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Dodecitina 25, 1000 PC


Our heroes stand in the collapsing crypt when the third gong sounds, though the gong sounds more like a sonorous hum as it continues to ring.

Dale: If you're hurt, come close. I have some healing I can share.

Legeand steps closer to Dale.

Dale: Oh, or should we run?

Wintersky moves to Dale.

Legeand: Best if we heal now in case we get hit on the way out.

Celesta floats over the debris and aims a disintegrate and the rotting, split head of Hardun.

Dale casts mass cure critical wounds.

Celesta: That is the end of that monster, though I would have liked it to be more...prolonged suffering.

Wintersky: Thank you, Dale.

Luanes stands back to make way for Celesta.

Wintersky: Let us get out of here.

Sparta: Celesta or Nyza, can you get us out of here?

Nyza: Dead is dead. Like we'll be if we waste disintegrations like that.

The timbor of the ring slowly develops a rattle that becomes a deep growl.

Legeand: I think that is more then the bell.

Zodyu the Grotesque: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!

The deafening shout causes more rubble to fall from the ceiling as it penetrates the depths the group is at. One can only imagine the devastation it has wrought on the city above.

Sparta: He doesn't sound happy.

Wintersky: He has got a bee in his bonnet.

Collapsing shafts throw dust into the crypt making visibility difficult.

Legeand: Really? Sounded like he was overjoyed.

Aifos: I do not think climing out is an option.

Luanes: Are there any magic users with a teleport spell?

Legeand: Then teleporting should do us.

Celesta: Everyone who can teleport grab hold of someone who cannot.

Nyza: Celesta, can you take everyone out with me?

Celesta: Then everyone gather around Nyza.

Nyza forms a human chain with T'Krosh and the rest.

Wintersky: Unh, do we have to touch her?

Luanes waits for everyone to gather first, then takes her place.

Sparta grabs Ringo; motions for Dale to join him at T'Krosh.

Nyza: That hurts, Ms Sky!

Wintersky: What hurts?

Aifos: Where are you aiming, Nyza?

Sparta: Can you take us to the gate to greet the Emperor?

Nyza: That sounded bad up above. Maybe we should go somewhere safer?

Aifos: We are already there...well maybe not anymore.

Celesta: Safe from the God of Death?

Legeand: Better where the other gods are nearby then far away.

Wintersky: I'll talk to the brothers...cannot guarantee I will not die and kill everyone around me.

The ground starts to quake.

Nyza: To where we last see the brothers then? Me think Leggy is right.

Celesta: Do it now!

Wintersky: Go already.

Nyza casts her teleport spell.

The crypt collapses entirely, but not before all are whisked safety?

The heroes find there feet, but the light is blindingly bright as they materialize, presumably near the gate Zodyu had created.

Wintersky shields her eyes.

The brightness of the surroundings is so intense that the sound of ringing metal is not immediately recognized either.

Nyza is dazzled by the bright display.

Wintersky blinks tears trying to see.

Lukinvor the Bard: Really, My Lord. I am perfectly capable of defending myself...for at least several exchanged before The Grotesque can take me out.

Luanes squints her eyes while holding up her hand as a shield.

As vision clears, the heroes see Lukinvor and a elaborately armored titan crossed swords with Zodyu and his flaming weapon.

Wintersky: Well is this not a smelly pickle. When the Gods fight us littles lose.

The titan flicks Zodyu's weapon to the side with minimal effort.

Nyza: Ugh, what do we just step into?

Armee the Father points his sword at the God of Death, "You have gone too far, Grotesque."

Luanes quite obviously has a reflex to draw her sword and join in, but she tries to suppress that urge.

Legeand: A spat of powers...

Sparta looks about for the Emperor.

The emperor strides forward through the gate and bows to the powers.

The pop of a teleport is heard behind the heroes.

Wintersky: Flaming buffalo biscuits! If YOU lay waste to my world, You will answer for it!

Ran MCXI raises his eyebrows and bows to someone beyond the heroes, "My Lord."

Luanes spins around to see who is there.

Dale turns to see who else has joined them.

Wintersky turns.

A squat, almost humanoid creature wattles up and through the heroes into the midst of the other gods.

"The Billiken": I believe there has been enough interference here.

All the other deities take a step back.

"The Billiken" turns to the heroes, "Do you know what must be done?"

Sparta steps forward.

Sparta: My lords, time short.

Sparta presents his dagger to the Emperor.

Wintersky raises her eyebrows.

