Undecitina 4, 25-9

Post date: Mar 19, 2010 2:22:50 AM

As I wrote yesterday, I was more pleasant to Isildul today...a little.  There is a palpable tension between us and I do not want to risk driving him away, so asked him to "please" retrieve a tome for me.  I did this without looking at him, keeping my attention on the reagents bubbling away in the cauldron in front of me.  He was already walking away to get his own reagents when I asked.  He gave his now customary, polite "Yes, ma'am," but suddenly stopped short.  I could feel him turn and look at me before he continued on.  I did not dare risk looking to see his expression, as I was concealing an uncontrollable smirk.

By the time he returned with the tome I had requested, I had recovered my own composure.  However, Isildul relentlessly but subtly attempted to make eye contact with me the rest of the day.  I sternly did not give him that satisfaction.  I would not have been able to keep myself from smiling. As we parted company for the day I bid him a good evening; another first, which he returned without the slightest hint of surprise.

I lingered around a corner as he sullenly stalked off, but stopped when he was certain I as too far away to hear or notice his next actions.  As I watched from a safe distance, he jumped with glee or triumph, tossing his books and papers into the air.  The magic of the school gathering his things for him as he expressed his mirth by dancing a jig and gibbering. I quickly turned and ran back to the inn, unable to suppress giggles myself.  Aifos smiled as I entered the inn with that all-to-knowing expression that is always on his face.  I just rolled my eyes at him as I rushed passed, still giggling.

Keeping a straight face tomorrow is going to virtually impossible.  Oh, well.  I will have to be my mean old self I guess. That will fly like a lead balloon.