Obituary - Iyam Pathpounder - Acting Watcher Nyza

Post date: Sep 21, 2008 2:45:43 AM

Deeds: Nyza know Iyam Pathpounder only briefly, but she learn he is a good softskin. He is hard worker, protector of his friends, and a fierce warrior. He die very bravely in battle as he fight against Princess Tangle - a treacherous, evil dragon; enemy of all kobolds; now beheaded and cut into strips of flesh for her crimes.

Personality: Iyam always ask Nyza if she is safe. He make conversation with me when other softskins are too afraid. At my side, Iyam fight ogres, bandits, zombies, giant beetles, and evil dragons. When Nyza's human friends show signs of turning evil, when they desire treasure they did not earn,  Iyam is always pure and good. The world is a worse place for losing him.

Destination: If Iyam worshipped Kurtulmak like most kobolds, Nyza would predict that Iyam's spirit is destined to join his god's mining corp. in the afterlife. A great honor! ... But neither Iyam or Nyza are of that faith. In truth, Nyza does not know what god Iyam followed, if any. She only hope that in death, her friend receives exactly as much happiness as he handed out in life.

Farewell: Iyam Pathpounder "the Pure"