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Dodecitina 10, 1000 PC

The berm becomes the concern of Ironroot the day after it is constructed.  However, after discovering who is behind the berm, the treant offers to help by bringing further trees into the protected area for the benefit of the trees and the other dweller within the wall.

After Ironroot departs to begin herding trees toward the enclosure, our heroes discover the dragon Truetimber has arrived to do away with them.  The overconfident dragon allows the heroes enough preparation time to ensure their survival.

Invisibly, the dragon glides in and releases his deadly breath, but only a single mount is destroyed by it. A number of attempts are made to strike at the dragon with only one arrow from Sparta's bow doing any damage to the dragon before Elenia causes the dragon to fly through a cloud of glitterdust, fully revealing it to the others.

Once visible, the dragon quickly succumbs to the heroes' attacks and it lies burning amongst the trees.

Dale completes the berm around the area in quick fashion with a deep culvert on the outside making the outer wall seem even taller than the thirty-feet it is on the inside.

T'Krosh: That is quite amazing, Dale. It might have taken the tribe a week to move that much earth.

Dale: Oh, it was nothing really. Just the power of Nature's Majesty.

Dale smiles shyly at T'krosh's compliment.

Dale: I hope it helps keep our little hamlet safe.

Aifos: It is quite a formidble defense against many things in Tanglewood.

T'Krosh: Against Cedarcleaver's family, perhaps not. But "Nature's Majesty" must take many forms; perhaps you can summon a tornado to tear the dragon's limbs off?

Legeand: If that were so easy, then I am sure there would be less dragons.

Aifos: Catching a dragon is a tornado is difficult at best unless they are smaller ones.

Nyza nods at Legeand.

Dale: Such a mighty wind would destroy our hamlet too.

Dale: Nature's Fury is not to be tampered with lightly.

Aifos: As are all great forces.

T'Krosh: Your god would not gift you that power unless you were meant to use it.

Early the next day, a deep grumbling voice can be heard outside beyond the southern wall.

Aifos: It would seem someone is not overly pleased with the wall.

Nyza: Leggy! Something is prowling about outside.

Nyza: Let's go patrol!

Legeand: Ack, but it is so early!

Nyza: Sleep is for the weak and non-elementals.

Sparta: At least let us finish breakfast first.

Aifos: A former dwarven friend of mine used to say there was enough time for sleep in the grave.

Legeand: Do I look like an elemental not say anything...

Nyza throws up her hands.

Nyza: Fine, eat! Do not blame Nyza if Dale has to rebuild the wall after it gets knocked down.

Sparta grabs a few apples for his pockets.

Legeand: Lets out his own grumble, "Fine, let us get going. Obviously, I will not be sleeping if there is a fight."

Sparta: Oh, all right, let's see who's out there.

Aifos calls Aratalasus in case there is need of aerial reconnaisance.

T'Krosh takes out his own conjured-box-food, for the road.

Oliveryn: Maybe more verses to my ballad will come out of this.

T'Krosh: I will let the guard know that there may be trouble brewing. I will meet you all on the way there.

Ringo and Ferocious have been staying close at hand after all the commotion and quickly join the halflings.

The group begins trudging up the valley towards the southern wall.

Grumbling Voice (in Sylvan): Who would put such a barrier up. How inappropriate.

Wintersky casts Stoneskin shared with SnowShadow.

Dale calls out, "Hallo, who's there?"

Grumbling Voice (in Sylvan): If a druid did this, they must be scolded.

Oliveryn: The creature does not appreciate the construction. Would scold the druid that did this.

Dale: Oh dear.

Dale: Can you apologize to our visitor and explain our predicament?

Nyza: Does not appreciate it? Did we offend a druid, or your treant friend, Sparta?

Sparta: Ironroot? Is that you?

Wintersky casts Renewal Pact on Legeand.

Sparta: Expecting trouble, Miss 'Sky?

The grumbling falls silent and slow climbing can be heard beyond.

Wintersky: Yes, I had a bad dream last night; much violence and fighting.

Legeand: Well, hopefully it won't be a fight of a nightmare.

Wintersky casts Renewal Pact on Aifos too.

Nyza: Need a hand, stranger?

Aifos: What spell is that, Wintersky?

Before long the branches of a vast tree appear above the berm as a treant crests it.

Ironroot: Master Longshanks.

Sparta: Hello, my friend.

Sparta: How good to see you again.

Oliveryn (whispers): This is good material.

Sparta: I'm sorry that our wall has inconvenienced you.

Ironroot: Is this you and your folks doing, young sir?

Wintersky: It helps if something adversely affects you; fatigue, poison, disease, stunnning, that sort of ailment. It lasts until used and it work automatically.

