The First Entry

Post date: Jan 02, 2010 6:5:17 PM

The Journal of Luanes Ilrya

I begin my journal on this day because on this day, I became aware.

My father, Taevon Ilrya, has always been my hero. I look at his flashing golden eyes and his majestic white wings, hoping that one day, I will be like him. He is kind and loving, yet stern when it is required. When he speaks, his voice can be heard throughout the heavens.  He shines with Visaria’s love, a brilliance which can be seen from afar.

Yet, today, I have discovered that there is no blood between us.  He explained to me that he discovered me in the midst of a terrible and grotesque scene, the murder of my true parents. Before they died, they managed to hide me, after which, an unknown entity savagely ripped them to shreds. Father found me and raised me.

This does not cause my love for Father to diminish; in fact, it strengthens our bond. He rescued me and raised me, lavishing me with his love. He taught me of Visaria and how to control my impulses. He continues to guide me on this path of compassion and enlightenment. To me, he will always be Father, and I hope that he will always consider me his daughter.

It saddens me to know that I have no relation to the man who raised me so lovingly; it saddens me further that I will never know my birth parents. I swear, however, that someday, I will discover why they were murdered, and I will bring those responsible to justice. Not only this, I will determine the reason behind this gruesome execution and thwart whatever plan it was that was set in motion by their deaths. I will continue my training as a paladin and follow in Father’s footsteps.

May Visaria continue to light my way.