Legeand's Landing

Post date: Mar 27, 2009 4:19:8 PM

Legeand's thoughts as King David of The Seelie Court whisks him off to Troll's Bridge are being down close to the river.  The King obliges.

Legeand appears on a rocky ledge only feet from the surface of a vast river.  To his right is the opening of a harbor with several ships docked within.  To his left looms the huge structure of a natural land bridge.  He can see cave openings underneath this bridge in the cliff sides on the far side of the river.  A ship is entering the harbor as Legeand takes in a deep breath and realizes the warms of the sun beating on him.  He is jarred from his reverie by the shouts and laughter from the ship as it passes.

"What?!  The fellow thinks he is going for a dip!" shouts a laughing sailor.

"He better think twice about that!" another sailor roars in laughter.

"Looks like good swimming to me!" a young deckhand hollers.

Laughter and guffaws follow the youngster's comment as other sailors hoist the deckhand up, making a move to throw the lad overboard.

The first sailor raises his arm to stay the revel, "Put the lad down. Naive crew is better than insane crew.  This water here is poisonous, so no bathing until we get into town."

The sailor looks back at Legeand, "That goes for you too, lad!  Do not be doing anything more than sunbathing there."

The ship sails by, the sailors all having a good laugh.