Dodecitina 6, 999 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 12:54:51 AM

Dodecitina 6, 999 PC

After yesterday's fun, I thought we would be done with fighting for awhile - silly me. No, after breakfast we went to some ruins in search of bandits. Well we found them alright, along with a wagon loaded with food and plunder. There were only a few wild men to kill to get it all. Iyam was nice to me during the fight too; he stood between me and one of the bad men so I wouldn't get hurt. I like him.

I would have been happy to take the wagon back to Redemption after that, but Sparta kept going on about some dagger. It must be enchanted with strong magic to be so important to him. So we delved into a cave within the ruins. After setting off some spear-traps like fools, we encountered a group of zombies! I haven't seen such creatures for very many months, when the Sha'Tek casters summoned undead to defend against a faerie incursion. In fact, I was very seriously considering researching those necromancy spells when I came to Redemption. However, I could not help but remember that the Sha'Tek necromancers were a very mean bunch of Kobolds. They were always so dark and melodramatic, saying things like "Kurtulmak demands you return from the grave and tear out the entrails of our foes!", or "Your soul shall be tormented for eternity within this hollow shell of an animated corpse!" I certainly don't want to be like them, so I took to researching enchantment spells.

Oh right, back to the point. The five zombies attacked us on sight - no surprise there. We were fighting in close quarters, so I had to be very careful at shooting fire at the undead. I did set two of them on fire, but the fight was really won by the others I think. Iyam cleaved through the walking corpses like they were made of paper, and Lord Oli used an impressive spell to summon a bear. The zombies were killed - again - in short order by the combination of sword and claw. And there was a LOT of treasure in the room, ahaha! But Sparta never did find his dagger.

So anyway, we are taking that bandit-wagon back to Redemption now. While I am riding comfortably in this wagon, I will draw a picture of the undead.