Hexatina 12, 1000 PC

Post date: Sep 29, 2009 3:27:26 AM

Well, I have been out on the plains north of Tanglewood for about a fortnight in the little town of Rebelton collaborating with Wintersky in enchanting a talisman for Legeand and making something special for Ozi, so he has a chance of getting away unseen when he does something irrational like attacking hordes of gnolls by himself.  I do not know if Ozi will accept the gift, but it has been a good exercise creating a cloak of vanishing nonetheless.

The wizard's tower - Aurmax's Tower in Rebelton is amazing.  It has incredible wards, which I am now able to lower in case they are triggered again, and the library, I am forced to admit, rivals Isildul's.  The monks who keep the tower have graciously offered my access to it whenever I wish as a reward for helping bring the wards down, so they would not starve to death with half the population of the town trapped within.

Most of my them has actually been spent flying out over the plains to the east of the town searching for signs of The Gaedracis and cremating piles of mangy gnoll corpses.  I have not found this as difficult as the duergar were, as these gnolls have allowed themselves to perish in the hopes they would be risen for The Gaedracis' army.  I am beginning to wonder if I will ever be rid of the stench of pyres, though.