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Dodecitina 12, 999 PC

Our heroes endure a night of restless sleep after the drama in the Town Hall the previous afternoon.  They introduce themselves to a new visitor to Redemption, Legeand Thre'bruell.  Legeand and the rest of the group are destined to visit Zelmbring, the local temple of Visaria and Corellon.  Legeand to consult with the priest about his past and Ozimius about Imhiakaam's Gift.

They arrive at the temple to find it quiet and closed up.  Within, they discover it has been invaded by Gaedracis' Brigands.

Sparta: Morning? Time for breakfast!

Ozimius looks around the room, spotting the rest of the party

Ozimius: Good morning, all.

Ozimius takes a seat at a table, looking hungry.

Sparta: Hi, Ozi.

Ozimius: Hi Sparta, how'd you sleep?

Sparta: Where was everybody yesterday? I looked all over town.

Nyza waves at her friends as she walks into the commons. She nearly trips on her flowing robes, but "lands" in a chair.

Ozimius: Oh, we where all running errands.

Sparta: Sleep was a little restless, but that alchemist fixed me up nicely.

Ozimius waves to Nyza.

Ozimius: Yes, your looking a bit more alive today.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Aye, it is a good day to be alive.

Nyza: Uh huh. Every day is.

Ozimius spots the new person in the inn.

Ozimius pokes Sparta.

Legeand sits down at a table by himself.

Ozimius points and says "Who is that?"

Ozimius stands up and shouts to the stanger...

Ozimius: Hey, I am Ozi. Why do you not come sit with us.

Legeand gives them a look over and shakes his head no, "Not everyone is warming like you Ozi."

Oliveryn: Yes, please do.

Nyza looks warily at the newcomer.

Ozimius scoffs.

Ozimius: Do not worry, they do not bite. Come sit with us.

Ozimius points to an empty chair.

Legeand: smirks slightly, getting up he moves to the empty chair, "If it will keep you quiet."

Oliveryn: We are all friendly if not a bit boisterous.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: It probably wont, but it is worth a try.

Oliveryn: I second that!

Nyza: Yes, you eat with us. Maybe you know stories about the bandits outside Redemption? We trade tales over breakfast?

Sparta speaks between large mouthfulls of breakfast (eating everything in sight).

Oliveryn: What about the bandits inside of Redemption?

Sparta: Howdy stranger, I am Sparta from Rebelton. Who might you be?

Legeand: Hmph, bandits are the least of my problems.

Oliveryn: Sounds like a tale to be told.

Legeand: Me, I'm called Legeand, not much else to it.

Ozimius: Nice to meet you, Legeand.

Legeand winces and frowns "Some tales do not like getting told."

Ozimius: So tell me, what do you do, Legeand?

Oliveryn: I, ironically, must agree.

Legeand: I am on a mission. Traveling to relay some information. After that I am unsure.

Sparta: There are many sorrowful tales, but few that should not be told.

Ozimius: What is your profession?

Legeand: Heh, profession. Hard to have one if you are kicked out of town by all your loved ones.

Ozimius: Oli, there, is our Songbird, Sparta, there, is a great warrior and Nyza, over here, is a fearless mage.

Ozimius points to each in introduction.

Nyza nods, "I set things on fire."

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: And me, I am a liberator of fine wares.

Oliveryn: Iyam seems to be absent.

Sparta: Kicked out by your loved ones? That is a sad tale.

Ozimius: Probably still sleeping.

Oliveryn: He is a half-giant warrior of some sort.

Ozimius grins again.

Legeand: Long tale, same tale as before.

Nyza: Well, Nyza understand. She have to leave her home in disgrace too.

Sparta: We are all far from our families.

Ozimius: I do not have a home, so I will not pretend to understand.

Sparta: But that does not mean our mothers do not love us.

Oliveryn: I am not sure I will have one to go back to.

Legeand: It is amazing how quickly one can turn against another for something simple.

Ozimius: How so?

Oliveryn blanches.

Ozimius: Oh, I forgot to mention, Oli here is our resident "Lord," but he is OK nonetheless.

Legeand touches the scar on his face, "It is a story I am not ready to tell."

Ozimius: Now that we are all here, I want to tell you all something.

Sparta: Just do not forget to call 'im "Sir Oli."

Ozimius goes on to explain his talk with the councilors and the spy master.

Ozimius: Any thoughts?

Oliveryn: Sounds like a trip to the temple is in order.

Ozimius: I agree.

Ozimius: I must say I do not understand all this intrigue. That is more your thing, Oli.

Legeand: Heh, that is amusing. You share the same path I must travel.

