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Dodecitina 6, 999 PC

Our heroes have met the latest caravan from Kramer, but have Gaedracis' hideout to investigate before returning to Redemption.  They follow the tracks left by a stolen wagon to a ruins where they encounter two more wild-ones and another brigand.  In the ruins, they find a wagon-load of stolen food.

Searching further, our heroes find a tunnel that spirals into the ground below the ruins.  After navigating several traps, they enter a chamber guarded by several zombies.  Their reward for surviving is the treasures collected over the years by the Brigands in the area.

Aside from the treasure, our heroes also find a map indicating the locations of three other of Gaedracis' Brigands hideouts; possibly one is the location of Manty's Heirloom.

Oliveryn plays some music that strikes a cord with the group. He sings of a story long past about a king and a queen who ruled in peace for a hundred years.

Iyam: Almost sounds like the emperor and empress, except they have ruled for a thousand years.

Iyam: Not all peaceful, though.

Oliveryn: This song is indeed older then that my friend...older.

Ozimius grins.

The camp quiets down, listening to the song.

Oliveryn tells the story of a castle that once stoof against a dragon. Where the lady princess casted her mighty magic aginst the beast.

The night is quiet except for a scuffle well away from the camp that was loud enough to wake you, but not long enough to get you involved.

Oliveryn After a night of playing. Oliver puts away his lute and tries to find a place to sleep with his party members.

Ozimius: Does anyone have a plan for tomorrow?

Morning comes.

It is a bright, sunny day in stark contrast to the previous day. This area of Tanglewood has more openings in the canopy, so it is quite bright.

Nyza: We'll have to let Redemption know that the road is safe again. Or safer at least.

Ozimius: Yes but I suspect the danger is far from over.

Sparta: I'd like to head over to the ruins before turning back to Redemption.

Oliveryn wakes up and stretches. He takes out a bar of soap from his travel bags and looks for a washing pan.

Iyam: That is a good idea.

Sparta: Those briggands who attacked the caravan need a lesson in manners.

Ozimius grins at the giant.

Nyza watches her weasel familiar chase after a butterfly. How cute.

Ozimius: The bathing or the ruins my large friend?

Iyam: The ruins.

Oliveryn: As Oliver walks by he notices the armor that his party members have.

Iyam rolls his eyes.

Nyza: Perhaps even the bandits are staying *in* the ruins.

Oliveryn: That is some interesting armor.

Sparta: Ozi, how about if you and I try to circle and scout out the ruins a bit, while the others follow the ruts?

Ozimius: We can do that.

Sparta: It fits well.

Ozimius: (to Oliveryn) I helped myself to the studded. I think we should check over the rest though.

Oliveryn: I know, it I know it from somewhere.

Ozimius: I agree. Something is not normal about it.

Sparta: It's can be hard to find good armor in my size.

Ozimius laughs.

Oliveryn looks long and hard over his past history and thru his teachings as a bard.

Ozimius: Perhaps Nyza would know something about it?

Ozimius looks at Nyza.

Nyza: What, the small leather armor?Nyza thinks it is made by gnomes!

Nyza: spits out the last word derisively.

Oliveryn: Would you like to eat gnome liver?

Ozimius: I think Nyza should look the armor over one more time now th atmorning is here and she has a clear head.

Nyza: I look then.

Oliveryn: Plus she slept on rocks for the first time this week.

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: Hmm, Ironwood studs on green leather armor that was made by gnomes?

Ozimius: It is very odd.

Ozimius looks over the armor.

Oliveryn: I think it was possibly made here in Taglewood, by those designs there. But I don't know where exactly.

Ozimius: I am trying to remember any rumors of armor.

Oliveryn: Maybe we should dig up a gnome and find out.

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: There is a gnomish hamlet over on the west end of Tanglewood.

Sparta: near the old Walton crater.

Oliveryn: Maybe we should bag it and do talk to them.

Nyza: You are not suggesting we take it back to them?

Ozimius: Hmm I seem to recall armor of this type made in Gneville, a hamlet north of Troll's Bridge.

Sparta: I would rather like to keep it.

Ozimius: I think we should bring it along. Maybe we can stop by Gneville when we are done in the ruins.

Ozimius: No harm in Sparta taking advantage of it while we have it.

