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Ethyltina 3, 1000 PC

Our heroes have marched into Rebelton, coming to its defense along with Aifos' Army of The Mage.  While the army defends the town, its farms and unharvested crops from a legion of gnolls, the heroes wait for the signal to track down and destroy Gaedracis the Gnoll.

When they see the flare to the north of Rebelton, they race off find Gaedracis Zuodeyja.  After fighting their way pass a gnoll mob, another flare draws them farther north to find the Gaedracis with his undead mob.  After a short delay caused by the mob of skeletons cleared by Auravici's Bane, our heroes dispatched Gaedracis the Gnoll.

Our heroes split up over the course of the next few hours, Sparta teleporting to Rebelton and Wintersky riding off towards Rebelton on Cinder with SnowShadow close behind.

The rest camp in the safety of the gathering army, which plans to march in the morning.

The night passes without incident and the army is on its way shortly after sunrise.

It is a sunny, but cool day.

Ozimius marches in silence.

Nyza tries to find shade in one of the wagons as there are no trees to shade her once the army leaves Tanglewood.

As our heroes march, they can see billowing plumes of smoke to the east from dozens of fires out on the plains.

Ozimius watches the smoke absentmindedly.

Oliveryn wonders how many troops would be needed to make that many fires.

Legeand: Keeping to the middle of the group, Legeand eyes the smoke with distain, "Almost feels like a large scale war."

Ozimius peels off from the group, scouting ahead.

Oliveryn: By the fires, it seems a scouting party of about six hundred men might be already on there way.

Oliveryn: But, I could be wrong.

Oliveryn smiles.

Legeand (grinning): Let us hope you are not. Six hundred might be too many, but if it is way more I will smack you.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius moves towards the fires, keeping hidden, looking for information about the army.

Oliveryn: I will try to keep out of your way, just in case.

Legeand: Not that it has not impeded anyone else from shooting either of us in the back.

Mask: I would say about a thousand troops, maybe more.

Legeand (sighing): And, that is what I did not want to hear.

Mask: Nothing this army cannot handle.

Oliveryn looks around and hopes this army is enough.

Ozimius sees an occasional drakkenbeast fly over head from Aifos' army scouting

Mask: Do not worry, Oliveryn Chicdell. I am here now.

Mask grins.

Ozimius comes over a rise at one point and sees hundreds of gnolls off in the distance marching slowly forward.

Ozimius looks at the flying beasts enviously and begins to look for an enemy scout or guard.

Oliveryn looks at Mask.

Oliveryn (sarcasticly): That is reassuring.

Oliveryn smiles weakly.

Ozimius moves deep into cover, watching the gnolls.

Mask passes her hand right behind Oliveryn's butt and pats it.

Mask: Well, I will protect your precious butt until all this is finished.

Ozimius waits for a group of gnolls to pass, watching for a straggler.

Oliveryn flushes, not knowing what to say from the violation of his...butt.

Mask laughes almost madly, unable to retain her composure.

Legeand smirks and holds back a laugh, "Yea Oli, you got a mage in front of your frail bard body; might last through a few arrows!"

The column marches on towards Rebelton. Farm fields become evident and many have not been harvested yet.

Ozimius sees that the gnolls are moving close packed mobs.

Ozimius frowns and keeps looking for stragglers.

Oliveryn walks down the road heading towards Rebulton.

Oliveryn: I wonder how much futher.

The small town of Rebelton comes into view. It is obvious preparations for battle are already in the works.

Sparta: Mayor Alma, look, here comes Aifos' army.

Alma: You were not kidding when you said thousands.

Sparta: Alrighty Mantysons, looks sharp now! General Aifos and his army are from the Mage of Miserable. Let us welcome them to Rebelton.

The army begins to form battle lines to the east preserving as many crops as possible.

Mask: What a good army.. Well drilled.

Legeand: As one should be.

Ozimius pushes on from the closely packed Gnolls and seeks a camp guard for the enemy army.

Aifos: These unharvested crops are going to make this a bit of a challenge.

Aifos: We will want to save them as well as the town or there will not be much point.

Mask: General, you should just make the best defense as possible, crops can be regrown.

Mask: Man are not expendable.

Mask: Crops can be replaced.

Sparta: Mayor, do you have a pony? We should ride out to the General.

Aifos: There will not be any men or halflings if they cannot survive the winter.

Mask: They can import the crops and food from elsewhere. If they are not well defended and they pass your line, they will get killed anyway.

Mask: So saved crops will not matter.

Aifos: From my understanding, many of these crops also feed Redemption.

Aifos: Redemption imports almost all of their food.