Aifos: Ah, thank you, Wintersky.

Sparta: We've been having trouble with giants and the like.

Nyza: Orcs and driders and dragons...

Sparta: They were breaking down the trees we had set as a palisade.

Sparta: We're hoping this will be a better defense for our little home.

Nyza: We are still building, yes? There will be a door soon enough. We do not want to just block traffic.

Ironroot: Oh, I do hope it is properly grown upon soon then.

Ironroot: Reminds me of what they did near Redemption.

T'Krosh: Grown upon?

Wintersky (whispering to BearTickler): I am uneasy. Will you watch for danger for me. I feel danger prickling my neck.

Dale: It will be, mighty sir. Just as soon as I can, it will be planted and growing as green as can be.

Nyza: you two would mind if Nyza set the wall on fire, permanently?

Nyza is disappointed.

Ironroot (to Dale): Ah, and who is this little one?

Ironroot: You have the smell of earth about you.

Dale: This is our friend Nyza, she is a kobold

Nyza: And this is Dale, the very efficient druid who erected the wall.

Ironroot: You should have consulted with the forest, young lady.

Dale: I'm sorry if I've discomfitted you. We don't have much time to set our defenses.

Legeand: Well, when dragons come and push all manner of life towards us as a method of siege, asking the trees and birds can be tedious.

Ironroot: Defenses. Oh, yes. I suppose those are appropriate in these times.

Sparta kicks the tin can.

Dale: We've heard word that Cedarcleaver and his clan are heading this way.

Ironroot: Oh, yes. The green wyrms are quite active.

Dale: If you need protection, you may wish to stay with us...

Dale: Or get far away.

Dale: We expect he'll be hunting for us.

Ironroot: Oh, well. The trees of this forest are very strong. Even dragons do not bother with them.

Ironroot: Making them denser within this area may afford a great deal of protection until the dragons tire.

Legeand: It would help.

Wintersky: Have you the ability to do this?

Sparta: Could you help us move them? We can only move a few trees at a time.

Ironroot: Ah, there are several trees that would be moved and others that need to be. Let me see about having them come here.

Sparta: We will tend to them as a shepard to his flock.

Legeand: Just...leave a path of travel right? Dragons or not, we rather move them once not twice?

Ironroot: Very good. I will return.

Ironroot turns and disappears again below the south wall.

Nyza: So...

Nyza: Sorry about your breakfast, Sparta.

Sparta takes an apple from this pocket.

Sparta: That's OK. It was good to see that Ironroot is still well.

Legeand takes Sparta's apple with a grin.

Oliveryn: A burning berm would be interesting. I did not want to elaborate while the treant was here though.

Aifos: Very wise of you, Oliveryn.

Sparta: Perhaps if we keep the trees far enough back you could set the moat ablaze.

Legeand: I know the druid, the ranger and the treant might not like it, but I still think we need to add those spiked logs and such. It would deter non-flying creatures.

Wintersky: We could fill the moat with water.

Nyza: It would be nice making a monument to flame like that, but it is a little beyond my abilities to make permanent fire.

Nyza: Just an idle dream.

Aifos: Maybe prepare the moat to be set ablaze when necessary.

Legeand: Oil or grease in large quantities would work.

T'Krosh: Indeed, that would make for a good trap as well. Lure our enemies into the ditch and then ignite it when they are close.

Legeand: They would be unable to get out as well if they slide in from the slick.

Wintersky: Where are you going to get that quantity of oil?

Aifos: Definitely something to keep in mind.

Legeand: Well, not like there is many around, but lard would also do the trick. However, we lack enough pigs for that.

Nyza: Ms. Sky, stop ruining our fun.

Sparta: There are many pigs in Rebelton, but it will take years to lay in enough lard to grease walls.

Legeand: It is not often we get to plan out defense instead of just rushing in headlong.

Aifos: It would have to be oil that did not go rancid or damage the forest. Not sure what kind of oil that would be.

Wintersky: Sorry, I am just a bit on edge. This feels like a fire racing across the plains.

Nyza giggles at the thought.

Legeand: Hmmm...

Sparta: True, we don't want to set a forst fire.

Legeand: Well, not to say oil, but why not fill the moat with bramble and deadwood?

Legeand: Keep the trees back and make sure the wind blows into the berm. It would be temporary, but it would be a fire break.

Legeand: As a temporary solution mind you.

Dale: I can master the winds, but I don't like the sound of setting the moat ablaze.

Nyza starts walking back to town, motioning for the others to follow.

Dale: It could easily overrun our valley.

Legeand: Well, if the moat is deep enough, it would not need to be a blaze or an inferno, just a deterant.

