Mostly Useless

Post date: Nov 10, 2008 2:38:45 AM

Dear LongSpear,

Many things have happened since I last wrote you. I have met a group of companions to travel with, but they are a motley group. Among us--one is spirit ridden, one is lost and bedeviled, one has died, one hides and plots in darkness, one fears the future, one feels encroaching evil, and one has hope. As you learn more about my friends, you can decide who is who.

I entered a very large permanent encampment called Redemption. There are so many people here, I doubt any know all of them. It was in this city that I met my companions, this city full of walls,smells people and noise. As we (Cinder, SnowShadow and I) entered this barbaric area I saw a man dragged into a strange dwelling while others patrolled the shadows. 

Investigating further with the help of Talks Much and a summoned monkey I found out the man and his sister (near death) were inside. CheChe stole some papers from the man and a ribbon from the woman and with the guidance of Talks Much made a crudely bandaged the woman. The man was Oli and the papers mentioned an aviary and a woman Merizea. Merizea, truly an elven princess, was able to point me toward Oli's friends and went to get the guards (Protectors).

I looked for Oli's friends but could not find them, even knowing the location of their home. Overwhelmed by the sights, sounds,smells, and my inability I built my teepee and crawled inside.

Thankfully, others were able to rescue Oli and he and his companions held no bile in their bellies for me. The next day I met Master Longshanks, Ringo and Ozi; followed by Nyza, Legeand, Iyam and finally Oli. But that is another story.

Love, Wintersky

P.S. Give my love to Mom and Dad.