Mask: You are the general and I am just a mere wizard. And they are your troops. I was just giving my insite to this situation.

Aifos: I thought most of these crops would be harvested already.

Mask: How much time do we have before the battle?

Ozimius finds himself surrounded by hundreds of gnolls, though he has managed to stay far.

Aifos: I would imagine, since they have seen us enter the picture, they will attack tonight.

Oliveryn: Have we tried to have open talks with this army approaching?

Mask: So we might want to have farmers harvest the crop as far from the village as possible until tonight.

Mask: We have about five hours, will they attack at night?

Mask: I do not understand why Sparta did not take care of that, if the crops are that precious.

Aifos: It is three hours until sunset. They will probably wait until a couple hours before sunrise tomorrow to attack.

Ozimius frowns and begins to look for a way into town without being spotted.

Oliveryn: Maybe if we tried talking to them, they would see that this attack is fruitless and they should just give up their arms.

Mask: So, we should have the villagers harvest as much as they can during that time,

Legeand: They are probably getting ready for battle, not farming.

Aifos: When I was here yesterday, the farmers were just preparing to begin the harvest and it takes a couple weeks to bring in a harvest.

Mask: I know Legeand, but most of them are farmer right, so then they can spare some to do that?

Mask: Then, why not attack instead of defend?

Mask: They surely do not expect that from us.

Mask: We could ambush them while they are moving here.

Aifos (frowning): That is not the purpose of this army. It is only for defending those who cannot defend themselves.

Oliveryn: Then, let us talk to this army.

Mask: Well, I have read in a war history book that the best defense is a good offense, you are defending them by defeating those who try to attack them.

Mask: It is only a matter of perspective.

Oliveryn: We could end it before it even started if we talked to them first.

Mask: Do you want to do the talking, Oliveryn. Do you really believe they will listen to you?

Aifos: My army could easily conquer half of Almebezbik, but The Mage will not attack outright unless undead are involved.

Mask stops and thinks for a second.

Mask: That might be arranged, General.

Mask smiles behind her mask.

Oliveryn: I am willing to talk to them. I believe they can see they have a hopeless cause.

Oliveryn: Save lives on both sides.

Aifos: I do not think you will be able to contact a leader for that army safely for negotiations, Oliveryn.

Mask's voice suddenly changes...

Mask: I can offer my service to that army and convince them to do things.

Oliveryn: Well, I think we still have to stick to custom even if they do not. We should always try.

Ozimius has an idea and stops.

Aifos narrows his eyes at Mask.

Aifos: I would save my strength for hunting the Gaedracis if I were you, Mask.

Ozimius takes out his flask of oil, cuts a small rope for a tripwire, balances the oil on a crotched branch and runs the tripwire to another tree.

Mask: Oh, do not worry, General. My strength is fine.

Ozimius takes out his sunrod and ties it to the crotch branch and ties the tripwire to the end, so when someone pulls the wire, it lights the sunrod.

Oliveryn wonders if his idea got through to Aifos.

Mask: Well if you want to go, Oliveryn, I will go with you. Just in case you need me.

Ozimius makes his way towards town.

Aifos: The army that approaches has two targets: Rebelton, directly and Redemption indirectly. Destroying the crops or destroying the farmers is enough to achieve their objectives.

Mask: Where is Sparta? He should be here by now.

Mask: He could tell us what the status is as of now.

Aifos: My army out-numbers that army three-to-one so we will be victorious.

Sparta on Ringo and Mayor Alma on a pony approach the General's retinue.

Ozimius finally makes it back to Rebelton.

Mask: Alright then, no need to get excited I guess, I think I will go get some wine. Eregard, you coming with me?

Sparta: Hail, General Aifos.

Oliveryn: That is what I am saying. I think they can see you are large enough to defeat them. Why not end this blood shed and just talk to them...or at least try?

Mask smiles.

Mask: Ahh, there you are.

Mask: Speak of the devil and he shows up.

Ozimius grins and turns to watch the area behind him, then makes his way over to the others.

Sparta looks oddly at Mask.

Ozimius grins at Mask.

Aifos: Sparta, I see your forces are in order.

Sparta: Yes, we did not have much time.

Ozimius: No Mask, not a devil, at least not yet. But, I keep hoping.

Ozimius grins, evilly.

Mask: I was not talking of you, Ozimius, but if the hat fits.

Sparta: But, we have at least a hundred archers.

Ozimius smiles.

Alma: Our riders are at your disposal, Marshal Octavius.

Sparta: Though most have not shot at anything larger than a boar.

Mask: Then it should be easy, boars are small compared to humanoids.

