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Dodecitina 22, 999 PC

Ezra Nanz has been a nagging mysterious figure on the dark side of Redemption for several weeks.  He has been extorting, bribing, intimidating and causing mayhem in his efforts to acquire Luvian's Lute and get rid of Oliveryn.

Luvian, who returned from Kramer shortly after Oliveryn arrived in Redemption, has been a spectre thwarting Ezra's plans at every turn.  With this interference, Ezra has become increasingly frustrated and guessing correctly that Luvian is behind his failures, changed his plans in an effort to destroy Luvian.

This played into Luvian's plan to determine if Ezra was his replacement in Hardun's organization and the assassin who killed Tracyka's mother.  Tracyka participated in the plot and in the process drew our heroes into it by befriending and confiding in Ozimius.

Ezra's patience broke, but his manipulative skills garnered capturing and almost killing Tracyka, as well as catching Oliveryn and Ozimius off guard.  Fortunately for Luvian's offspring and Ozimius, a Teton shaman by the name of Wintersky, discovers the endgame and alerts the authorities.  The sheriff's actions draw the attention of Iyam, Legend, Nyza and Sparta and they come to the rescue.

Inside Luvian's house, as Luvian waits to see how things play out, our heroes quickly dispatch Ezra's lackeys.  With a concentrated effort, they manage to capture Ezra, so as to have a chance to learn what his employer, Oliveryn's grandfather, is up to.

Nyza looks for some crossbow bolts on the field. She is running out.

Sparta and Legeand are sparring and Nyza is aiming her crossbow at a practice dummy.

Suddenly, there is a commotion across the pond in the vicinity of the townhall.

Sparta: Hey, what is going on over there?

Legeand: I do not know, let us go see.

Nyza: OK.

You hear the sheriff shouting orders and before long a number of deputies lead by the sheriff are marching across the park towards the Zelmbring Gate.

Sparta: Come on, Ringo.

You make your way around the pond and follow the column of deputies.

Nyza: Nyza asks one of the deputies what is going on.

Deputy: There has been a kidnapping.

Sparta: Really? Anybody we know?

Brestis Borshae: Keep moving, deputy.

Brestis Borshae: It is Oliveryn.

Sparta: What?!

Sparta: When? Who?

Nyza: Where? We have to save him!

Brestis Borshae: I think Ezra Nanz is finally making his move.

Legeand: Looks like his poking nose is finally getting cut.

Sparta: Brestis, where are you headed?

Sparta: We need to gather up the rest of our friends to help.

Brestis Borshae: We are investigating a sighting reported to Merizae at a house near the Zelmbring Gate.

Sparta, Nyza and Legeand march along with the sheriff and his men.

Ozimius moans a little.

Ozimius: What happened?

Oliveryn: You where thrown in here with me.

Ozimius looks at his leg.

Oliveryn: Do you know who has done this.

Ozimius: Ezra! I am going to KILL him!

Ozimius looks at the tub.

Oliveryn: Ah...Ezra.

Ozimius: Tracyka!

Ozimius: Oli what happened to Tracyka?

Oliveryn: Hell if I know. I woke up and saw her bleeding...if that is her do you know her?

Oliveryn: I do not know her.

Ozimius: I know her. She is my friend.

Oliveryn: OK.

Ozimius pulls a potion from his backpack.

Oliveryn: Well, we need to get out of here.

Ozimius: Help me get this in her, Oli

Oliveryn: I already healed her with my wand.

Oliveryn: She wants to pretend. She is alright.

Ozimius pours the potion down her throat.

Oliveryn: Oh.

Oliveryn helps.

Ozimius: I wonder where the others are.

Ozimius: Oli, can you carry her?

Oliveryn: No, I am not that strong.

Oliveryn: Though I can change myself into something stronger.

Ozimius: OK. Let us get out of here and take a look.

Tracyka Duvalier: Just leave me here. I will be alright.

Ozimius: You just stay put, Tracyka.

