Post date: Nov 11, 2008 1:36:50 AM

Prophecy. Even thinking about it isn’t pleasant. How is a simple man to know the meaning of prophecy? Are we the seven mentioned? Those gathered seem to think we are. Personally I don’t believe it. Why would I be mentioned? How would someone in another time know anything about me or us? Time will tell I suppose.

Even the voices dispute the prophecy. The schemer tells me it’s a trick. Sometimes I believe her. Look at the company they gathered to discuss this whole prophecy idea. Kings and queens. Immortals and Liches. She tells me it’s a trick by the mages and nobles to ensnare us. She tells me they want to use us for their own petty schemes. Power struggles and court intrigue. I don’t understand it. I don’t like it.

The fiery one tells me they’re plotting to enslave me again. He tells me run, hide, fight. Submit to the visions he taunts me with. Become powerful, become immortal. Become immune to the plots of mages and kings. Rule my own kingdom in hell he tells me. I feel swayed by him. He is seductive. He promises all I desire. But I am unsure. Lies hidden in half truths he whispers in my ear. Find you past he advises. Find who you are. Whispers of power and strength, riches and prestige are his currency. He knows my desires, he’s seen my soul. Release yourself he tells me; give in to the anger and the hate. Feed on the pain of the past. None of them understand me, only he is my friend he whispers. I am confused. I don’t understand. He tried to kill me. He tells me he only tried to release my inner power. I don’t know anymore. Is he friend or foe? Does he seek to aid me or destroy me? Deception or truth? I no longer know.

Perhaps I will seek my past. Perhaps I will try to find out who I was. Where I came from. My parents are dead. But surely the know on the plantation. They must. The taunter tells me I will fail. But I can’t. I must succeed. They will tell me what I need to know. They will tell me, willingly or not. I owe them for my past. I owe them for the pain. They will talk, they will speak the truth, and blood will flow freely if they hesitate. I will have the truth. The hate and the pain can become my strength, my power. Let them remember me. Let them fear me. Ozimius will return home and he will know the truth!