Oliveryn: I am more into politics than intrigue, but it is hard to tell sometimes.

Nyza: Zelmbring hmm? Me never been there.

Ozimius: Well, what do you say we head off to the temple?

Nyza: But if Ozi is in danger from the cursed dagger, we need to go!

Ozimius grins wickedly.

Ozimius: Yea and if it is cursed it will keep those priests busy a while.

Sparta: Sounds like a great idea if it gets us out of the city.

Nyza: You come with us, Legeand? The roads do not seem safe to travel alone anymore.

Legeand: And to think I arrived here just yesterday; I find myself wisked off to my final destination already.

Ozimius: I agree. Why not come along?

Ozimius finishes the last of his meal and stands.

Ozimius: Everyone ready?

Legeand getting up he smiles grimly, "Well, if you are ready, I am ready to leave now."

Oliveryn: Final destination? Only if you find death there, and that is unlikely.

Sparta looks longingly at the remains of breakfast.

Sparta: Well, if it is time, why not.

Legeand: Final destination in knowing where one must go; then Life is uncertain passed there.

Ozimius: Go ahead and finish Sparta, we can wait.

Sparta grabs some fruit and biscuits for the road and wraps them in a napkin.

Sparta: This will hold me for a bit.

Sparta: Let us go.

Ozimius: Good, let us get going.

Ozimius heads out the inn and begins walking to the temple.

Sparta: Hold up, Ozi. It is not far, but let me get Ringo. He needs a good walk too.

Ozimius: Ok.

Ozimius stops and waits for Sparta and Ringo.

Legeand sighs a bit and stetches. Moving just beside Ozi; waiting for the others.

Sparta walks briskly to the stables and saddles up Ringo, but just leads him back to the group.

Oliveryn: Where is that giant?

Sparta: Hey Legeand, you should meet Ringo too. Best damn hunting dog you will ever meet.

Ozimius: I do not know. But we should not be long. We can leave word with the innkeeper where we are heading.

Legeand: Dogs help, but it is no good without a good hunter beside him.

Ozimius: Let me go see if I can wake Iyam up.

Sparta: Aye, that is for sure. I have done my share of hunting. And not just conies either.

Ozimius strides upstairs and wakes the half-giant from his slumber, hurrying him along.

Iyam comes walking in bleary eyed.

Ozimius pulls the half-giant along, rejoining the group.

Iyam: Where are we off too already?

Ozimius: The temple.

Ozimius: I will fill you in while we walk.

Iyam: Oh.

Ozimius nods to the others and heads off to the temple, filling Iyam in as they walk.

Legeand trails along with the group lighty, keeping to himself.

Approaching Zelmbring, it is extremely quiet. You expect to see acolytes and monks about the grounds working and training.

Ozimius: I wonder where everyone is?

Sparta: Seems rather odd.

Ozimius: Yes, very.

Oliveryn: Very odd.

You notice that the doors and windows are all closed or shuttered even though it is a hot summer day.

Nyza: Maybe they are all inside praying? We walk quietly, just in case.

Ozimius: Let us be ready, just in case (loosens his sword and dagger).

Sparta hefts his spear.

Legeand readys a hand onto his sword's hilt.

Sparta: Yes, let us be very quiet.

Ozimius makes his way silently.

The main doors are ajar.

Ozimius takes the lead.

The entry way is empty except of a pool of blood in the center of the chamber with a smearing drag mark leading to the door in the right wall.

Ozimius looks over the blood and draws his blade.

Nyza casts a spell at the first sight of blood. A set of magical armor surrounds her.

Sparta: That does not look good

Ozimius: I do not like this. Let us look around.

Ozimius listens at the door.

Ozimius: Sounds quiet.

Ozimius tries the double doors.

Legeand draws his sword and grumbles to himself about having a long, bad line of problems.

Sparta tries to listen at the door on the right.

Ozimius: We cannot get in this way. How about the other doors?

Nyza draws her small, but still deadly looking crossbow.

Ozimius listens at the door

Sparta: The tracks lead this way.

Sparta tries the door.

There is muttering from behind the door Ozimius is listening at.

Ozimius shushes the others.

Ozimius points to the door.

Ozimius: (whispering) I hear talking.

Sparta turns and readies his spear.

Ozimius tries the door, ready to jump.

The door is open.

Ozimius cracks the door and peeks in.

Behind the left door is a guard; bound and gaged.

Ozimius points to the door and enters carefully.

Temple Guard: MMMEMEMM!

Ozimius shushes the guard and cuts his gag and bonds.

Ozimius: (whispers) Quiet. What happened?

