Ethyltina 7, 1000 PC

Post date: Dec 31, 2008 7:49:59 PM

The halfling Sparta has succeeded in avenging his brother's death at the hands of the foulest thing I have ever come so close to.  Even the presence of my new master is not as disturbing.  I look forward to the days I can bring my vengeance down upon Ezra and Hardun.  May I find it as satisfying and releasing as the halfling.

Tomorrow we plan to leave this quaint community to return to Redemption.  I do not see wintering in Redemption to be overly useful.  I will try to return to The Floating Tower and seek Isildul's instruction and guidance.  He is sure to have a mirror by which I can keep apprised of the progress of Oliveryn and the others.  I do hope the mistress stays out of way.