don't think The Floating Tower has a "ground" floor.

Wintersky: With no answer, Wintersky checks the crystal ball looking for Celesta.

The crystal ball shows only blackness.

Wintersky: looks into the next room.

Aifos: Then I suggest leaving this lower door closed.

Beyond the door is a hallway with several doors in it. The hallway leads to an entrance hall with another door and a wrought-iron spiral staircase leading up to the next level.

Sparta: We need to move quickly, maybe I should lead.

Legeand: Well, you are the tracker, Sparta.

Sparta moves up the staircase.

Wintersky: Okay. I can not find Celesta in the crystal ball.

Oliveryn keeps a look out for anything out of place.

Wintersky puts the crystal ball away.

Sparta: Up the next staircase then?

Wintersky: "After you," she gestures with Blessed Black.

Sparta steps into the hallway.

Nyza remains in the rear of the group, but she keeps up.

Sparta: Oli, any idea where Celesta might be?

Aifos starts up the stairs after looking in fascination at the things on the shelves.

Wintersky: "That is Celesta's door," she points.

Oliveryn: My guess would be up.

Oliveryn shrugs.

Sparta moves to the door that Miss 'Sky indicated and knocks.

Wintersky: Is it locked, Sparta?

Sparta tries to open the door.

Sparta notices blood smeered on the floor at his feet.

Sparta: Celesta, are you in there?

The door is locked. It buzzes and glows as Sparta pushes against it.

Sparta: Guys, this doesn't look good.

Sparta: See, there's blood on the floor.

Wintersky: I think whoever was bleeding was heading toward the spiral stairs.

Sparta: I don't think I can open the door, let's follow the blood.

Legeand: Well, then let us go see, shall we?

Sparta turns to lead the way up the spiral staircase.

Wintersky: Let us hurry.

Elenia: That door is warded...probably trapped. Let us follow the blood.

Oliveryn starts to wonder if this buzzing sound is an alarm of some kind.

Oliveryn follows the blood as well.

Aifos looks at the door a little longer before following.

Oliveryn looks oddly at Nyza.

Legeand follows with the group keeping his attention idly on the task at hand.

Eregard runs to the spiral staircase and begins to climb, "Aunt Celesta! Are you up here."

Oliveryn: Is it just me or can we cast more spells.

Wintersky: I do not feel as worn out as before.

Aifos: I had a strange sensation passing the arch.

Oliveryn shakes his head at Eregard's actions.

Sparta hurries on his short legs to keep up with Eregard.

Oliveryn: Fool is going to kill himself.

Oliveryn follows as well trying to catch Eregard.

Sparta: You're right, Oli!

Wintersky: Child birth is dangerous too. Time is of the essence.

Nyza: Nyza do not notice any change.

Sparta pauses to cast Longstrider on himself.

Oliveryn: I knew I felt different. This is weird.

Oliveryn tries to say without yelling, "Eregard, wait!"

Wintersky casts Warning when Sparta pauses.

Eregard pauses at the top of the stairs gazing at something at the top, "Wow!"

Nyza: What? What's up there!

Oliveryn: I told you to wait you, dumb edi...

Wintersky: Who do you think she was cavorting with, Nyza?

Eregard: The Crater.

Oliveryn looks at what Eregard is looking at.

Nyza: Me? She spends too much time next her undead master.

At the top of the spiral staircase is an observation area that overlooks the crater.

Wintersky: He was not dead when she got pregnant.

Oliveryn: Wow.

Sparta joins them at the top of the staircase.

A ghostly image of Walton can be seen superimposed on the scene.

Oliveryn thinks about the awesome power it took to create that.

Sparta: Nice view.

Oliveryn turns to Eregard and shakes him.

Wintersky: Wierd.

Oliveryn: Don't run off like that, you could get hurt, you fool.

Eregard draws his rapiers, suddenly, "Devils!"

Wintersky: Sparta do you see the blood?

Sparta: Yeah, let me go first. We'll get there as quick as we can.

Oliveryn: Devils?

Oliveryn turns.

Sparta continues to follow the blood.

Two chain devils leap in through the window the heroes are staring out of.

Wintersky looks for Eregard's devils.

Wintersky reflexively fires Blessed Black.

