Sparta's Epic Pursuits - Chapter 1

In the days following the aversion of Zenda’s cataclysm, Sparta and Dale spend much time wandering the streets of Troll’s Bridge helping to set things right again. They use their divine gifts to start to bring some natural beauty to the city.

Dale’s magic in particular is useful in repairing the city and its inhabitants. She fills jugs and casks with fresh water, mends broken doors and windows. She purifies food stores that spoilt days earlier when the Angel of Decay visited its devastation upon the city.  For buildings that are too far destroyed to safely restore, she transforms them to earth with Rock to Mud to prevent them from collapsing upon an unwary or imprudent visitor. Those in better shape she shores up with Wood Shape and Stone Shape.

Finally, after days and weeks of repair, Sparta and Dale begin planting gardens of vegetables in the Western reaches of the city that were most ravaged by the recent demonic presence. Where the old Estates and Palaces once stood, now tree lined avenues separate plots of land burgeoning with herbs and vegetables of all colors, shapes and sizes.  Dale and Sparta use Plant Growth to hasten the crop along to keep the hungry city from starving.

Eventually Sparta and Dale pause from their labors to look around and take in the fruits of their labors. They stop at the Smoking Pipe for hearty meal, a few pints of ale and to consider their future. Tun is behind the bar happily serving his patrons. Only Sparta’s sharp eyes can see the pain left by his father passing etched in the crevasses on Tun’s young face.

As the happy young Halfling couple cuddles together, with the remains of their dinner sitting nearby, Sparta turns to Dale, “We’ve been away from Tangleton and Rebelton too long. They need our devotions as much as Troll’s Bridge does. Rebelton was nearly destroyed by the Gnolls last year and Tangleton needs to get off on a good footing to make sure it doesn’t sink into the depravity that nearly toppled Troll’s Bridge.”

Dale looks perturbed at the thought of their little village suffering like Troll’s Bridge just has, but shushes Sparta nonetheless. “We’ll say our goodbyes soon enough, but we owe Tuk one last thing before we leave.”  Early the next morning Dale begins a chant in the little tavern; calling forth a Hallowed consecration and weaving it with Purify Food and Drink so that all who visit there will wonder at the fantastic meals, sparkling ciders and robust ales. After chanting the spell for a day and a night and into the next morning, Dale turns to Sparta and exhausted, collapses into his welcoming arms. “Now we can go. The Smoking Pipe will be safe for at least another year.” Sparta carries Dale back to their lodging to let her catch her rest while he make his circuit of the remaining heroes. 

He easily finds Legeand with Melora at the Fortress of Armee. He barely catches Luanes at the temple of Visaria before she rushes out upon another errand of mercy. Wintersky and Elenia are camped with the remaining Tetons outside the Zuooriri gate. Nyza and T’krosh have gone ahead to work with the Kobolds in Tangelton. Oli and Celesta are busy at work in Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos. Only Ozi remains unlocated, and yet as Sparta returns to the Inn where he and Dale have spent the last few weeks, there is a note tucked between the door and jamb. Upon the note in Ozi’s spidery script it simply reads, “Goodbye old friend”. Sparta tucks the note in a pocket before entering the room and putting out the lights.

The next day, Sparta and Dale take their leave of Troll’s Bridge and make their way north to Tangleton.