Ozimius smiles.

Oliveryn: I did not say we would bring it back to them. Just show it to them and see what they think.

Sparta: I suppose I could ransom it back to them.

Ozimius laughs.

Oliveryn: I could help.

Ozimius: I think it would be better put to use worn by you.

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: Agreed.

Sparta dons the armor.

Oliveryn: (twiddles thumbs) So...

Ozimius: You know we could always give it to Iyam. It may make a good pair of sandles for one of his large...size.

Nyza: To the ruins then?After breakfast!

Sparta: Someone mentioned breakfast?

Sparta: All this talking makes me hungry!

Ozimius: Indeed, breakfast it is!

Nyza shakes her fist angrily at the sun.

Ozimius: Why the anger Nyza?

Oliveryn: I need to craft you some blue stone goggles.

Ozimius: The sun is nice and bright today.

Nyza: It is hard to see!

Ozimius: I have no trouble seeing.

Ozimius: See?

Ozimius looks all around.

Nyza: Do you live in a cave all your life? Because Nyza does.

Ozimius: No, I prefer living in the sunshine.

Sparta: The sun keeps Tanglewoods worst denizens at bay.

Sparta: And it might slow down those wild-ones a bit too.

Ozimius: Ahh, but the sun reaches into Tanglewood very little.

Oliveryn: Why not we go to the gnomes and they can make Nyza some topaz goggles? They are expert gem cutters.

Ozimius: Nyza would like it there, I think.

Nyza: No, that is really OK.

Ozimius grins at Nyza's aversion to gnomes.

Oliveryn frowns for the rejection.

Iyam: I am done eating. To the ruins?

Ozimius agrees, pushing his plate aside.

Nyza finishes her meal quickly.

Sparta: You eat quickly for one so large.

Iyam: Big mouth.

Sparta: I suppose I can finish up. Just one more biscuit.

Ozimius eyes the giant.

Oliveryn eats plenty and puts his things together to leave.

Ozimius: I think he is hollow in there.

Sparta: Anybody know how far it is to the ruins from here?

Oliveryn: I do not know, down those trails with the ruts in them?

Ozimius: It is only a few miles.

Ozimius: Enjoy the stroll!

Ozimius: Such a pleasant day for a walk.

Sparta: Yes, a couple miles sounds right.

Sparta: Why don't we head out together. When we get close, Ozi and I can scout ahead.

Ozimius: That is fine with me.

Oliveryn: Sounds good to me.

Ozimius heads off toward the ruins.

You follow the ruts and Ozimius and Sparta scout out the ruins as they come into view.

Oliveryn follows Ozimius.

Horses are tethered to trees nearby and a wagon is partially concealed in a group of trees behind the ruins.

Ozimius works his way carefully toward the concealed wagon.

Sparta: Ozi, how many horses do you count?

Ozimius is looking to see how many horses there are.

Ozimius: I see two...

Ozimius: and the wagon.

Ozimius looks for signs of the owners of the wagon and horses.

Oliveryn: So their might be two people inside or how many you can fit inside the wagon.

Sparta: Or they could have stole them and who knows how many on foot.

Oliveryn: Or flying hawks could have dropped some in too.

Ozimius: The wagon is empty. They are draft horses. probably miners or farmers.

Sparta: Not likely to be too many farmers in these parts.

Ozimius motions for the others to stop!

Nyza draws her crossbow and loads it.

Ozimius points to a brigand at the mouth of the ruins.

Ozimius starts to sneak up to the brigand staying in cover.

Sparta: Let us get closer.

Iyam: manifests force shield.

Nyza moves to cover.

Oliveryn: moves to cover.

Ozimius: moves sneakily towards the ruins.

The brigand at the entrance dashes inside.

Ozimius: Damn!

Ozimius: Spotted, so be ready.

Sparta and Ringo sneak towards the side of the ruins.

A wild-one leaps out of a window and looks around.

Iyam focuses.

Nyza fires a bolt at the wild-one, then reloads.

Nyza's bolt hits the wild one.

Oliveryn moves closer to the action.

Another wild-one leaps into the battle.

Ozimius draws his shortsword.

The brigand appears in the window and fires an arrow at Iyam, but misses.

Sparta and Ringo close the distance on the second wild one, then throws his spear.

