Christopher Smith, Oliveryn Chicdell-Witson

Post date: May 04, 2008 4:42:16 AM



Years Roleplaying

6 years

Versions of D&D Played

AD&D 2nd Editon, D&D 3.0, D&D 3.5

Caught the tail end of AD&D with some friends right before 3.0 came out.  Only played like 3-4 quest in AD&D but never really understood it that much since it was my first time playing an RPG. 3.0 and 3.5 are standard now to me.

Campaign Settings

RedSteel up graded from AD&D to 3.0, Forgotten Realms, a lot of Home Brew, a little Eberon and what ever Dragon/Dungeon magazine quest we wanted to run.

Other Roleplaying Games Played

Mechwarrior, Vampire: The Masquerade,  Call of Cthulhu(d20),


Alton, IL

Then moved to Arkansas, Alabama, and now Memphis, Tennessee.

What I do for a Living

Part-Time student during the summer semester and Full-Time student in the Fall.  I work part time at FedEx right now working nights.  Business major, hopefully with JD/MBA in the future.


Married for 2 month as of May 1st.  No kids, although I have 16 nieces and nephews. I come from a large family with two parents, 6 sisters and 2 other brothers.  I am the youngest of all 9 children and my parents just turn 60 this year, my oldest brother is 40.

Other Interests

Computer/Electronic freak.  I love things that compute and I love trying to figure out how they work.  I was raised with a 386 on my dads drawing table and can never forgot the bleeps and bloops to frooger still ringing in my 5 year old ears.

Book/Reading: I love to read and I love books.  I've read all Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series.  Sad he passed away before his last and final book was complete. L.E. Modesitt, great author, can put words to paintings and make an art gallery. Jame Clemens Wit'ch series, good fantasy books, can't put them down. I also like Thriller, Mysteries and there are way too many good authors to name, so ill let you wonder :).

Amarture Writer: I love trying to express my thoughts into words.  I have written portions of stories but have never actually sat down to just write. My stories usally have things to do with: ones own exsistance, personal strengths, personal sacrifce, light/darkness, thought, and humor at ones own faults.

Movies I love watching movies, sometimes just for the sake of just seeing how well the movie was made.  I wouldn't say I'm a critic but I haven't ever seen a movie that I totally hated. Movies that I like are mostly drama, some romance (darn 6 sisters :) ), thrillers, and comedies.

TV Don't watch much TV.  If I do watch TV its usually after its come out on DVD.

Games I love computer games and board games.  Most of my computer games are strategy based or simulating but I do have some RPG that I like.