Dodecitina 5, 999 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 12:54:17 AM

More fighting today! Lots of fighting actually. One of the humans in Redemption, Tesela, wanted me and my new friends to make a road safe from bandits. Which means killing them of course. I don't know why they don't just say that; it's always "defend the road", "secure the liberty of the peasants"... why don't they just say "Kill these evil men over here?" It seems like humans never say what they actually mean.

So first we killed some thugs on the road that charged at us. I tried my spell to bend the mind of one of them to my will, but he was stronger than he looked. I need to practice that spell more often; I'll get it right one of these times. Anyway, I burned him to death after he tried to hurt me. Which brings me to something that's been troubling me; I like it when I can set things or people on fire. I don't know why... the flames are so pretty, so perfect. But I shouldn't think like this... I don't want to be a mean kobold like so many others of the Sha'Tek.

Next, we had to dispatch of an ogre that was following us. He was HUGE, like 10 feet tall at least. But he died so easily to my friends' swords and my fire. That's good to know I think; I like knowing for sure that my magic can overcome my small size. Seriously, I feel like I'm still a hatchling. All the other kobolds are bigger than me. Even Sparta's stupid dog looks bigger!

Fighting pays off at least. We looted lots of gold and weapons from the bandits and the ogre. And there was still more fighting left today! We reached a caravan surrounded by dead humans - the ambush spot we were looking for. To make a short story even shorter, there were more bandits, and I set more of them on fire. It was so clear... his red clothes suddenly exploded into flames, dancing up and down his legs, lighting up his hair, igniting his fingertips. Consuming every piece of him into black ash and ... no, focus Nyza. Yes, that's right. I'll draw a picture of the last fight, that will take my mind off things for awhile.