Undecitina 5, 25-9

Post date: Mar 19, 2010 2:23:59 AM

Today was an extraordinary day; far more trying than I was imagining it would be.  Compared to what did happen, it would have been easy.  Instead, Alavasia...no, "The Billiken" during this time gave Walton a great shock.

I was deep in the library trying to avoid the giggles in Isildul's presence doing research.  I was up on a ladder in the stacks when the earth shook violently.  The earthquake caused me to fall from the ladder and miss the railing having me plummet two more floors.  My yelp was unnecessary, for my ring of feather falling took immediate effect.  It did, however, alert folks to my predicament.  I made no effort to right myself to land on my feet and landed in someone's outstretched arms as they slid across the floor, having tripped in their rush to save me.

I did not realize it was Isildul, as there were other young wizards that had moved in to affect a rescue as well.

"There is magic for this, young man," I stated, indicating the ring on my finger.

"Expeditious retreat got me this close, ma'am," Isildul's voice rose from the tangle of robes as we lie there.

He had made a heroic effort to catch me before I struck the ground, not realizing I was actually in no danger.  He probably thought he had entered that altered state of consciousness that slows everything down in life-threatening situations.

A shock went through me with the realization that he was holding me.

"Please, do help me up, will you not?" I said.

I knew he would be unable to do so without dumping me on the floor, but I allowed it anyway as he scrambled to his feet.  With profuse apologies and glares at the other wizards moving in to help get me to my feet, he lifted me and set me right.  Awkwardly, we separated as he shooed the bystanders back to their own business.  The dean, having witnessed my fall, suggested I take the rest of the day, at which I feigned protest to until Isildul offered to see me back to my inn.  We left Magus Universitatus in a torrential storm and were drenched when we finally made it to the inn.  The storm was actually quite harrowing and when we finally made it to the cover of the inn, we stood there wondering how we had managed.  I started ringing out my soaked robes and realized Isildul was just standing there watching me.

"I do not think a wall of fire will dry those out anytime soon," Isildul stated.  "There is nothing for it, but to get out of them."

I looked up at him acknowledging how ridiculous it was.

"The inn can take care of the clothes," I said. "There is a fireplace in my chambers here.  I am freezing."

I led the way through the inn to my rooms, shed our robes at the door for the waiting maid and wrapped up in dry robes before the fire.  We regarded each other for a few minutes while warming up before I began to giggle.

"What?" asked Isildul.

"Dancing...in...the...hall," I managed to get out before I was doubled-over.

"You saw that?" he said in horror, face reddening with embarrassment.

Realizing the only way to fix this and stop laughing was to just throw caution to the wind.  I slid closer to him, stifling the laughter, facing him with noses nearly touching.

"Yes," I said before initiating the fateful kiss we had been avoiding.