Legeand's Epic Pursuits

Not long after the Last Event

During the early days of the group taking a break Legeand had assisted many of the people by helping rebuild and taking down what buildings he could; Though it was quickly learned that he couldn’t take them down without getting a building or two fallen on-top of him. Luckily for most Melora was nearby most of the time. Eventually they insisted on Legeand not helping, but rather helping the patrols catching looters and brigands who were exploiting the damage of the city; a more suited job with less chance of the people hurting Legeand past the amount that would send him into fury. When he was not doing those things he was at the Fortress of Armee helping train those inside who wished it; being as he definitely had much more experience thanks to his many travels, though a few too many of them had a tendency to end up in an infirmary.

When not busy fiddling around in the town Legeand took his time attempting to write, alas being raised up on a farm had not made his handwriting more than chicken scratch on a page. As always it seems that Melora was at hand to help him. Legeand had her write down what he was trying to convey into words about his swordsmanship, at least that way it was written down for others to read though he was sure it would still need to be taught by hand. Though Legeand definitely frowned a bit seeing how nicely written it was ending up, it was however readable in comparison to his scrawl, so he was forced to concede most of the writing to Melora.

During many of the fight training sessions, after which Legeand had sent half his ‘class’ to the infirmary, He sat down along the wall of the fortress in thought. Melora soon coming after sitting beside him with a wry smirk on her face “Well this time they think they might have figured out a way to grapple you to the floor.” To which Legeand only had a sarcastic hrmph and a huff to respond with. She looked at him quizzically for a moment before resting her head against the wall. “You know for as many people you teach to fight, you teach just as many to heal; As nice as that is it is getting to be a little bit of a strain on them.”

“Oh I know, I hear it when I walk down the halls.” Legeand responds dryly “They comment on my rage, or fury, or whatever it is that takes over. I used to be able to direct it, but as I kept progressing further into it my control seems to have slipped from my grasp.” A heavy sigh punctuates his words.

“Well, you’ve explored much of the world, didn’t you see something, or hear of something that might help?”

“Not as of yet, but I’m thinking I might have to go out and find it. If not find someone who can make something, anything, to help me control this fire inside.” 

“Well then…” a soft smirk as she gets up, dusting off herself “You better take a few days and get ready to go find your companions, maybe take a few weeks and read in some books find something to point you towards your new goal then.” She blows a kiss to him as she walks away. Sitting there quietly he sighs and looks up at the sky, maybe he should take some time to start searching for something like that. After all he was a lot more powerful then he used to be.