Temple Guard: (whispering) Thanks.

Ozimius: (whispers) What is going on?

Temple Guard: There are a couple dozen invaders.

Temple Guard: I think they said something about Gaedracis.

Ozimius grimaces.

Ozimius: (whispers) Can you help us look for more survivors?

Sparta eyes harden at mention of Gaedracis.

Temple Guard: I am too backly hurt.

Ozimius looks over his wounds.

Sparta: (mutters) Elroy's murderers will not get away with it this time.

Ozimius: (whispers) Can you make it to help?

Sparta: (whispers) Oli, do you still have that wand?

Nyza: (to Oliveryn) Would your wand help his leg?

Temple Guard: I think I am about as safe as I can get in here.

Oliveryn: I can try it.

Sparta: Ozi? Does the guard have a weapon.

Ozimius hands the guard his extra short sword.

Ozimius: He does now.

The wand heals the wounds, but the leg needs to be set.

Sparta hands him his spear.

Sparta: This might be a little more useful for a man who cannot stand.

Temple Guard: I appreciate it, thanks.

Nyza: Go back to Redemption and tell the watch what happened.

Ozimius: Do we take him back to town or try to find more survivors?

Sparta: I do not think he is going anywhere soon. Not till that leg is taken care of.

Sparta: I could send Ringo for Tesela, but I think we will need all the help we can get.

Legeand: We should find more before we go or else they might know we were here.

Ozimius: Good idea.

Temple Guard: I will try to get down the hill. The spear should make it possible.

Ozimius nods and heads for the other door.

The guard hobbles out of the temple.

Ozimius listens at the door.

Sparta draws his greatsword, with a grim look.

Sparta: Let us see to those bandits.

Ozimius enters the room.

Behind the right door is the body of a temple guard.

Ozimius: Well, we have to find a way in.

Nyza listens at the central doors.

Nyza shrugs.

Sparta: Iyam, you could probably bust the door down.

Sparta: But it might announce us to the whole temple.

Iyam: Looks like there is no quiet way to do this.

Legeand: Let me try first.

Ozimius: Iyam?

The doors creak.

Ozimius: Maybe if you both try.

Iyam: Together, Legeand?

Legeand: Might help, two at once.

Nyza aims her crossbow at the doors, ready to fire once it is open.

Something snaps on the other side of the doors and they swing free.

Ozimius: Well?

Legeand moves into the room weapon at the ready.

Beyond the double door in the center of the large chamber is a pile of loot collected from various locations in the temple.

Legeand: I do not like this.

Ozimius takes a good look around.

Legeand: If the loot is here, where are they?

As you near the middle of the large chamber, several brigands burst from each set of double doors to the right and ahead.

Sparta: Aye, a wild one!

Ozimius flips a dagger at a bandit instantly killing him.

A bandit misses Ozimius with a swing of his longsword.

A wild-one moves up and rages.

Another bandit fires arrow at Ozimius and misses.

Sparta: Let us get the big one, boy.

Sparta swings at the wild-one.

Ringo snaps at the wild-one, but misses.

Oliveryn begins a rousing chant.

A bandit misses Sparta with his longsword.

Nyza sends a ray of fire at one of the bandits.

The bandit falls in a burning heap.

Iyam moves to the side and manifests a shield of force.

Iyam: (shouts) "Sparta, I would get out of there if I were you. As soon as you can!"

Sparta gets hammered by a bandit.


Sparta: Just a scratch.

The wild-one swings his greataxe at Legeand as he passes, but misses.

Legeand swings "Petals in the Wind" and strike down a bandit.

A bandit misses Ozimius with his longsword.

Another bandit misses Ozimius with his longsword.

Ozimius attacks.

Ozimius misses the bandit.

A bandit strikes Ozimius solidly with his longsword.

The wild-one misses Sparta.

Sparta side-steps and swings at the wild-one.

Ringo misses, but Sparta's stroke brings down the wild-one.

Oliveryn fires his bow at one of Ozimius' opponents and hits.

Sparta: That will teach him!

The bandit seeing the wild-one fall, runs away.

Nyza points at one of the bandits assaulting Ozimius, then conjures another ray of flame.

Nyza: Hahaha, burn humans...

Another bandit becomes a burning pile of flesh.

Iyam runs passed Oliveryn and swings and slices a bandit in two.

Legeand catchest up to the running bandit, swings and misses.

A bandit misses Ozimius.

Ozimius attacks.

Ozimius stumbles and misses.

Sparta rides after the running bandit.

Sparta: Come on, Ringo!

Oliveryn fire another arrow that hits its mark.