Oliveryn raises an eye brow.

Ozimius picks the lock on the door.

Oliveryn looks out the window.

Oliveryn: Do not make too much noise...I do not think they know we are awake yet.

The lock is free, but there is something blocking it.

Ozimius tries to free the door.

The hinges are on the other side of the door.

Oliveryn: Try the window, Ozi.

Ozimius: OK, Oli.

The window to the west is partially open.

Oliveryn: How far down is it, Ozi?

Ozimius pulls out his flask of oil and pours a little on the window runners to make them silent.

Ozimius looks out the window and listens.

There does not seem to be anyone around outside this window. You can see the Zelmbring Gate in the distance.

Ozimius ties the rope to the tub.

Ozimius lowers himself out the window.

Ozimius whispers to Oli, "Stay with Tracyka."

Oliveryn: OK?

Ozimius whispers, "Wedge the door shut. I will be back for you."

Oliveryn: I will...I will try.

Ozimius whispers, "Use the rope to tie the door shut to the tub."

Oliveryn sticks his head back in and closes the window taking the rope with him to tie around the door knob.

Ozimius ducks down and puts the scorpion poison on a dagger.

Iyam finally makes it over the Crater Crystals, when he sees Legeand, Sparta and Nyza rush past.

Looking out across the pond, Iyam sees a column of deputies marching south.

Iyam: without questioning, runs after and files rank with companions.

Nyza: Iyam, there you are! Sir Oli is in trouble.

Iyam: Let us extract him from it then!

Legeand: He seems to be having all the fun without us.

Sparta: That silly bard, does not seem to know how to stay out of trouble.

The group comes into sight of a house with a warrior stationed outside the front door.

Brestis Borshae: Who is that in front of Luvian's house?

Sparta: Nobody I know, but he seems to be looking for a fight.

A previously well hidden rogue races into the side door of the house.

Sparta: Did you see that?

Nyza: Nyza burn the whole house down if it saves Sir Oli.

Sparta: Wait, Oli might be inside.

The warrior quickly enters the house as well.

Nyza sratches her head, "Oh, yeah."

Sparta: Uh oh, now we have gone and done it.

Sparta casts Magic Fang on Ringo.

Legeand readies his sword in both hands, "I am itching for a fight now."

Sparta: Let us go.

Brestis Borshae: This looks like it is beyond my deputies abilities. We will surround the place and make sure no one gets away.

Iyam focuses.

Ozimius throws the poisoned dagger at Ezra right through the window even though it is closed.

Glass breaks as Ozimius' dagger flies through the window.

A window in the front of the house breaks.

Oliveryn gets ready to cast Charm Person the first person that comes into the room.

Another window in the front of the house breaks.

Iyam: opens door and manifests Force Screen.(done)

Sparta urges Ringo to charge through the window leaping to land on the warrior to the left.

Ringo leaps through the window onto the warrior.

Ringo chomps down on the warrior's shoulder.

Sparta: As Ringo lands atop the first warrior, Sparta brings his sword down on the one next to him.

Sparta: oh, attack

Sparta slices the other warrior at the window in two.

Sparta: Yee ha!

The room that Ezra is in fills with a thick fog.

Upstairs, the door to the bathroom is wrenched open.

Oliveryn casts Charm Person on the warrior.

The warrior stands and tilts his head looking into the bathroom and smiles.

Nyza launches two glowing-white shards of force at the rogue standing in the window.

The rogue in the window falters as he is hit with the magical force.

Legeand stabs the staggered rogue in the face with Petals of the Wind.

The rogue drops to the floor just below the window.

Another warrior steps up to Sparta and swings at him, but misses.

A warrior stabs at Legeand through the window and glances off Legeands armor.

Ozimius throws in the thunderstone.


The warrior attacked by Ringo tries to strike back, but misses.

The warrior spins as Iyam moves behind him and slices Iyam with a bastard sword.

Iyam takes a sing unbalanced by the hit and misses.