Sparta: If you can, please draw my Grandfather forth from your scabbard.

Sparta: Only he can avert Nana's cataclysm.

Legeand cups his chin and watches wondering how events will unfold.

"Was he not smaller and in your pack?" Wintersky asks Sparta quietly.

Ran MCXI turns to Sparta drawing his sword with his off hand and holding his other out for the dagger.

Luanes watches with interest.

Aifos (whispering): That is the real one, Wintersky.

Sparta extends the hilt of the heirloom to Ran as he wonders at Wintersky's words.

Ran MCXI takes the dagger and sheaths it in his scabbard for a moment before withdrawing it by the crosspiece.

Wintersky: Woow!

Nyza watches in awe, desperately hoping that the plan will succeed, for once.

As the dagger leaves the sheath it transforms into a halfling of extreme age.

Wintersky looks at the godly spirits.

Sparta: Grandpa Manty?! Is that really you?

Manitowoc: My goodness. Such a reception.

Legeand: Well, that is one way to return to ones form.

Wintersky: Kiss your bride quick the wedding is almost over.

"The Billiken": This is but one step towards averting the cataclysm.

Sparta: The city square. We need to get you before Nana.

Wintersky: Always a catch.

"The Billiken": Bard, would you care to explain what else is required?

Lukinvor the Bard steps forward with a smile that falter almost imperceptibly for a moment.

Lukinvor the Bard: My heroes, do you recall what The Grotesque's need for Hardun was?

Legeand: Something to do with containing the energy or something.

Wintersky: A conduit.

Dale: A channel for Nana's pent up energy

Lukinvor the Bard: Exactly.

Lukinvor the Bard: Well, that conduit--specially crafted for The Grotesque--is no more. However, the energy still needs to be channeled, though through more conduits now.

Sparta: I will do it, even if it consumes me, to bring my Nana peace.

Wintersky: Can we be the conduits.

Luanes: I will offer myself as well.

Legeand: The question is, can we handle all of it?

Lukinvor the Bard: That is the idea, but yes, it could consume you if you are not certain in your beliefs.

Zodyu the Grotesque smirks.

Armee the Father glares at Zodyu.

Dale: Better that it consumes us than destroys all the land.

Luanes: Indeed.

Legeand: The land or the people in it.

Nyza: Better it consumes no one! But if this is the only choice.

Wintersky: My beliefs are strong. I can help.

Lukinvor the Bard: Being consumed, you will break the conduit and still do terrible damage to the land.

Luanes: Then we must not be consumed.

T'Krosh looks nervous at first, but his encounter with Kurtulmak suddenly comes to mind. He nods in resolve.

Sparta: We will not falter.

Wintersky: This is the energy from the souls in the cataclysm?

Lukinvor the Bard: Souls, arcane and divine energies, elements...all that Zenda has accumulated.

Wintersky: Then we all have expertise to help. Is Ozi around? We may need him too.

Luanes hides a scowl.

Lukinvor the Bard: The Sajenese is nearby.

Sparta: How do we begin?

Legeand looking around at the gods before him Legeand scowls inwardly. gripping his sword and looks towards where he remembers the fort and sighs, mumbling, "It should not have come to this."

Wintersky: Not all that Zenda has accumulated could we deal with Luanes. We must channel it, not block or try to change it.

Luanes: I understand.

"The Billiken": First, Manitowoc and Zenda need to be joined again.

Manitowoc: What are we waiting for?

Sparta: Can you walk, my father?

Wintersky: Are we in agreement?

Manitowoc begins hobbling towards the city's main square.

Nyza: We do not come this far to let everything fall apart.

Nyza: So Nyza is in!

Legeand: Well, he can move at least, Sparta. You think he would be stiff after being shoved into your sheath so often.

Dale takes her mammoth form has she moves beside Manty.

Dale: Perhaps you would like a ride?

Dale extends her trunk to Manty.

Sparta smiles wryly at Legeand.

Luanes: I will do whatever is necessary to channel it, not block or change it.

Manitowoc looks startled, but allows the trunk to lift him onto Dale's shoulders.

Sparta: Sorry, not much for joking right now

Sparta: I can hardly believe my eyes that Grandpa has returned to us after all these years.

Legeand: Enjoy it while you can, Sparta. It will not be forever.

Dale holds Manty gently to her shoulders as she picks up the pace a little from an ancient halfling's shuffle.

Manitowoc: That's right, sonny. I am not long for this world.

Sparta: I know.