Manty: The larger they are, the easier they are to hit.

Sparta: General Aifos, may I present my Aunt Alma, the Mayor of Rebelton.

Aifos: Please to meet you, again.

Sparta looks confused, "Again?"

Aifos: I would have the halfling forces guard the north flank and watch the north end of Rebelton.

Aifos: My cavalry will also be to the north.

Sparta is relieved.

Sparta: I do not think those bandits would be foolish enough to attack your cavalry.

Aifos (smiling): Cavalry is supposed to be a surprise.

Sparta grins.

Sparta: I am surprised they let you approach Rebelton unmolested.

Mask: General, do you want me to go with your cavalry to the north, my magic can help and I am a good cavalier.

Legeand: Cavalry would be a nice place to be in the middle of the battle.

Sparta: I think Aifos knows how best to deploy his army. He has done a fine job so far protecting the farms and the village.

Aifos: I think our heroes should wait on top of Mantyson Hill for us to spot the Gaedracis.

Ozimius nods and heads for the hill.

Sparta looks towards the hill.

Sparta: Aye, that will give us a fine view of the battlefield.

Mask follow Ozimius.

Aifos: The army will carve a path to him for you to confront him.

Legeand nods and salutes Aifos, "Definitely let us know when you got an eye on them."

Oliveryn: Sounds good to me and Eregard.

All units maneuver into position and our heroes wait atop Mantyson Hill.

In the dark distance can be heard the marching of the enemy army.

Sparta: See over there, on the east side of the hill? That is my home. I will introduce you to Ma and Pa and Algoma when this is all done.

Mask: Well, now it is time, what is the plan?

Ozimius grins at Sparta.

Sparta: Say, has anybody seen Miss 'Sky?

Oliveryn: Well I hope she makes some good grub

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: The best in all Rebelton!

Nyza: Can the hairyfoots fight with us?

Mask looks at her robe.

Sparta: They are up in the archers, next to the blackfeet.

Ozimius looks surprised at Nyza.

Mask: Yuk Yuk, get out and hide. Not far, but not to close, understood?

Yuk Yuk: "Yes, mistress." and scurries into a nearby hole.

Clouds roll in and obscure the moons and stars making it even darker, but keeping the tempature reasonably warm for the season.

Oliveryn: So, where shall I be in this battle. I am not good on the front lines of these things.

Sparta: I think we should stick together.

Sparta: Once the armies meet, there will be enough chaos without us being separated.

Nyza: Agreed. We should march against the strongest that this army has to offer and the soldiers can handle the rest.

Sparta: And, it will take all our combined strength to best the Gaedracis.

Nyza (cackling): But, it would not hurt to fly over their lines a few times and drop fireballs to thin them out.

Sparta: Except, it would burn down most of the season's crops.

Mask: I will web them in place, so make sure you are not caught in my web.

Sometime after midnight the battle breaks out to the east.

Legeand: As long as we do not get rain I think we are fine, seeing as half the party would melt if it did.

Sparta: There, it has started.

Mask: One thing is clear, Sparta, I prefer myself to your village crops. If I must cast fire to defend myself, I will.

Sparta: Yes, Mask, I understand.

Mask: Stay near me, I will haste you all, so you can be swift.

Mask: When the time is right, of course.

Sparta: We should not cause unneeded harm or we will be no better than the bandits themselves.

About an hour into the fighting, a flare appears to the north.

Ozimius watches the flare, wondering if it is his trap.

Mask: What now?

Sparta: That is our signal.

Nyza: Pretty! It is like fireworks.

Mask wonders, "You sure?"

Sparta: Yes.

Sparta: We must move quickly now.

Sparta casts Longstrider on himself and shares it with Ringo.

Mask: Alright, let us move, but try to stay near me.

Ozimius follows Sparta.

Our heroes begin to move north making preparation for battle as they go.

Legeand: Onward to the glory of battle and the blood of demonic men, yea?

Ozimius rallys with the others, moving towards the battle.

Oliveryn starts singing.

Nyza casts See Invisibility on herself, just in case.

Mask: Agma tel Azij Jakta

Mask casts Mage Armor on herself.

As our heroes approach the battle lines, their way is blocked by a mob of gnolls.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Might be time for a fireball?

Sparta rides Ringo closer and fires an arrow at the gnolls.

Ozimius moves forward to a flanking position.

Legeand moves forward to engage the mob.

Nyza casts Fireball enveloping the gnolls.

Nyza: Why did the fireworks stop?

Oliveryn continues singing and draws his bow and nocks an arrow.

