Decitina 26, 25-9

Post date: Jan 22, 2010 11:2:19 PM

After a flamboyant entrance into Walton, facilitated by Oliveryn, we could not resist starting to explore the city.  While some of us stopped at the Old Walton Inn, the rest of us headed to the summit of the mountain and the city.  After Zodyu pointed out the Githyanki Fortress, which actually predated Zodyu, I led Nyza and T'Krosh (disguised as the halflings Athena and Friday) over to Magus Universitatus.

My excitement rose as we navigated the buildings of the renowned institution until terror took over as we entered The Hall of Mages.  There stood the young and dashing Isildul as our greeter.  To cover my terror, I focused on being the near-archmage that I am and cowed Isildul with the domineering look I had perfected in my campaign against Ezra and Hardun.  He led us to the dean as I asked and we easily gained access to the school, though Mazimur insisted that Isildul be our attendant despite my voiced misgivings.  Without wanting to succumb to my terror in front of the dean or Isildul, I quickly left causing Nyza and T'Krosh to chase after me.

We arrived back at the Old Walton Inn as Oliveryn was just beginning his performance, which was mesmerizing to all in attendance including myself.  When Oliveryn took a break, Nyza (still disguised as Athena) showed her surprising musical ability.  And of course just when everyone is enjoying themselves, something bad occurred.  A darkening sky and a chorus of roars heralded a massive attack by what seemed to be all the wyverns from within Tanglewood.

As we exited the inn to investigate, Legeand and Luanes came running toward us from further down the mountain.  The focus of the wyverns seemed to be the summit, so we all headed up.  We were confronted with the grandfather of all wyverns as we approached Castle Dal.  It swept down on us and Legend charged it.  It did not last very long as I blew a huge hole in it with a disintegrate. However, it survived long enough to seriously injure Legeand and sting Luanes.

Before we could bask in our victory, Luanes slumping in the saddle on her fading pegasus shatters my hopes for keeping our unusual group together to fulfill Isildul's dreams and find salvation for those of us who desperately need it.  Suddenly, I realized that I had not seen Wintersky since originally cresting the summit earlier in the day.  As I ran to catch Luanes who was falling now that her mount had dissolved, I screamed for Wintersky.  Where was she?  Next thing I knew, Ozimius and Zodyu appeared and Ozimius' cold sarcasm nearly got him disintegrated if not for Aifos' arrival and realization of my intent.  Wintersky finally appeared as well, restoring a small measure of hope.