Nyza: It seems like overkill to me. The point of the moat is that it prohibits movement.

Nyza: So no one should be in it to get set on fire.

BearTickler returns.

Dale: This is true, Nyza, and our creek is already filling the moat with water.

Legeand: But they make boats, they make floats, ladders and catapults...erm if it was humans and humanoids, to be sure I mean.

Wintersky: Have you found anything?

Sparta: Hmmph, big folk and their war machines.

BearTickler: Something lurks outside the earthworks.

T'Krosh: And small folk. There are some devastating kobold designs for ballistae.

Wintersky: Where abouts?

Legeand: The machines of war are the reasons for castles and walls.

BearTickler: It is elusive, but also large.

Nyza: Oh? It is the other way around, Nyza thinks.

Wintersky: We need to be ready, IT is here.

Legeand: One feeds the other and back again.

Draconic Voice: How quaint.

The deep voice reverberates throughout the valley.

Wintersky casts Divine Favor shared with SnowShadow.

Sparta: I think it's time for those defenses.

Nyza calls out, "Cedarcleaver, is that you? Not interested in leaving us alone, perhaps?"

Draconic Voice: The makings of a nice place to swim in Western Tanglewood. Just needs water.

Sparta casts Protection from Acid shared with Ringo.

Wintersky casts Aura of Evasion on Sparta.

Nyza: No, not Cedarcleaver. Who are you?

Sparta: Perhaps one of his kin, a son or a brother?

T'Krosh casts Protection from Acid on himself and Nyza.

Draconic Voice: Neither son nor brother.

Wintersky: Daughter or mother?

Legeand: Or an enemy of the enemy?

Dale casts Protection from Acid shared with Ferocious.

Draconic Voice: Not sibling or spouse, though did you not slay TerrorTeak?

Nyza: No, not us. We don't slay dragons if we can help it.

Draconic Voice: I am no fool. You are the so called "Heroes of Redemption."

Wintersky casts Divine Power shared SnowShadow.

Dale casts Resist Acid on herself and shares with Ferocious.

Legeand: We kill those who try to kill us, is that not the way of the world?

Nyza: We are the Heroes of Redemption, but we do not slay Terrorteak.

Sparta casts Resist Acid on himself and shares with Ringo.

Elenia casts Greater Heroism on herself.

Nyza: As Nyza recalls, it was a great battle. Drymorjoc kills her.

Aifos: Your voice is that of a green dragon. By what name in common do you label yourself, great one?

Wintersky casts Aura of Evasion on herself shared with SnowShadow.

Oliveryn casts Greater Heroism on Eregard.

T'Krosh casts Spell Resistance on himself and Nyza.

Oliveryn begins playing the lute casting spells in quick succession.

Sparta casts Long Strider on himself and Ringo.

Draconic Voice: Foolish Mae'Krix. You cannot bluff a dragon such as I. Drymorjoc was engaged with CedarCleaver and Spiritus Magna Lumina.

Dale casts Long Strider on herself and Ferocious.

Draconic Voice: The Guardian may call me TrueTimber.

Wintersky: Why have you come here?

Aifos: TrueTimber, your mission is worth much upon its success, but what if failed?

TrueTimber: Failure is highly unlikely. You will all perish despite your preparations.

Legeand: Many have said that before.

Dale: Do you really think you are great enough to destroy us?

TrueTimber: Without your archmage, your pathetic spells are of no concern, your weapons will wilt before my caustic breath.

Sparta readies his bow.

Wintersky casts Divine Agility shared with SnowShadow.

Legeand readies his sword, "We shall see."

Aifos mounts Aratalusus and casts Sticky Saddle.

Wintersky mounts StormClouds.

Nyza: Awfully belligerent, is he not? Do you suppose Terrorteak is this dragon's mate as well? She gets around.

Legeand: Go figure a dragon would try and sleep with something.

TrueTimber chuckles.

Sparta: Well, TrueTimber, would you like to show us your magnificence before you try to devour us?

TrueTimber: You will see me soon enough.

A rush of wind indicates that the dragon has taken flight.

Wintersky casts Phantom Wolf.

Sparta moves toward the sound of the dragon's voice.

Dale: Sparta, don't get too far away.

Sparta searches the sky for a target for his arrow

Sparta looses a single arrow in the direction of the dragon.

The arrow sails off out of sight.

Legeand moves forward searching for some sign of this dragon.

Though thorough, Legeand's search yields nothing useful as to the location of the dragon.

T'Krosh looks around nervously. He waits for the dragon to show itself.

Oliveryn: I think cover is a good plan.

Oliveryn moves to behind a tree trunk, still playing.