Sparta: Ringo bites at the warrier we're standing on

Ringo attacks, but cannot get a good angle at which to bite the warrior.

Sparta swings at the other warrior.

Sparta bounces his greatsword off the warrior's shield.

Oliveryn: Open the door.

Oliveryn walks out and starts to sing, to inspire his courage around him.

Oli stands in a bed room. There is a closed door on the north wall.

Oliveryn orders the guard to make a path for him to leave the building.

The warrior opens the door into a hallway and leads you towards some stairs.

Nyza fires another two unerring bolts of force through the window.

Legeand: Carefull! I would like my face intact!

Nyza: Nyza IS being careful! You lucky she does not burn the air you stand in.

More magical projectiles strike the warrior and send him back into the house.

The rogue misses an attack on Legeand that opened up as he enters the house.

The rogue staggers at the chop by Legeand.

The warrior whirls around and slices Iyam again.

The rogue feints, but fails to make contact with his attack and falls unconscious.

The warrior continues to try to beat Ringo away from him.

Ozimius: Ezra! Come out or burn, I will count from 3.

Ozimius: 3

Ozimius: 2

Ozimius: 1

Ozimius throws in the flask of oil.

Nyza: ...{was that ozi?}

Sparta: Get him, Iyam!

Iyam opens up the warrior's skull.

Someone taps Ozimius on the shoulder.

Luvian Witson: Please do not light my house on fire.

Ozimius whirls, drawing his poisoned sword.

Ozimius: Who the hell are you!

Luvian Witson: Oli's dad.

Luvian Witson: Shhhhh.

Ozimius: Where are you!

Luvian Witson: Nevermind, is Ezra in there.

Ozimius: Say out of the way. I need to kill him.

Luvian Witson: We cannot have you doing that, but go ahead and give it your best shot. I will stay out of the way...for the moment.

Sparta: OK, Ringo, you will get him this time,

Ozimius shrugs.

Sparta hits the warrior with his greatsword.

The warrior slumps in the corner unconscious.

Oli is on the staircase.

Oliveryn: Go over to that man over there (points to Iyam) and place yourself to be tied up.

The charmed warrior complies.

Nyza moves to get a better vantage point.

Legeand opens the door to see into the next room.

Nyza waves at Ozimius.

Sparta: Oli, I am so glad you are not dead!

Ozimius grins and waves back.

Oliveryn: Yeah, me too.

Ozimius motions for Nyza to watch the other window.

Ezra appear in the window and skewers Ozimius, then moves back in.

Luvian Witson: That worked well.

Ozimius: That bastard dies now!

Ozimius lights his lantern and throws it at Ezra.

Nyza watches gleefully in approval of Ozimius.

The lit lantern flies through the window and promptly goes out.

Ozimius: Burn him, Nyza!

Luvian Witson: Do not bother. That room will not burn.

Nyza: ... Who is HE?

Ozimius: Screw the room. Burn Ezra!

Sparta: Iyam, I have rope.

Iyam takes the rope and ties up warrior.

Luvian Witson: Have fun.

Sparta attempts to open the door in front of him and barge in, but the door is locked.

Sparta tries to break it down with my sword.

Sparta's sword rings against the door.

Sparta: Ow!

Sparta: Oli, you any good with locks?

Oliveryn: Not that I know of...I can knock for you.

Sparta: I just knocked with my sword, to no avail

Nyza's fingertips glow as she points at the assassin.

One missile breaks a pane of glass and the other strikes Ezra.

Legeand charges at the door and crashes into it. It cracks, but holds. Legeands falls prone.

Legeand: Ow...

Sparta: Wow, it hurt when I hit it with my sword. Cannot image using my head.

Ezra turns and fires an arrow at Nyza and hits.

Nyza: Yelp!

Ozimius ignores his wounds and dives in the room, striking at Ezra.

Ozimius attacks using poisoned sword.