Sparta misses with his spear.

A wild-one advances on Iyam, swinging his greataxe and missing.

Iyam: dodges the wild-one's blow, turns and swings.

Iyam connects with a mighty blow.

Iyam: feels his sword connecting firmly, then simultaneously manifests...

Iyam: stills his sword on the spot and refocuses.

Iyam's blow easily cuts the wild-one down.

Nyza: Yaha!You show him, Iyam!

Nyza: Nyza fires off another bolt at the other wild man.

Nyza's second bolt misses, bouncing off the ruined wall.

Oliveryn moves up and begins an inspiring song.

The other wild-one charges Iyam, but misses as well.

Ozimius heads for the ruins to kill the archer.

The brigand turns his attention to Ozi, but the arrow whizzes over his head.

Sparta draws his greatsword and urges Ringo to attack the wild one.

Ringo loses his footing and tumbles, throwing Sparta to the ground behind the wild-one.

Iyam: Nyza, you are too close!Move back, little one!

Iyam: remains in place, putting himself between Nyza and the wild-one, Iyam dodges the blow and returns the favor.

Iyam's well intentioned swing misses.

Iyam: feels his psychic weapons fizzle into nothingness at the missed swing.

Nyza (gleefully) I will not get too close, but this one will burn for attacking you!

Nyza's flames strike the wild-one.

The wild-one bursts into flames.

Oliveryn: No one attacks my friends and gets away with it.

Oliveryn's thrust misses its mark.

Yet another swing by the wild-one at Iyam misses.

Ozimius continues to stalk the archer.

The brigand moves to the door and fires again an Ozimius, but misses.

Sparta urges Ringo to the attack while he rises to his feet and takes another swing.

Sparta's rising swing catches the wild-one.

Ringo snaps at the wild-one.

Iyam: dodges another blow and moves...

Iyam: swings...

Iyam's dodging swing connects.

Iyam slices the wild-one in half.

Nyza moves towards the opening in the ruins.

Iyam: steadies sword, wiping splattered blood off his left cheek...

Ozimius: Hold.

Ozimius: Watch the hole as you enter!

Oliveryn follows Nyza.

Ozimius looks and listens for the archer.

Ozimius advances on the brigand.

Ozimius swings widely.

The brigand returns the attack, but misses.

Sparta: Here Ringo!

Sparta calls Ringo to his side, mounts up and moves towards the ruins.

Iyam: double-handedly wields his sword and doubletimes to the ruins.

Nyza readies to fire a bolt if Ozi moves out of the way.

Oliveryn looks around the room.

Ozimius make a devastating thrust on the brigand.

The brigand collapses in a pile.

Ozimius: Check the body for clues.

Ozimius checks the three bodies.

Inside the ruins is a wagon load of cargo from the ambushed caravan.

Sparta: returns to the two wild-ones and searches them carefully.

Nyza: checks out the brigand's corpse for shinies... oh yeah, and clues too.

Ozimius searches the room for valuables.

Sparta: It's got to be here some where.

Ozimius: What has to be in here?

Sparta yells to his friends inside.

Sparta: Did anybody find a dagger?

Sparta: I don't care about the gold, where's Manty's Dagger?

Ozimius: I am searching for it little one.

Nyza: Nyza looks underneath the bed. She knows from experience that it is a good hiding spot.

Ozimius looks for the dagger.

Sparta: Damn, I was sure these were the brigands who killed Elroy and stole Manty's Dagger.

There is a deep spiral tunnel that leads under the ruins.

Sparta: Hmm, there are four beds, but only three bodies.

Nyza: Let us make sure there are no more bandits here before we start looking around for treasure.

Ozimius: Then we must beware.

Ozimius: There is another.

Ozimius looks at the cargo and wonders where it came from.

Ozimius: I think we should return this stuff, we may get a reward.

Ozimius: And we can take the horses and wagon.

Ozimius: They should be worth something.

Sparta: Yeah, whatever.

Sparta sits on a bed dejectedly.

Ozimius: Cheer up.

Ozimius: We will find the dagger.

Sparta: I was so sure it would be here.

Nyza: Ok, that sounds good all around. We don't have to walk back and we get more treasure.

Ozimius: Well if you want to find it, do not be so quick to give up. We will find it.