Sparta draws his Grandfather.

Legeand draws his sword.

Wintersky's arrow richocets off the devil's chains.

Elenia waves her hands about casting Dismissal, "Be gone from here."

The devil roars as it is drawn back into The Hells.

Oliveryn points his finger at the devil casting Phantasmal Killer.

Oliveryn: Fear your own fears!

The devil is cloaked by a shadowy figure, but it brushes it aside.

The devil gazes at Sparta.

Aifos fires two rays of sonic energy at the devil. One fizzles, but the other strikes it.

Wintersky calls upon the spirits to send this creature home casting Dismissal.

Wintersky: I send you home!

The second devil roars as hellish flames engulf it and draws in back into The Hells.

Legeand: Well, that could have been harder.

Wintersky: That seemed too easy. What is next?

Nyza: Could they have come from Troll's Bridge? Things must be very bad there indeed if devils are pouring out.

Sparta: Nana Zenda!

Wintersky: Zenda?

Wintersky looks about.

Sparta: The devil...It looked like Nana.

Wintersky: That is devilish mind games, Sparta.

Sparta: Are you sure? Is Nana still safe in Troll's Bridge?

Wintersky: Do you still see blood about, Sparta?

Sparta collects himself and searches for the blood trail.

Oliveryn: That was interesting at seeing the devils disappear back into Hell.

Wintersky: Yes, I am sure that was not Zenda.

Isildul enters the obesrvation area, seemingly unaware of the heroes.

A chill washes over the group.

Legeand, looking about slightly, keeps his sword drawn thinking there might be more things about.

Wintersky shudders.

Aifos: It that what I think it is?

Wintersky: Easy there, Aifos. Do not be rash.

Legeand: Yes, Aifos, it is.

Wintersky: Isidul, where is Celesta?

All except Wintersky drop what they hold and make a dash for the staircase.

Nyza: Ahhh, he is too ugly!

Dale: Aieeeee

Oliveryn: My eyes!

Legeand: He does not look too happy. Run!

Oliveryn flees like a scared child.

Aifos already standing on the stairs, leaps the railing.


Sparta drops his Grandpa and flees after Dale.

Eregard leaps for the stairs and slides down the railing.

Elenia runs down the stairs screaming.

Isildul stops short, startled by Wintersky's yell and the scurrying of adventurers.

Isildul: Goodness, gracious!

Wintersky: Hurry! Stop the fear!

Isildul: My apologies.

Isildul lowers his aura.

Isildul: Can you help them?

Wintersky: I need to gather them together. but yes.

Wintersky heads for the stairs.

Wintersky: "Where is Celesta?" she call over her shoulder, hurring down the stairs.

Three more devils fly into the window, but Isildul sweeps them away with a devastating lightning spell.

Isildul: Up here.

Wintersky: Is she all right?

Wintersky maneuvers to get all her friends in range of her spell.

Isildul: She is safe...for now. Go calm your friends.

Wintersky casts Mass Heal.

The panick drains away.

Oliveryn shakes his head.

Sparta: Oh, my.

Legeand: And I thought my rage was a liability between all our allies, but with that fear effect Isildul is vicious!

Wintersky: Are you okay?

Aifos: We cannot be in his presence.

Wintersky looks from one friend to the next.

Wintersky: He has damped it down. Celesta is up there somewhere.

Sparta: Grandpa.

Wintersky: Grandpa too.

Dale: Celesta, are we in time?

Wintersky heads back up the stairs.

Dale runs to follow Wintersky.

Aifos warily follows the shaman.

Oliveryn follows as well with Eregard in tow.

Sparta retrieves his dagger after following the ladies back upstairs.

Nyza turns about face and returns up the stairs. She averts her eyes from the lich.

Aifos: I thought dragons' auras were bad.

Legeand returns and picks up his sword, keeping it drawn.

Wintersky looks for Celesta.

The heroes return to the observation area where Isildul waits, staring off out the window.

Wintersky: That was intense.

Aifos: He seems distracted.

Eregard: Where is my aunt, Lord Lich?

Wintersky: Isidul, who summoned us here?

Isildul turns to gaze at the group again with an air of surprise, "Oh, good. You are all here."

Sparta retrieves his dagger and sheathes it.

