Methyltina 1, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 12:58:25 AM

Treacherous dragon! Princess Tangle killed Iyam! But we got her back good. After a lot of arrows and a few magic missiles, she was eating the dirt harder than Iyam was. After that, another, even bigger dragon showed up - Cedarcleaver. He spoke some nonsense about "honoring Princess Tangle's deals" with us. Crazy. Even if I promised anything to Tangle, which I did not, that promise would have been made to one specific dragon, not all of them. So anyway, Cedarcleaver was scared off by an army of humans led by a half-dragon named Aifos.

Seeing as Iyam was dead, I burned his corpse in a quick flame. I told myself that it was to prevent any animation into the undead, but, looking back on it, I think I just wanted to see it ablaze. Well, the results are what matter. Now I have to find a "half-kobold" sister, Silva, that Iyam was talking about and tell her about his death. I do not like having to give bad news.