Decitina 24, 1000 PC

Post date: Dec 29, 2009 9:49:59 PM

The crook of fate seems to have dragged us into the distant past.  The draconic Marshal of The Mage unintentionally transported us over a millennium into the past while assisting us in escaping the battle between Drymorjoc and Cedarcleaver and his clan.  The great green wyrm came out of the battle short a mate due to the surprising success of my disintegration spell.  This will only spell trouble for us if and when we return to our own time.

So, with the assistance of one of Wintersky's spirits, we have determined that we have arrived in the 25th year of the Age of Demons in the last cycle.  The Mayor of Walton is Dekker, the last before the end of the exceedingly short Age that closed the book on the First Cycle of Man.  According to Oliveryn, Gresham the Golden has not yet entered the realm of the undead and Zodyu has not yet become prominent if even known.  Several of the other deities we all take for granted have not ascended into divinity, including Zodyu.

I write now being unable to sleep because I was awoken by a dream of my first interaction with Isildul and realized he had known me far longer than the years we have recently been together.  Knowing he was fifty at the turn of the cycle, he would now be a young wizard at Magus Universitatus in Walton.  Imhiakaam would possibly not have entered his life yet...would I be able to at least warn him...subtly?  We will have to meet because we had met for the first time now.  Is the portrait in his study an aged version of the wizard I am to encounter in Walton?

General Octavius implied the gods have a reason for this sojourn in time.  The possibility of destroying the world we know is frightening.  What if we encounter Sparta's ancestor in the flesh?  Heaven forbid we remain here for twelve years or more, but what if we never find out exactly why we are here.  Borgose certainly will not cooperate without some kind of brutal sacrifice and Zodyu will not yet have any divine influence.  I am wary of praying to the others.  I must trust in "The Billiken" that this is the way it ought to be.