Hexatina 19, 1000 PC

Post date: Sep 29, 2009 3:24:31 AM

"Imhiakaam has really gone too far this time!"

That is what I shouted at Isildul as I stormed into his office upon returning from Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos. I suddenly considered I may have just gone too far as my master turned towards me, his eyes burning as I had never seen before. I glared at him defiantly through my mask, trying not the betray my fear.

Isildul approached me slowly, his iciness flowing over me.  He reached out, lowered my hood and removed my mask as gently as anyone ever had. He set the crystal mask on the table he had been standing over and turned his gaze on me again.  This time only flickers of light deep in his skull gave away any evidence of animation.

"What have you done to Imhiakaam, Miss Artural?" he asked calmly.

"Nothing, my lord," I said with dread in my voice.

"Of course, Celesta, but you tried and nearly succeeded, did you not?" he continued.

"I tried to force her into solipsism, but she deflected it," I replied.

"She must have actively defected it, Celesta. You must have foiled her infernal gift and pierced her wards," explained my master. "You frightened her so, that she left our world."

He motions to the mask resting on the table, "That was not in its usual location at the time, was it."

"I had removed it upon entering the keep because the stench made me vomit," I explained.

"Ah, so Imhiakaam saw your rejuvenated self.  I am sure her reaction would have been quite worth seeing," he said.  My imagination pictured him chuckling.

"Well, we have been letting the cats out of the bags now, have we not. Here is another one: Your life, the last seventeen years, has been the contrivance of Imhiakaam. Hardun and Ezra did their parts, but it was all part of an arrogant attempt by Imhiakaam to thwart your destiny. Knowledge of a prophecy by its subject invariably results in its self-fulfillment."

Stunned, I left his office and returned to my suite realizing it was time to dispatch the pawn in my path on my way to the queen.