Pentatina 24, 1000 PC

Post date: Mar 25, 2010 7:54:12 PM

Ringo is alive! ALIVE! If magic can retore a dog to life after a full day of being dead, then it can do anything. It can turn me into living fire, unite my kin, and get me a huge pile of coin to sleep on. Hmm... but it's not really magic that accomplishes those goals: just a strong will. Still, I do not think Sparta could resurrect his dog just by willing it. In any case, that loose end is tied up. It wasn't the only matter we left untended. See, the Elans apparently thought it would be a good idea to store superpowerful monsters in their basement. Why that would ever be a good idea, I'm not sure. When the tower came crumbling down last night, the monsters became just as free as the slaves. So today, it fell to us to chase down the missing beasts as they wreaked havoc in the city. 

Our first clue that something was wrong came when Legeand recovered super-worg hair from the scene of a murder. Unusual, I thought, but not a massive surprise in a city so infested by evil. We were about to start tracking down the errant wolf when a huge EXPLOSION came from Oliveryn's place - with him still inside! We rushed over to check on him / raise him from the dead, but luckily we found that the disturbance actually came from just outside. The huge worg was there, and it chomped at Legeand a few times before we could put it down. As if that wasn't enough, next an ice devil showed up at the ruins of Elan Tower. Which promptly summoned more small devils. And then one really big demon.

The lousy devils don't burn of course - not even ice devils - so I spent most of the fight using support magic: dispel magic, invisibility, and the like. Meanwhile Legeand was having a grand time hacking off limbs and firing his sword-bow, Sparta was riding his ressurected dog and around swinging his ghosted sword, and Oli was... er, singing. Even Mask had her ever-useful Disintegrates to cast. Of course, I could have burned the devils if I wanted to - that's how strong my metamagic is! I just thought it would be more helpful for me to banish the summoned devils back to where they came from.

The last, biggest demon didn't actually enter the fight until the end. He made lots of threats about "ruining" Luanes, but he was intercepted by, apparently, her parents. They insisted we run while they fight the demon, although it took some convincing. None of us like backing down from a fight, especially not when one of our own is in danger.

After all the fighting was over, we got some recognition for once! Not that the evil, vampire mayor is someone we like associating with, but he did give a nice speech to honor us.  Mask did not take the attention so well. She revealed her face to us in private, sobbing about how Hardun is an evil monster who had just tried to curse the other ladies in the group to some Borgosian ritual. Mask has been living with her desire for vengeance for too long, I think. Revenge is a very powerful desire, one that should not be held onto for too long. It eats away at you, leaving you broken after enough time has passed. I think that's what is going on with Mask, as seen after the Duergar were killed too. I might pity her misfortune, but I still see how dangerous she is. I don't doubt that she would sell everyone in the group out if she thought she could cut off Hardun's head in return.

Legeand finds some suspicious hairs. Hunter or hunted?