Eregard nocks an arrow also waiting for the enemy to come closer into range.

Mask casts Haste effecting Ozimius, Legeand, Eregard, Sparta, Ringo and herself.

Mask: Zagma tell Hizy Hagmo

Sparta: Hmm, they survived Nyza's fireball?

Sparta sends three more arrows into the mob.

Sparta: for haste

Mask wonders if the mob is not an illusion.

Sparta closes with the mob

Mask: Sparta, do they look real? I am surprised they have resisted Nyza's fireball.

Ozimius closes further and fires an arrow into the mob.

Sparta: There's something odd about them Mask

Sparta: Gnolls aren't usually this strong

Nyza: Watch to see if your arrows pass through them, Sparta.

Legeand closes.

Nyza is unwilling to exhaust her high powered spells so early or touch more bat guano.

Nyza casts Magic Missile at the gnolls instead.

Eregard: Um, guys that is a mob a gnolls heading our way. Very dangerous!

Mask: Tell me now, young Eregard, how are they dangerous?

Sparta: I didn't think they wanted to be friends.

Oliveryn keeps on singing until the mass of gnolls comes closer.

Eregard: They are stronger as a group. Think of them as a swarm!

Eregard readies his weapon to fire when they are closer.

Sparta: A swarm of gnolls?

Nyza: Kobolds do much the same. We are strong because we are many.

Eregard: Yes, a swarm of gnolls.

The mob engulfs Sparta and Ringo.

Nyza: Sparta! Are those bloody wounds illusory too?

Sparta: These things are real enought

Mask: Akma Zatek garg Hellos

Mask's finger become red, a small dot pointing at the mobs, then a fireball explodes.

Sparta: Come on, Ringo. Let us get out of here.

Ozimius closes and strikes at the mob.

Sparta: Do not get that close, Ozi!

Legeand begins cutting into the mob of gnolls.

Nyza speaks the mystic word "Hadouken" before lobbing another Fireball.

Oliveryn delays his action until after Eregard moves.

Eregard moves and fires his bow into the swarm.

Oliveryn casts Fear!

Ozimius grins and shrugs off Oliveryn's fear.

Oliveryn looks to see if the swarm is affected.

Nyza vaguely remembers Oliveryn being affected by a similar spell when she first met him.

The mob panics, turns, runs and scatters to the north and east.

Oliveryn: Foolish gnolls!

Mask wonders if Oliveryn as more power than she thought.

Ozimius frowns as the emeny runs away.

Oliveryn smacks his lips.

Oliveryn: Now about that food, Sparta.

Another flare appears in the distance to the north northwest.

Mask: Should we not pursue them, until they are all dead?

Ozimius: Not so fast. We still have someone to kill here.

Sparta: We still have the Gaedracis to deal with.

Ozimius heads for the flare.

Nyza: Aifos can run down the gnolls with cavalry later. Come on, let us get to the flare!

Legeand: One by sea, two by land and a fireball if by roasting gnoll.

Sparta: Ow.

Sparta: Oli, do you have that wand handy?

Oliveryn: I do, need some healing, friend?

Sparta: One more, please

Oliveryn: Anyone else need healing?

Sparta: Sir Oli, if you would be so kind as to heal Ringo as well?

Oliveryn: Anymore?

Sparta: Yes, just a little.

Sparta: Thank you.

Sparta: Now, after the Gaedracis.

Oliveryn: You welcome Ringo.

Ringo wags his tail and slobbers on the bard.

Oliveryn smiles weakly at what the dog did.

Sparta: Sorry about that. He drools a lot.

Oliveryn: I can tell.

Oliveryn laughs lightly.

Our heroes make it through the battlefront and travel north northwest, eventually finding the road and a wagon surrounded by dead bodies and bones.

As our heroes approach the bodies shutter and the bones rise up aa a mob of skeletons.

The jumble of bones begins moving forward.

Ozimius eyes the bones and grins.

Sparta: That looks suspiciously like another swarm.

Legeand: Sure it is not a golem or maybe a dog is around.

Sparta: Hmm, Ringo want a bone?

Oliveryn: What is it?

Ozimius charges forward and fires an arrow into the bones.

Ozimius: Lots of additions for my collection!

The arrow rattles through the bones to little or no effect.

Sparta: Oh to have a club right now

Oliveryn moves and starts singing.

Mask concentrates and starts casting Disrupt Undead.

Mask: Unlak Sakte

Mask's ray strikes the skeletons.

Nyza: Ah, one more fireball!

The skeletons are scorched a bit.

Sparta draws his sword and rides Ringo up to the skeletons.

Legeand moves forward cautiously.

