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Although she is a young adult as far as kobold society is concerned, Nyza is still only 8 years old. Her behavior tends toward impulsiveness and naivety. Although she is old enough to understand the long-term consequences of her actions, she doesn't often plan far ahead.

The vethiSha'Tek tribe has been her home all her life. Nyza has little experience in dealing with members of other races. She often assumes another race's culture is the same as her own, so she her behavior can seem strange or downright insulting to others.

For example, as is common among Kobolds, Nyza only views sexuality as a means toward reproduction. She has difficulty understanding the romantic relationships other races embrace (although such relationships do rarely occur among Kobolds). Also, she may innocently comment on a trait that another person finds embarrasing or taboo. ("Why do you have all those moles on your face?")


Nyza has had little reason to practice her Almbezbik speech until now. While speaking common, she tends to use the present tense of a verb even when it's inappropriate.

"He show me his house." vs "He showed me his house."

She also rarely says "I", preferring to substitute her own name, me, or she.

"Nyza thank you." vs "I thank you." Note: the verb is still in the first person.

Nyza has no such difficulty in speaking Draconic, her native tongue.

[This is partly inspired by an Indonesian coworker of mine whose speech I adore]

Furthermore, Nyza commonly adds ", yes?" at the end of her sentences even when she is not interested in a confirmation.

"You leave Mask alone. She is very powerful, yes?"

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Nyza the Flame