Elenia uses Wintersky's Wand of Bull's Strength.

Eregard searchs the sky for any sign of dragon back peddles.

Aifos launches into the air trying to spot the dragon.

Nyza twists castings of Arcane Spellsurge and Invisibility back to back.

Dale searches the skies for the dragon

A great blast of caustic fumes engulfs Dale and Ferocious; Wintersky, StormClouds and SnowShadow; Elenia and her mount; Nyza and T'Krosh and Oliveryn and Eregard.

Elenia's horse disintegrates beneath her and she lands on her feet. The others show little effect from the acid having erected wards against such an eventuality.

Despite the dragon's invisibility a shadow falls over Legeand and Sparta as the dragon flies by.

Legeand: Nyza, dispel magic all over!

T'Krosh defensively casts Greater Dispel Magic at the source of the acid.

An effect shimmers out of existance about where the acid originated.

Wintersky's phantom wolf materializes and launches itself towards the most likely place the dragon occupies.

Wintersky calls upon the spirits and casts Heal upon Elenia.

Wintersky's phantom wolf misses the invisible dragon.

Sparta launches another arrow at the invisible dragon and strikes the dragon.

Legeand fires a barrage of arrows upwards.

Three of the four arrows seem to bounce off something solid.

Oliveryn casts Spell Enhancer hoping to have a target soon.

Elenia casts Glitterdust at the area where she believes the dragon to be.

The sparkling cloud reveals the presence of a gargantuan dragon.

Dale: Good job, Elenia!

Eregard fires a barrage of arrows of his own at the marked dragon.

Sparta: Now we have a real target!

Legeand: Bring him out of the sky and he looses his advantage!

The first of Eregard's arrows finds a weak spot in the dragon's scales.

Aifos wheels around Aratalasus and fires two rays at the dragon.

Nyza casts a pair of Fireballs at the dragon--one maximized with the aid of an old metamagic rod. With her invisibility gone, she retreats to her allies.

One of the fireballs fizzles while the other scorches the dragon.

Dale points her finger and tries to slay the dragon casting Finger of Death.

The ray fizzles as it strikes the dragon.

Dale: Aifos, don't get too close!

The dragon drops to the ground and bites at Legeand.

T'Krosh moves closer to the slightly injured Legeand, turns to the dragon and summons a pillar of flame on it.

Wintersky's phantom wolf makes another attack upon the dragon.

Wintersky quickly fires four arrows from Blessed Black.

The first of Wintersky's arrows strikes true.

SnowShadow jumps on the beasts back.

The dragon swipes its wing at SnowShadow as she pounces.

SnowShadow bites and claws through the dragon's scales.

Sparta launches four more arrows at the now visible dragon.

Legeand hacks in a frenzy at the dragon that has closed with him bypassing the dragon's armored scales with half his swings.

Oliveryn casts Phantasmal Killer.

The dragon shakes off the phantasm.

Elenia takes out her bow and hopes for the best.

Elenia's arrows bounce off the dragon's scales.

Eregard runs forward.

Aifos fires two more rays at the dragon while circling above.

Nyza: No, Iyam...not again! Take THIS, dragon! And THIS!

Nyza launches orbs of fire at the dragon in her own desparate rage.

The dragon roars in agony.

Dale casts Fire Storm aiming to avoid her friends.

The shadows of multiple other dragons pass over the battle.

Dale: I hope the villagers are safe within the mines.

T'Krosh: I gave them warning before we left. They know what to do.

Nyza: But do you not think a swarm of dragons may be too much for them? We need to get back quickly.

Nyza glares at True Timber.

The dragon whirls in a furry attacking Legeand, T'Krosh and Sparta. Bite nashing, claws and wings gouging and it whirls in a circle with its tail.

T'Krosh and Legeand are knocked prone and Ringo is swept from under Sparta who lands on his feet.

T'Krosh, still lying prone, clicks his boots together. He vanishes and immediately reappears ten feet away.

T'Krosh stands up and channels another flame strike against the dragon.

The dragon crashes to the ground with a final wailing roar.

Wintersky quickly looks everyone over assessing who needs healing.

Wintersky casts Mass Cure Critical Wounds.

Sparta calls upon the plants and trees to entangle Legeand and hold him down.

Legeand is slowed, but not restrained by the encoiling plants. He raises and moves towards Wintersky.

Oliveryn retreats to safety in case Legeand is not stopped.

Elenia moves away from Legeand.

Eregard move away from Legeand as well.

Aifos continues to circle above the battle field.

Nyza casts Otiluke's Resilient Sphere about Legeand to prevent him from attacking anyone in his frenzied state.

Legeand rolls around in the sphere until his frenzy subsides.