Mask (shouting): Those are here to have us use our power,

Mask: So, when we get to the principal enemy we have no more to use against him!

Mask: We need to call reinforcements.

Eregard readies his blades for the skeltons to move forward.

Mask: Holy shit!!!

Mask freezes while looking at a diving dragon.

A dragon swoops in from above and breathss fire incinerating the skeleton mob.

Aifos (shouting): He is in the wagon!

Nyza waves as the dragon swoops by.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: Who is in the wagon?

Mask: Holy...

Sparta: The Gaedracis?

Mask: What we are looking for, Oli.

Mask: Yes.

Ozimius: Nyza, burn the wagon!

Mask thinks for a moment and just says nothing.

Oliveryn: I think we should have made the dragon target the wagon.

Sparta: No, this one is mine!

A robed gnoll leaps from the wagon and begins a cabalistic dance and ululation.

Nyza: Well, he did say something like "the overuse of my powers will destroy the world" or something.

Ozimius advances and fires an arrow at the gnoll, hitting him.

Oliveryn moves forward taking out his shortbow and fires a shot at the Gaedracis, hitting him.

Mask starts to concentrate and casts Flaming Sphere.

Mask: Exa Tha Gaelle Natala

Gaedracis the Gnoll dodges the sphere of fire.

Nyza: Hah, you have no chance, gnoll! We have all come just to fight you!

Nyza begins moving closer to the Gaedracis as she channels a Fireball spell.

A charging ghoul is incinerated, but the Gaedracis resists much of the damage.

Sparta: This one is for Elroy!

Legeand throws a dagger as he advances, but hit Sparta instead of the Gaedracis.

Eregard rushes forward, tumbling into a position to attack the gnoll and pierces it with his rapier.

Gaedracis the Gnoll thrusts his spear into Sparta and black energy crackles through him, chilling Sparta to the bone.

Ozimius moves in and strikes the gnoll with his weapons.

Black energy crackles through Imhiakaam's Gift, into the Gaedracis, who chuckles.

Ozimius looks at Imhiakaam's Gift with surprise.

Ozimius: Nyza, what just happened?

Nyza: Um, is he undead? Black energy heals them.

Oliveryn lifts his arm into the air and makes himself looks more beautiful, casting Eagle Splendor.

Ozimius: But why did the Gift heal it?

Oliveryn moves closer.

Mask controls her sphere to have that gnoll burn!

The gnoll manages to keep avoiding the flaming sphere.

Nyza continues her advance, bolts of white light flying from her fingertips.

Nyza's missiles slam into the gnoll, but he remains standing.

Sparta swings his great sword.

Sparta and Ringo attacks

Sparta: That is better boy!

Gaedracis the Gnoll falls under the power of Sparta's blows.

Ringo rips the gnoll's head off.

Mask cancels her flaming sphere. It vanishes in a second.

Sparta: Make sure there is nobody else in that wagon.

Ozimius checks the wagon and finds it empty.

Nyza: Yikes! Did Ringo not get fed on the way here?

The gnoll wears bracers, a cloak, a ring, a robe and is holding a talisman.

Ozimius hands the loot to Nyza.

Nyza: Hooray! A mighty gift, Ozi.

Mask: What did you find?

Ozimius: This will need to be checked, Nyza.

Nyza: Oh, right! Of course!

Sparta: It's nearly dawn, Ringo's been up all night.

Mask: Remember I am able to do this as well, Ozimius, but I can understand that you are not trusting me yet.

Sparta: But if Aifos' army has been as successful, we can all feast today.

Nyza: Actually, me will be needing the help. Nyza has no more pearls and the wand is almost expended.

Ozimius grins at Mask, "Perhaps, in time. I think you and I have a bit in common. I wait to see just how much."

Sparta gives Ozimius a worried look.

Mask: Me and you have nothing in common, our goals look the same, but they are completely different.

Ozimius slips the gnoll's head in his sack.

Oliveryn looks at the battlefield.

Ozimius sighs at Mask, "As you wish, Mask."

Sparta (whispers to Ozimius): "Another trophy?"

Ozimius (whipsers to Sparta): "I want to talk to this one."

Mask looks at Ozimius and smiles, "Yes, we will see." Then she lets out a small laugh.

Ozimius fingers Imhiakaam's Gift and watches Mask.

Sparta (whispers to Ozimius): "Yes, I am sure he will have more goodies at his hideout."

Ozimius (whispers to Sparta): "I am sure. By the way, I do not trust Mask."

Sparta: Well, if big, green and scaly does not show up, then it is time to feast and toast the fallen.