Isildul: I have summoned you here. My love is dying.

Eregard goes to obatin his blades as well.

Isildul leads the heroes into a vault with a thick, shiny metal door.

Legeand: Your love? You mean Celesta?

Isildul nods.

Nyza: We are happy to help, of course. Celesta fight with us many times.

Eregard looks around, surprised.

Wintersky: Where is she?

Dale: Is it her child?

Isildul points.

Within the vault lies a cabinet that has been tipped over onto its back. Inside lies Celesta, as still as death.

Wintersky examines the still form.

Dale: Can you help her, Miss 'Sky?

Reaching into the cabinet sends a chill up Wintersky's arm.

Isildul: It is a Cabinet of Stasis.

Wintersky: I do not know yet what ails her.

Isildul: I could not stop her bleeding and did not know how long you would be.

Nyza looks on curiously, a little flustered that she has come all this way and has no medical skills to help with.

Wintersky: Is the child still within her?

Isildul reaches out a hand holding a key, "Retrieve the bed from her room, please."

Sparta takes the key.

Sparta: C'mon Leggy, I think you and I are the strongest.

Wintersky: Tell me what happened?

Legeand: Bah, alright.

Legeand turns to head towards the room.

Sparta returns to Celesta's room.

Isildul: Celesta underestimated Ozimius Khan.

Eregard: Ozi?

Nyza: Ozi? What do you mean?

Sparta pauses on his way down the stairs.

Isildul: His lover, Balis, is actually Imhiakaam.

Wintersky looks askance at the unhelpful answer.

Sparta: Ozi? Our friend?

Oliveryn looks sour at the idea of Ozimius doing this.

Dale: He told us that she had enchanted him.

Isildul: Celesta invited the Sajenese to take shelter at the Artural Estate.

Dale: I broke the enchantment and he set off for revenge.

Isildul: Once inside, Imhiakaam attacked.

Isildul: Celesta and I leveled the place escaping, but she was injured.

Isildul: I did not know how badly until we returned here.

Sparta: And, you think Ozi did this on purpose, that he let that she devil attack Celesta?

Isildul: I did not see what the Sajenese did, but few would have survived.

Eregard: He must pay for this treachery!

Nyza: He could not! He is cured of the affliction.

Nyza: Imhiakaam must act on her own!

Sparta: Poor, Ozi.

Legeand returns hefting the bed.

Sparta sighs sadly as he turns back towards Celesta's room.

Eregard: What of my father?

Isildul shakes his head, not knowing his fate.

Wintersky: Magical injury, or wounding?

Isildul: Something internal, I believe. There are only superficial scratches on her.

Dale begins examining Celesta more carefully, checking for the baby and wounds.

Wintersky: Has the child been born?

Wintersky: Are there two here to save or one?

Isildul turns to the cabinet and magically lifts Celesta out and moves her to the bed.

Wintersky quickly examines Celesta.

As soon as Celesta is removed from the cabinet, blood begins flowing again.

Wintersky casts Heal.

Celesta's abdomen is swollen as if far more than six weeks pregnant.

Wintersky's spell stops the bleeding...for a moment. Celesta's abdomen continues to swell.

Celesta screams.

Wintersky tries to feel the shape of the child.

Dale: Oh dear, at this rate, she will give birth too quickly.

Dale: Her body isn't ready.

Aifos pulls out a unicorn horn on a chain from around his neck, "Maybe many small amounts of healing are needed."

Nyza steps closer nervously.

Wintersky: Try that.

The sound of a heavy door bursting open can be heard from the level below.

Oliveryn holds Eregard back as they work on his aunt.

Nyza: Heal!

Aifos glances quickly over his shoulder at the sound, "Someone breaking in?"

Nyza lays a burning touch on Celesta, knowing that control of heat can cure ailments as well as cause them.

Sparta: You watch over Celesta, we'll fend off whatever broke down that door.

Aifos points the horn at Celesta's abdomen and channels arcane energy through it causing a slower, steady healing effect.

Legeand turns and starts heading down the stairs, "Probably more chain devils."

Sparta follows Legeand.

Wintersky: Celesta, I am going to try to help you. You must relax and not fight.

Sparta: I hope they don't try to impersonate Grandma again.