Legeand pats Sparta on the shoulder, "This is the moment. You go there and hug him until you crack a rib or something."

Wintersky looks about wondering if Zenda will be able to direct the energy as she releases it or if it will explode down the channels like a flash flood.

Sparta looks at Legeand.

Sparta: I don't think that would be hard to do.

Legeand grins mirthfully, "Better you and your scrawny arms than me and my metal."

The group proceeds toward the center of the city.

Wintersky: Ozi are you with us?

As they approach the square, they see that there is a vortex swirling about Zenda.

Ozimius (whispered from nowhere and everywhere): I am here.

Wintersky: I am thankful.

Ozimius (whispered): I am gratified.

Sparta: I'm glad you could join us, old friend.

Wintersky starts chanting a calming chant to ease the soul and bring peace.

Luanes bites her tongue.

Ozimius (whispered): Really, Luanes, are we not saving the world...together?

Wintersky pats Luanes' shoulder.

Luanes: Yes, something for which I am grateful.

Sparta smiles at Luanes.

Sparta: There is good in him yet.

Zenda Blackfoot (moaning): Oh, please, let it end.

Sparta: Nana! We're coming and look I've brought Papa back to you.

Manitowoc: Oh, dear. Let me down, Dale.

Dale kneels and helps Manty down.

Zenda Blackfoot: You and that dagger aga...

The vortex subsides significantly.

Legeand stands back and watches the two non-living halflings.

Dale: Not the dagger. It's Manty, alive and breathing.

Zenda Blackfoot: By Lukinvor's Strings! Is that you, Manty?

Wintersky watches the spirits of her friends and her own spirit altering the chant to keep them centered.

Manitowoc: It is, my wildflower.

Zenda Blackfoot sheds a ghostly tear.

Sparta looks a little surprised at his Papa.

The air chills as the ghost manifests into something almost solid.

Zenda Blackfoot descends to the ground before Manitowoc.

Zenda Blackfoot looks down at her hand and then into Manitowoc's eyes, "Have you seen my ring?"

Manitowoc glances over his shoulder at Sparta.

Sparta: Her ring, it's in the portable hole.

Sparta opens up the hole and reaches inside for the ring.

Manitowoc reaches behind his back with his hand cupped.

Sparta pulls out the ring and slides it into Manty's hand

Manitowoc produces the ring from behind his back with a flourish, "You mean this ring, my dear?"

Zenda Blackfoot smiles.

Manitowoc: Allow me.

Manitowoc slips the ring on Zenda's finger.

There is a great flash and everyone is thrown away from the couple, some even finding themselves clear on the other side of the square.

T'Krosh picks himself up, "Ouch."

Luanes scrambles to her feet.

Wintersky stands up.

Legeand stands up and dusts himself off "Ow."

Dale returns to halfling form to stand up next to Sparta.

Wintersky looks at the couple.

Celesta stands, "How did I know something like that was going to happen?"

Aifos stands and looks curiously about.

Sparta takes Dale's hand.

Elenia stands and looks about."Dang, that hurts."

The pale couple stands embracing in the center of the square when the vortex resumes is whirling.

Sparta: It won't be long now. Are you ready?

Wintersky: I think we should encircle it.

Legeand: Please tell me we do not have to hold hands and sing some silly chant.

Luanes nods and steps forward to take her place.

Nyza: Why, do you know a good chant Leggy?

Lukinvor the Bard appears behind Sparta and Dale, "It is time. State your convictions and become a conduit to the outer planes."

Dale and Sparta step up and reach out to their friends.

Nyza: The kobolds step forward to join the circle.

Wintersky moves to the circle.

Sparta: I am Sparta of Rebelton. I stand here to protect my friends, my family and my home. Let Nana and Papa pass through me to the other side.

Legeand glances at the bard, sighs, steps forward and stands in the circle like the rest.

Aifos: May I, Aifos Auravici Octavius, fulfill my destiny as protector of all dragonkind.

Elenia joins the circle.

Dale looks at Sparta lovingly and calms her thoughts.

Energy begins to flow through Sparta and then Aifos.

Dale: I am Dale, protector of Tanglewood and all natural beasts. I lend my strength to the Mantyson Clan.

Celesta: May I, Celesta Artural, aspire to the ultimate of all sensations.

Bahamut appears behind Aifos as energy pierces the dragon-blooded half-elf.

Borgose the Blue appears behind Celesta as energy flows through the archmage.

Wintersky: I stand here as Great Shaman protector of people, liberator of dragons, Bridge between this world and the next.

