Dodecitina 12, 1000 PC

Post date: Sep 20, 2010 7:9:5 PM

I do not know whether to mourn or rejoice in Isildul's passing. I so hoped that his undeath would be reversed with our child's birth...and it may have been. Isildul was over a century old when he became a lich at the hands of his brother Orzdur. His life was so difficult after our parting and then, when his Arcaner's vanished...despair took him. His brother was so cruel. He should have never seen Walton collapse below him. But, we might never have met; past or present, though present was no doubt due to past.  Oh, so many things can be fouled up when messing with time!

Little Isildul's birth gives all the reason in the world to rejoice, but what an event it was. I thought I was going to explode until Isildul put me in that cabinet. I nearly did anyway when Wintersky pulled me back out. Thank Visaria for Her Mercy, Lehnbor for His Magic and Alavasia for Her Miracle...and all of Wintersky's ancestral spirits for pulling me through and delivering our son.

My concern now is that I am terrified of what needs to be done. My son could be left in the tower to starve to death, or worse, if we are all lost during this ritual. However, we must make the effort to secure The Floating Tower or it will become a danger to the whole region; even more of a danger than it has been the last millennium. Once this tower is secure, then Troll's Bridge needs dealing with. A certain undead being needs to be taken care of.