Celesta looks with fear into Wintersky's eyes and nods.

Dale takes one of Celesta's hands.

Dale: We will all help you.

Wintersky: I am going to try to change your body to that of a woman with an advanced pregnancy.

Wintersky: She holds Celesta's gaze and begins chanting.

Wintersky cast Polymorph.

Wintersky: Easy now. Breathe.

Not feeling useful and also wanting to kill something, Eregard goes to investigate.

Sparta draws his dagger.

Wintersky: Nyza do another small healing.

Nyza remains with Celesta, though not holding her hand as Wintersky does.

Legeand draws his sword and heads down to investigate.

Nyza: Easy, Mask. You can relax now.

Sparta: Grandpa, can you make that protection spell? I have a feeling there are more devils about.

Wintersky feels again for the child within.

Oliveryn and Eregard follow Legeand.

Nyza lays another fiery touch onto the mage's chest.

Nyza: Heal!

Celesta's body begins to morph more to fit its condition, while the healing magic keeps her from bleeding any farther.

Wintersky: That should be better.

Two more chain devils have entered the tower through its main door.

Wintersky: The way this is going you are going to meet your baby today.

Wintersky smiles reassuringly.

Eregard charges forward drawing his blades.

The chain devil strikes as Eregard charges, but Eregard strikes true.

Oliveryn summons his instrument and starts to sing, inspiring courage.

The chain devil animates more chains from the door's defenses and strikes wildly at Legeand.

Half the chains strike Legeand.

Legeand, having been struck, flies into a frenzy charges the kyton.

Legeand lets out a blood lusty roar.

The roar startles the devil and it does not attack as Legeand closes the distance.

Sparta joins Eregard's charge on the first devil.

Manty's Heirloom slices through chains, flesh and bone, lopping the devils head off.

Ringo turns on the other devil.

Wintersky hands Elenia a small packet of herbs from her medicine bag, "Elenia, make her some tea, would you? It will calm her and give her strength."

Eregard thrusts at the devil.

Eregard growls at the devil.

Oliveryn contines to sing, keeping an eye on anyone that might need healing.

Wintersky: Dale, the child may need help when it is born. Can you be ready for it?

Dale: Yes, Miss Sky, I have a heal spell ready if the baby needs it.

Another chain devil appears in the doorway.

Chains whirl around the devil striking viciously at Legeand and Eregard.

Legeand hacks into the devil ferociously.

Elenia remove a small pot and cup from her backpack, fills the pot with water and sets it to heat near Nyza.

Elenia: You don't mind do you, Nyza? Just don't knock it over. I know how you hate to be wet.

Sparta steps up and swings the dagger at the devil.

Wintersky: Dale, do you have anything to wrap the child in?

The first swing strikes and then the dagger sails out the door.

Dale: Yes, I've got some clean cloth here.

Sparta: Grandpa!

Nyza: It is fine, but boiling water is something Isildul should do.

Elenia: I think he has enough on his mind.

Ringo attacks the devil.

The new devil gazes at Sparta with an evil grin.

Dale releases Celesta's hand for a moment to rummage in her backback and get out her midwife's kit.

Sparta: You aren't my Nana!

Eregard thrusts again at the devil in front of him.

Aifos continues to pour arcane power through the unicorn's horn.

Dale arranges her midwife's kit to prepare for the baby.

Dale then takes Celesta's hand again.

Oliveryn continues to sing, but taking out a Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Dale: I'm sorry I had to let go. Keep breathing, deep and slow. Your baby will be here soon.

Elenia sprinkles some herbs in the hot water.

Chains continue the rip at Eregard and Legeand.

Legeand continues to hack at the devil.

Wintersky continues to try to shape Celesta's body readying it for birth.

Celesta appears close to term now.

Legeand's first swing connects, but his sword is wrestled from his grasp by the devil's chains and is sent spinning across the room.

Wintersky: Here, sit up now.

Sparta draws his greatsword to press the attack.

Wintersky helps Celesta to sit, then helps her to lean against SnowShadow.

Celesta complies, painfully.

Elenia pours some tea into the cup and brings it to Celesta to sip.

Elenia: It will give you strength. Take a little.

Ringo's bite fells the devil.

The devil attempts to grapple Sparta.

