Ethyltina 4, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 1:3:23 AM

Rebelton is very pleasant. The halflings here eat very well, what with their endless fields of crops. And then there's the dancing and singing too! Better yet, the buildings are appropriately sized for me, unlike Redemption where I practically have to drag a box around with me to use as a stool. Maybe my kin would stop being so mean if they relaxed a little more often, like the hairy-foots. Kobolds work very hard - and that is of course a good thing - but I think they could be happier at the same time.

Aifos was right (of course!) about the plans of the Gaedracis; the bandit leader's gnoll army was marching to the halfling city. We beat them to the town by about half a day and helped the locals set up their defenses. The General wanted us to fight against the enemy's strongest soldiers along with their leader himself. Aifos was also pretty clear that we should be careful not to burn down the crops. Can you imagine that?! It was like asking me to fight with a hand tied behind my back!

I am careful though. When the time came to fight against a formation of gnolls, I was careful to not let my fireballs scorch the crops. Mask was using her own fire magic too, but it... lacks the punch of mine. Hmph! As if glorified magical-ink could compete with the innate power of dragon-blood! Either way, the gnolls were incinerated. And speaking of spellcasting, the Gaedracis was himself a competent necromancer. He hid in a wagon and animated many skeletons to fight us. The undead always make me feel afraid... they do not fight for any purpose, and they do not have anyone "back home" to protect; they just bring about death, and they never, ever, stop. Isildul was different at least, but his red eyes still scare me.

Sparta was fighting for his home however, and in his fury, he landed the final blow on Gaedracis lieutenant. The remaining gnolls fled when their leader was slain, so the battle was ours! We went back to town and started celebrating (and sorting out the spoils of war). I want to get back to the party, so I'll end off here.