Alavasia the Mother appears behind Dale as energy rushes over the tiny halfling.

Hosts of Teton spirits appear behind Wintersky as a bolt of energy passes through the Great Shaman.

Ran MCXI joins the circle.

Luanes: I am Luanes Ilrya Alaphasus, paladin of Visaria the Beneficent, and I stand here with my friends to help this couple pass to the other side.

Elenia: I am Elenia, I can find a way and do what must be done!

Ran MCXI: May I, Egalem Random, see that the world exists as it should for as long as it will.

"The Billiken" appears behind the Emperor as energy pierces him.

Visaria the Beneficient appears behind Luanes as energy courses through the winged paladin.

Eins appears behind Elenia as the energy flows through her.

Nyza sensing the seriousness of the occasion, Nyza speaks her bit in Draconic.

Nyza: Nyza vethIxen, leader of hundreds of souls and yet a scion of destructive elements, is ready to choose between the two - and I will protect my kin at any cost.

Ozimius steps into the circle.

Ozimius: May I, Ozimius Khan, see to the commerce of my people, the Sajenese.

Messer the Rogue appears behind Ozimius as the energy passes through the Sajenese.

Legeand taking his sword out and stabbing it into the ground, "Let it be know, I Legeand Thre'bruell, stands here of my beliefs that no matter what has happened, what will happen, and anything yet to happen I stand here, beside my sword, Not by right of might nor power of arcane. I stand for walking my path, taking anything as it comes and dealing with it in my way. That is how it ought to be, not dancing or a puppet on strings! Nothing but myself and a blade to protect those who are my Cherished Friends!"

Armee the Father appears behind Legeand as energy crashes through the northman.

T'Krosh speaks curtly in somewhat of a contrast to the others. "I will not doubt again."

Lehnbor the Creator appears behind T'Krosh as energy bursts through the kobold.

Kurtulmak appears behind Nyza as the energy slips through the fiery elemental.

A zombie shuffles into the circle and shrieks as Zodyu the Grotesque appears behind it.

The Grotesque turns and opens a portal to Gehenna as the zombie succumbs to the energy. The God of Death then steps through and disappears.

The other deities follow suit, opening portals to their own realms.

They stand before their portals and push a small bit a energy back toward the middle of the circle where the vortex spins around the ancient halfling couple.

Another flash knocks the participants to the ground once more and when they look up, Manitowoc and Zenda float in the air above, looking as they did in the prime of their lives.

Sparta: Papa? Nana?

Sparta picks himself up again.

They open a portal above themselves and all the deities pass through their respective portals and are gone.

Silence falls upon the square.

Sparta watches them pass beyond.

Dale rises and moves behind Sparta.

Celesta: I think we just saw the ascension of two new gods?

Sparta blinks away the tears forming in his eyes.

Elenia: Hmmm.

Nyza: "You think?" Nyza doesn't seem to agree.

Sparta: What? Ascension? I thought they had passed on.

Luanes blinks, looking around.

Legeand: Is that not passing on in one way?

Wintersky looks around,

Ran MCXI: Is it not about time Halflings were represented in the Greater Pantheon?

Luanes: How wonderful!

Sparta looks lost.

Ozimius: Be careful, Sparta. You might end up a priest.

Sparta: Thank you, my friend.

Sparta: You will always be welcome at our temple.

A mischievious grin returns to Sparta.

Nyza: Hah, we'll have to build one for them now, huh? Congratulations to your family, Sparta.

A gleam of metal flashes in the sunlight and then rings as it hits the ground in the middle of the square.

Legeand: I think his robes would end up with too many stains on them.

Sparta grabs the blade as it spins upon the cobblestones.

Sparta lifts Manty's Heirloom aloft for all to see.

Sparta: He sent it back.

Luanes: Were we successful?

Dale: We're still here and The Mirror wasn't destroyed.

Dale: You did it Sparta, you rescued your Nana.

Celesta: The city is a little worse for wear, but it is still here.

Legeand: At least it can be rebuilt. unlike the lives lost.

Sparta: We did it. I couldn't have done this without all of your help.

Ran MCXI: Rebuilding will be the empire's first priority.

Sparta: Rebelton and Tangleton stand ready, we can reopen the old north road through Tanglewood.

Ran MCXI: Something that is long overdue.

Legeand: First, you think we can get some rest? It has been a long few months if you ask me.

Sparta: And I'm hungry.

Ran MCXI laughs.

Wintersky snorts.

Nyza: Hobbits.