Backed into a corner, the bandit hits Legeand.

Nyza yells at the surviving brigand in the north room, "Throw down your sword or me turn you into ash!"

The bandit throws down his weapons.

Iyam moves to guard the surrendering bandit.

Sparta: No mercy for Elroy's killers!

Legeand strikes the bandit with a swing of his sword.

Sparta: Get him, Legeand!

The surrendered bandit runs and leaps through a window.

Ozimius stabs a bandit with Imhiakaam's Gift, piercing him with ease. The bandit falls from his many wounds.

Sparta looks around the room.

Ozimius: I'll search the bodies and the area

Sparta: Nice shot, Ozi. Did you get the other four?

Ozimius: I had alot of help.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Aye, Legeand here certainly got his licks in.

Legeand: There still could be others, you two.

Ozimius begins seaching the area and bodies.

Nyza: Come back here! My slaves are not allowed to run!

Oliveryn moves towards the window and fires at the bandit, hitting in the back.

Ozimius: Kill it, you two!

Nyza aims her crossbow at the fleeing man's back.

Nyza's bolt strikes true and the bandit falls.

Nyza cheers!

Sparta: Hey, what's going on in there?

Nyza: Nothing anymore. The bandits are all dead in here.

Ozimius sits and checks his wounds.

Sparta: Hey, guys! Get back here. I think there are more wild-ones about.

Ozimius stands and returns to the group.

Sparta readies his sword.

Sparta: I heard more orcs through that door.

Sparta: Oli, will you give me a quick hit with the wand?

Legeand: Be cautious.

Ozimius: Yea, me too, Oli.

Oliveryn: Sure.

Nyza: They have to know we are here. Be ready for another ambush.

Oliveryn: The wand of healing wonders does its magic again!

Sparta: Whew, that feels better.

Oliveryn: Ozi, that wound looks bad.

Ozimius: How about that wand on me then.

Legeand: Dispite being slightly injured, Legeand readys his sword in both hands.

Oliveryn taps the wand on Ozimius.

Ozimius: Thanks, Oli.

Nyza reloads her crossbow, her hands shaking after the fight.

Ozimius: Ready?

Sparta: Always.

Legeand: Open it.

Ozimius opens the door and tumbles in.

Ozimius: Here!

Sparta and Ringo rush in after him.

Ozimius charges the wild-one down the hall and stabs him with his sword.

A rogue leaps from a door way and attacks Sparta, but misses.

A bandit moves in from the same door way and misses Sparta as well.

Sparta swings at the rogue and strike him solidly with his iron sword.

The rogue is staggered.

Ringo finished the rogue off by taking a bite out of his leg.

Sparta: Good boy, Ringo!

Oliveryn holds action to let the soldiers through.

Nyza casts an enchantment over the bandit.

Nyza: Nyza VERY angry with you for attacking her friend! Go in the corner and think about what you did!

The bandit walks over and sits in the corner.

Iyam run into the room then up along the wall in a charge and lands his axe on the wild-one's head.

A bandit appears from another door and moves toward, swings at, but misses Sparta.

Legeand kicks in the unopened door.

A bandit from behind the kicked-in door charges, swings at, but misses Nyza.

A warrior from the now open room swings at, but misses Legeand.

Ozimius moves to the charmed bandit and disembowels him with the hell-blade.

Sparta: Hey Ringo we got us a new quarry

Ringo tears the bandit's throat out.

Sparta turns in the saddle to attack the warrior, but misses badly.

Oliveryn fires an arrow at the bandit attacking Nyza and pierces his throat.

Oliveryn: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Sparta: Nice shot, Oli!

Nyza: A fine shot, Sir Oli!

Nyza conjures a glob of potent acid in the palm of her hand. She lobs it at the warrior, striking him.

Iyam moves to get into position to hit the warrior.

Nyza: Ozi! You killed my bandit! He was in time-out.

Ozimius grins.

Legeand attacks the warrior, but misses.

Sparta: Lemme at him

The warrior misses Legeand with his counter attack.

Ozimius opens the door and tumbles in.

Sparta steps up and swings at the warrior, striking him.

Sparta: whoa, how'd that happen?

Oliveryn moves to get a better shot, but does not fire.

Ringo misses the warrior.

Nyza tosses another blob of acid, but misses the warrior.

Sparta: Careful where you toss that acid, missy.

Nyza: Sorry! That hair will grow back, do not you worry.

Iyam moves in and drops the warrior with a swing of his axe.

Sparta: The only thing I want to be growing is my belly.

Sparta: Ozi, you OK in there?

Nyza: Are you all unhurt?

