First Night

Post date: Jun 25, 2010 5:46:37 PM

So, after the battle, I asked the blond wench if she needed help but the snooty thing didn't even answer me! No wonder she can't get a husband!

Nyza introduced herself and T'Krosh and complimented me. She seemed a little unsure about me but she was polite. Her speech mannerisms are well, cute. Sparta welcomed me and introduced me to the rest of the group and his woman, Dale. I definitely want to earn the respect of him and his mate.

Then I see this Teton beauty, Wintersky. I mean typical Teton woman with the coloring, poise and demeanor. She had the commanding look of a general that only Teton women seem to manage so easily. The second she talked to me, I was feeling like a schoolboy trying to impress his teacher! Vivex was checking out her mare, so of course, he wanted to show off for her. I can totally understand that!

Suddenly, I was surrounded by thousands of tiny bugs--but they turned out to be fey! I remembered my teachings and sat as still as possible. 

'When surrounded by many that are smaller than you, be still and harm none, so they do not hurt themselves.' My mother had said that to me a thousand times and now it served me well. 

Oh and guess who I saw again--LongSpear! I've never met anyone better with horses; but don't tell him that! His ego is more than large enough to fill a metropolis! No big surprise that the Teton woman turns out to be his sister. I had to stop Vivex from taking a bite of his horse, but then again, that's Vivex. Wintersky put LongSpear in his place, right quick and I couldn't help but laugh at that. 

Later, Nyza actually mentioned eating horses! I had to remind myself strongly to control my temper, but it wasn't easy. 

That night we had a great feast! Yet another reason, I like the Tetons. Their peace and wisdom really helped me and Vivex on our journey. When they pointed out that Vivex would roast under the hot plains in full equine armor, I was embarrassed but infinitely grateful. Anyone that puts their horse first is good people in my book. 

I left the ceremonial offering of food and then fed Vivex. The only beast in this land that matches my appetite is Vivex--I'm so proud of him! I noticed Wintersky watching me and I can't help but wonder what she was thinking. Anyway, it was a feast, so of course, I ate good!

After I stuffed my gut, I checked that everyone was occupied. 

Vivex nickered and I went to him. We went through our nightly ritual of grooming and talk. For all that he can't talk, I think Vivex is the only living creature that truly understands me. He was always big for his age-like me, ate more than the others-like me, lost his temper fast-like me, scares others with his sheer size-like me, and most of all, just wants a mutual friend that understands him-like me. 

Me and Vivex saw that snooty blond wench flying around like a butterfly against the backdrop of the moon. I know Vivex wanted to challenge Galitae, but like that snooty blond who hasn't said a single word to me, they're way out of our reach. Which is just fine with me. As long as I have Vivex and he has me, we're good.