Imhiakaam is a brachina or pleasure devil that has been the consort of Isildul over the last millennium since before evolving from an erinyes devil.  She has been the downfall of many a paladin and cleric of the good gods of the Almebezbikian Pantheon.

She maneuvered throughout The City-State of Walton unobtrusively harvesting souls until its fall. Since then, she has had to do with the small towns within range of The Floating Tower.  During the centuries, she has nurtured the growth of Troll's Bridge to build a supply of souls, though it has not yet grown into the splendor of Walton.

She has toyed with Redemption throughout the centuries, as well, but has been unable to gain a foothold there because of the vigilance of Zelmbring and the elven paragon Senafar Illamaesa.

She has been able to manipulate the surrounding area in safety since she operates from The Floating Tower under the protection of the preeminent lich of Isildul.