Nyza: Maybe the dagger is further down in the ruins?

Ozimius: Possibly.

Sparta: Maybe.

Ozimius: Let us take a look. Do not forget there is another someplace.

Sparta brightens up a tad.

Ozimius: He may have the dagger.

Ozimius: OK.

Ozimius: Oli, take a look at these crates.

Oliveryn looks into the crates.

Ozimius: Look at the seal.

Oliveryn looks at the seal.

Sparta: Hey, that is a good bit of food!

Ozimius: Do you know anything about these?.

Sparta: I hope those damned orcs did not despoil it.

Ozimius: I think they were from the caravan you were with, or am I mistaken.

Oliveryn: Ah, I have seen these before. They are from the same caravan that I was traveling with.

Oliveryn: Yes.

Ozimius: Think we will get a reward for their return?

Oliveryn: Yes, I think we will get a reward.

Ozimius: Good, very good.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Return it?

Ozimius: Let us look for more, and Sparta's dagger.

Oliveryn: The seal and items are from Kramer.

Ozimius: We will return them with the wagon outside when we are done.

Sparta looks longingly at the corned beef.

Oliveryn: And Ozi.

Ozimius: Yes?

Oliveryn: It is Lord Oli not just Oli.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius: Do not remind me.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Lord Oli, should not we keep your title a secret in these dangerous places?

Oliveryn: Well I figure, since the main bad guy that is looking for me is semi-in-league with possibly does not matter.

Oliveryn: But to be safe, we should keep low in calling me least around other people not in our party.

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: Hey, was anybody wounded in the attack?

Ozimius: Let's take a look down that tunnel.

Sparta: Yes, into the darkness.

Oliveryn: I think some vines scraped my delicate noble body. I might have some scrapes.

Ozimius is scouting ahead in case of traps.

Ozimius: Sparta let me lead. There may be traps.

Sparta: Careful around the corner.

Ozimius searches for traps.

Ozimius: Someone light a torch.

Sparta: I have a light.

Nyza: Nyza sees just fine here.

Ozimius: But the rest of us cannot.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta gets a sunrod from his pack.

Sparta lights it.

Spears fly out of the darkness and strike Ozimius and Nyza.

Nyza: Humans cannot see in tunnels? (mental note...check!)

Nyza: Ow! Someone's here!

Ozimius: Oooof.

Ozimius looks, listens, and watches for traps as he moves.

Nyza recites an invocation. A mage's set of armor surrounds her.

Sparta: Are you hurt?

Nyza: A little, yes.

Ozimius: Not badly.

You see evidence of a sprung trap up a head.

Ozimius: Beware the trap.

Sparta: Careful, Ozi.

Ozimius attempts to disable it.

Ozimius: Let us continue.

Sparta: Oli, stay close to Nyza.

Ozimius: There is a pit.

Ozimius looks down the pit.

Nyza stays a good distance away.

Ozimius: I do not see anything.

Nyza: Watch out for more traps down there.

Oliveryn: So have we found anything interesting?

Nyza: Not much yet.

Sparta: Careful, Ozi.

Ozimius: I am trying.

Ozimius smiles.

Sparta: Try to stay close to a wall, so I do not silohuette you too badly.

Ozimius: Hold!

Nyza grips Oli's hand tightly.

Ozimius: Watch the trap when you pass.

Sparta: Where?

Ozimius looks like he is attempting to disable the trap.

As Ozi is moving to disarm the trap he sees, he springs a different one.

Ozimius: Ughhh.

and falls unconscious.

Sparta: Oli, Ozi needs your help up here!

Sparta is hit by a dart.

Sparta: aagh.

Sparta looks for where the dart came from.

Oliveryn moves up to use the wand on Ozimius.

Nyza: From all the traps, me wonders if any kobolds are here.

Sparta: Hey, I am not that badly wounded.

Nyza: Ozi needs help though!

Ozimius comes to.

Ozimius: My thanks.

Ozimius: I seem to have missed that last trap.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: The vast power of this wand is quite helpful.

Ozimius: I am still a bit hurt if we have a bit more healing powers?

Nyza: The wand had better last awhile after we spent so much money on it.

Ozimius: My thanks.

Ozimius: Let us continue.

Nyza: Yes, me thinks we are almost at the bottom.