Sparta stifles the devil's grapple.

Eregard moves to attack and thrusts.

Eregard looks angrily at his enemy.

Oliveryn casts Greater Heroism on Legeand.

Celesta screams, "It is coming!"

Legeand races in and hits the devil.

Sparta weighs in on the devil.

Wintersky cast Panacea to remove fatigue and ease the birth.

Wintersky: Dale, help me get her squatting. The birth will be easier that way.

Ringo moves to Sparta's side and attacks the devil.

Dale helps Miss 'Sky with Celesta.

Elenia helps support Celesta too.

Celesta breathes and moans, but seems to be in far less pain.

The devil takes control of the discarded chains and attacks.

Eregard thrusts away.

Wintersky: You are almost done. Just a little more. Relax and rest in between. Let the birth flow like waves on the shore.

The final devil falls.

Oliveryn runs forward.

Oliveryn casts Indomitability on Eregard.

Nyza is kind of squicked out by the encounter. She looks away.

Legeand attacks Eregard who ducks and dodges and manages to avoid all but one of the swings.

Sparta: Ringo, go get Nyza.

Eregard: Full defense! Just wear him out!

Sparta steps up to defend Eregard as Ringo races off.

Eregard goes into a defensive stance, going on full defense.

Oliveryn moves behind Eregard and casts Indomitability on Sparta.

Legeand flails at Eregard.

Again Eregard avoids all but one swing.

Sparta continues to distract Legeand from his attacks on Eregard.

Ringo slides to a stop in the vault, barking.

Ringo nips at Nyza's flaming ankles.

Ringo: Woof, woof.

Nyza: Ringo! Ooooh, good boy. Nyza is happy to see you too.

Eregard continues his defensive stance.

Oliveryn uses his Wand of Cure Light Wounds on Eregard.

Legeand concentrate more effort on cutting down Eregard.

Sparta continues to harry Legeand.

Nyza rushes downstairs and casts Wall of Stone on Legeand.

The frenzying barbarian manages to avoid being encased.

Eregard keeps up his defenses.

Oliveryn heals Eregard again.

The head of the baby starts to crown.

Legeand continues to wittle away at Eregard.

Dale: Celesta, the baby is coming. You're doing great.

Wintersky: With the next pain, push as hard and long as you can.

Sparta keeps up his defenses.

Nyza flies across the room and kicks at Legeand, but his armor is too thick!

Eregard hopes Legeand is about to collapse.

Wintersky: Ease the head through and turn the baby to rotate the shoulders through.

Wintersky: One more big push and you are done.

Celesta pushes.

Dale gets ready to catch the baby.

Legeand ducks the sphere as it rolls out the door.

Oliveryn heals Eregard again.

Legeand collapses, exhausted.

Celesta gives birth to a baby boy.

Dale: It's a boy!

Oliveryn feels relieved.

Eregard slams the door shut.

Eregard: He hits hard.

Sparta: Wait, I need to fetch Grandpa!

Eregard: Where did it go?

Sparta: Out the door, he fell into the crater below.

Wintersky puts the baby skin to skin on Celesta.

Celesta looks to Isildul, "A boy, my love."

Dale wraps a fresh blanket around them both.

Dale: Congratulations, momma.

Wintersky is speechless with the miracle.

Isildul forms his bony hands into fists and puts them over his head, "I am free!"

Isildul the Lich collapses in a pile of dust, leaving behind his various accoutrements.

Celesta stares in shock.

Wintersky looks on in surprise.

Dale turns towards Isidul, words dying on her lips as he disintegrates.

Isildul's spirit as he appeared over a millennia ago stands smiling.

Wintersky: Isildul?

Isildul's Spirit: Yes, Great Shaman.

Wintersky: What happened here?

Isildul's Spirit: We have saved each other.

Wintersky: I see.

Celesta smiles though tears stream down her face.

Isildul's Spirit: Tell my love, that the tower is now a possession of the Heroes of Redemption.

Wintersky: Shall I sing you home?

Isildul's Spirit: If you please.

Wintersky looks around quickly to make sure no one is about to kill each other. Thus assured, she begins to sing.

Isildul's Spirit is limed for a moment for all to see and then rises into the heavens on a shaft of light.