Dodecitina 8, 1000 PC

Post date: Aug 08, 2010 6:7:4 PM

Some great cacophony arose from the center of the ancient core of Troll's Bridge this day. It drove away fiend and vampire alike. I was not a liberty to investigate, but communication with The Tower of Lehnbor indicates that a calm fell over the Zuodeyja ancient core now free of demons, devils and undead once the ruckus ceased. From the top of the tower it was possible to see that The Guildhall of Messer has reappeared. This can only indicate that any significant threat to this temple has been thwarted. The archmages of The Tower have also seen that citizens have been tentatively, but safely walking the streets north of the river.

I will see about making my way to the square in the morning, provided I can pass the tumult the rest of the city is still experiencing. I wonder if Messer's priests have discovered some powerful defense or if Arcanus Universitatus, the College of Mysteries or Lesh University have discovered it. Tomorrow will have to be soon enough as I have spent all day renewing the wards about the estate and need some rest.