Gaedracis the Scout: Yooohoooo! Are you done finishing them off yet!

Ozimius: I am OK.

Sparta: Nary a scratch.

Sparta: Where did that come from!?

Legeand: Hmm...first raids, now bandits.

Sparta answers in Orcish

Sparta: Yeah, come here and help us search them.

Ozimius grins wickedly.

Sparta readies his sword.

Ozimius likes Sparta's thinking.

Ozimius prepares to strike.

Gaedracis the Scout: That cannot be good. I do not have halflings in my gang.

Ozimius shrugs.

A door slams.

Ozimius: Follow me.

Ozimius barges thru the door.

Ozimius: Let us find him quick before he gets away.

Sparta: Where did that door slam?

Legeand: Let us just open them all.

Ozimius: There are only three. Try them all.

Sparta: Quick, which way did he go?

Gaedracis pegs Ozimius with an arrow after sprinting across the chamber.

Ozimius looks badly wounded.

Sparta swings and hits Gaedracis.

Ringo snaps at Gaedracis, but misses.

Iyam charges and stikes Gaedracis.

Oliveryn moves to check behind another door.

Nyza tries to move into a position where she will not hit the priests... with another ray of fire.

Nyza's ray hits Iyam instead of Gaedracis.

Nyza: Oops.

Nyza still likes watching the fire, oddly enough.

Sparta: Is it getting hot in here?

Nyza: So, take off all your clothes.

Ozimius wonders if they should take Nyza to the Healers of the Mind.

Legeand kicks in the nearest door.

Ozimius moves and stikes Gaedracis with a throwing dagger.

Legeand: Remember theres still another, if that door closed.

Gaedracis tumbles over the Elven High Priest and sprints through the chamber, burying a well placed arrow in Legeand's back.

Legeand: Gra, you Bastard!

Sparta: Come on, Ringo, take a bite out of him!

Ringo misses.

Sparta swings and misses as well.

Iyam moves and connects with his axe.

Oliveryn fires an arrow at the passing brigand, but misses.

Nyza: Iyam, stop, drop and roll before there is nothing left of you!

Nyza: This time with an unobstructed view, Nyza fires off another ray at the scout.

Gaedracis the Scout falls to the floor in a burning mass.

Sparta: That is the way, missy!

Sparta: Quick, check the doors.

Sparta listens, then opens the door.

Legeand grasps the arrow sticking out of him.

Visarian High Priest: Memsnnesnnsd!

Ozimius cuts them loose.

Nyza takes the gag off the priest next to her.

Visarian High Priest: Thank you.

Elven High Priest: That is better.

Ozimius: You are welcome.

Nyza: Are you OK? Are there any more priests here?

Legeand: Who else was here with him?

Visarian High Priest: That must have been the latest incarnation of Gaedracis.

Ozimius: Latest?

Ozimius: Check the rooms.

Visarian High Priest: Yes, whoever is strong enough to claim the title.

Sparta opens the door nearest to him.

Elven High Priest: They were holding the rest of the priests and monks in the barracks.

Ozimius opens the door he is next to.

Ozimius: I will let them out.

Legeand: Both sides have storys to tell I see.

Sparta: Barracks? I do not think we made it there yet.

Ozimius checks the door.

Sparta: Be careful, Ozi, there might be more of them.

Nyza: We have not finished securing the building yet. You two should wait here for now.

Ozimius opens the door.

Ozimius goes room to room opening the doors.

Nyza follows closely behind.

Sparta and Ringo follow.

Legeand holds back, watching the others.

There are a lot of bound and gaged priests and monks, some injured, some not.

Ozimius cuts loose all the bound and gagged priests.

Ozimius: Everyone back to the main room. We need to find out what is going on.

Ozimius ushers them all back to the first room with the high priests and Gaedracis.

Sparta watchs closely, as his great sword is a little unwieldy for cutting bindings.

Sparta: Legeand, you look awful.

Legeand: I feel worse.

Ozimius: Someone want to explain what happened here?

Nyza: And, Ozi, you need to get that arrow-wound looked at.

Ozimius looks for his throwing daggers while he talks.

Ozimius: Yea, I am hit pretty badly, Nyza

Ozimius: But, I need to look for my daggers too.

Legeand sits on the floor, sword still in hand.

Visarian High Priest: There is plenty of time for that.

Sparta: Can one of you priests help our friend? He does not look so good.

The Visarian high priest casts a spell and all wounds are healed.

Sparta: Thank you.

Legeand: So, who goes first, the priests, me, or you and your curse?

Ozimius: Go ahead, Legeand. I need to find my throwing knives any way.