Ethyltina 24, 1000 PC

Post date: Feb 22, 2009 9:34:52 PM

Alright, from now on I do not go flying over Tanglewood visible.  Those bloody wyvern are dangerous.  I am lucky it did not carry me down where I would have had to contend with the giants as well.  The web spell helped and it is a good thing wyvern are not resistant to fire.

Anyway, I am very fortunate to have seen Princess Tangle's hoard.  That was an excellent insight into the history of a line of dragons, not to mention seeing the tomb of the first human queen.  I would like to sit and converse with Aifos more, but he kind of scares me and he probably would not approve of what I have planned.

I was really worried that Oliveryn was going to claim that Orb.  That would have brought about a terrifying chain of events.  I know that several of them were disappointed that they would not be able to use it, but they will be better off in the long run.  I wonder if Wintersky will actually be able to release Vertsepticus?

It was a surprise to see Lady Ilrya with them.  I do not think she recognized me.  I thought Eregard might say something, but I am glad he did not.  I wonder if she is going to stay and help them.  That may be tense for awhile, though if she takes her cue from the Teton, she will be fine.  However, if they start ganging up on me, it will not be pretty.