Isocracy of Tanglewood

Post date: Mar 20, 2009 7:19:27 PM

Nyza, the future leader of vethiSha'Tek, and Sparta, the future patriarch of the Mantyson Clan, have conceived of the idea of a Tanglewood governed by its natural inhabitants to oppose the reign of Cedarcleaver as its king.  To this end, they plan to join forces and build a capital city where all beings of Tanglewood can dwell in peace.

Sparta has revealed his vision to Aifos, Ran MCXI, Senafar Illamaesa, Isildul and Varnil.

For a start, Nyza has had her followers begin scouting and mining in a spur of the former Mount of Walls as a possible location for this city.

Timeline of Events

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