Ozimius is being even more careful this time.

Sparta: Hey, do not bunch up so much.

Ozimius: Yes, I may miss another trap.

Passing the last trap, you enter a large chamber with dilapidated pieces of furniture, crates, barrels and bags lining it. A table stands near the far corner.

The stench of death fills the chamber.

Ozimius: Be wary.

Ozimius: I dont like the smell of this place.

Five figures shuffle toward you from the edges of the room.

Ozimius holds his sword at the ready.

Sparta draws his sword.

Ozimius: These may be undead, be careful.

Nyza: Undead! Kill it!

Sparta: Five zombies!

Nyza's flames hit.

Nyza: (sniff sniff)... ugh, burning zombie flesh.

Oliveryn: plays an inspirational tune.

Sparta: Ringo attack!

Sparta swings his sword at the nearest zombie.

Ringo snaps at the zombie.

Sparta connects with his sword.

Ozimius swings at the zombie, hitting it.

The zombie disintegrates.

Iyam strikes the zombie.

Nyza has some trouble finding a clear shot at the zombies.

Nyza tries a splash of acid instead!

Nyza's acid stikes a zombie and it begins to sizzle.

Oliveryn summons celestial badger.

Sparta swings at another zombie.

The other zombie misses its attack of opportunity as Sparta hits.

Zombie misses Ozimius.

Zombie misses Iyam.

Ozimius hits and does some damage.

Iyam hits a zombie with devastating force.

The zombie disintegrates.

Nyza: tosses out another ray of searing flame.

Nyza's flames produces another flaming zombie.

Nyza: Ahahaha!

A badger appears and rips into a zombie.

Oliveryn advances, but misses.

Sparta swings at a zombie and hits.

The zombie disintegrates.

Sparta: Now I am getting warmed up!

Nyza: From the flaming zombie you mean?

Ringo rips apart another zombie.

Sparta: Good boy, Ringo!

The remaining zombie misses Ozimius.

Ozimius attacks the last zombie.

The final zombie disintegrates.

Sparta: They are all dead now.

Nyza: Dead?Again!

Ozimius: Again that is.

Ozimius searches the room.

Sparta joins him searching.

Nyza: You all should take a look at this... Nyza thinks this map is a battle plan.

Ozimius: I think we should take this map with us.

There are bags, barrels and crates around the room brimming with treasure.

Ozimius eyes bug out at all the treasure.

Nyza: Find any daggers?

Ozimius: We're rich!

Sparta: Is it here?

Sparta: But, who threw the spears at us?

Nyza: It was a trap.

Nyza: Like the darts that hit you. Nyza see many traps like those.

Ozimius: There were four beds. I think we should carry all this out and load up the wagon and horses and get out.

Sparta: I have to find Manty's dagger.

Ozimius searches for the dagger.

Sparta: We can move the treasure after we find the dagger.

Nyza: We were lucky the zombies could not hit anything.

Ozimius: Very.

Ozimius: Is the dagger not here?

Ozimius hums a toon about being rich...

Sparta ignores the coins and keeps searching.

Sparta: Arghhhh!

Iyam: Looks about for a larger sword.

Ozimius: We will keep searching.

Ozimius: Eventually we will find it.

Nyza eyes the periapt curiously.

Ozimius: Let's get this stuff out of here.

Sparta examines the map.

Oliveryn: I think we found the mother load.

Ozimius: I think so too.

Sparta: I wonder if this will lead me to Manty's Dagger?

This is a map of the area marking out four of Gaedracis' hideouts. You have sacked one of them.

Iyam: I prefer the air above. Let us leave this hovel, the sooner the better.

Ozimius: This will buy us much better equipment, giant.

Ozimius: Maybe even something big enough for you.

Sparta rolls up the map.

Oliveryn: We need your strength to help us get this all out of here.

Sparta tucks it in his pack and looks around.

Iyam: Sure.

Iyam: Grabs a couple of armful of stuff.

Sparta: I suppose we should get this stuff back to Redemption.

Nyza: And Tesela would love to see that map.

Our heroes do not have any trouble cleaning this place out and getting everything on the wagon.

Nyza: Nyza wants to ride in the wagon!

Our heroes hook up with the caravan and get back to Redemption without incident.

A Zombie