Sparta: I will get out of the way

Iyam manifests Vigor.

Luvian Witson: Take the key.

Luvian flings a key to Oliveryn.

Sparta: Where did he come from?!

Sparta and Ringo leap back through the window and turn back towards the house.

Sparta: Look out Nyza, I am going in.

Oliveryn puts the key in the lock and opens the door.

Ozimius: Do not let Ezra get away!

Oliveryn starts singing to help inpsire his companions.

Nyza: One second, Sparta

Magical projectiles slam into Ezra.

Nyza: Hmph, this does not feel the same.

Petals in the Wind glances off some odd force.

Ezra whirls around and skewers Legeand and then flips his rapier around and stabs Ozimius without turning around and drops Ozimius.

Iyam manifests a power.

Sparta: At Sparta's urging, Ringo runs and leaps through the broken window to attack Ezra.

Ringo tears into Ezra's leg.

Sparta: and sparta swings

Oliveryn: Seeing that the room is crowded, he is going to keep on singing to inspiring his party.

Nyza draws her longspear as she moves to the other window, then fires another volley of missiles.

The volley of missiles knocks Ezra off his feet and he lands on the floor unconscious.

Luvian Witson: I am impressed!

Nyza looks relieved that she will not have to use the spear.

Legeand: Finish him off?

Sparta: Nice shooting, Nyza!

Sparta: No.

Sparta: Tie him up.

Legeand: This a lot of trouble for just messing us up.

Nyza (frowning): Thanks! But he is unburnt, so it is not much of a victory.

Luvian Witson: Smart suggestion, halfling.

Luvian Witson: You better take care of Ozi there.

Sparta: Here, Ozi. Drink this. Sparta pours a Cure Light Wounds potion down Ozimius' throat.

Oliveryn looks stunned to see his...his father.

Sparta: Better strip Ezra of his weapons and search him good.

Sparta: He probably has some secreted away.

Ozimius stirs.

Luvian Witson: No doubt. I do.

Ozimius looks around and sees Ezra.

Sparta: Easy there, Ozi.

Ozimius: Easy!?

Ozimius: He needs to die.

Sparta: We got him.

Sparta: All in good time.

Luvian Witson: He has too many questions to answer.

Ozimius draws Imhiakaams' Gift.

Ozimius: He needs to die!

Sparta: Later.

Luvian Witson: I will kill you where you stand.

Ozimius laughs.

Luvian Witson: My son needs him a live.

Oliveryn: Do not do it, Ozi.

Sparta: We need information from him now.

Ozimius: You will not be the first to claim that.

Sparta: Your turn will come.

Ozimius looks at Sparta.

Ozimius: Fine, but I get to kill him. My way. No interuptions! Deal?

Sparta: When the time comes, I will not even watch.

Ozimius: Deal or no?

Sparta: Oli?

Nyza: Nyza ignores the conversation about Ezra. She walks over to the tied up prisoner.

Luvian Witson: He will be executed as some point. But it probably will be in Troll's Bridge.

Ozimius: I will kill him!

Luvian Witson: NO! YOU WILL NOT!

Oliveryn: We shall see what my father thinks is correct.

Ozimius slams Imhiakaam's Gift into the sheath and stalks off to get Tracyka.

Sparta whispers to Ozi, "We can escort him to Troll's Bridge and he can have a little accident."

Ozimius ignoring Luvian.

Iyam inspects the rug.

Legeand moves and sits in the chair, feeling worn.

Nyza: (whisper to Oliveryn) Psst, are you sure he is your father? We have seen illusions before.

Oliveryn: I believe him.

Nyza: *heehee* So is he a king then, if you are a prince?

Oliveryn: No, he was married to a noble lady of a major house. He is no king.

Nyza looks disappointed. "Oh."

Luvian Witson: So, there is still a condition to be met, but we should rescue your sister first.

Oliveryn: Yeah...almost makes me not a prince...only thing is...their are no heirs besides me.

Oliveryn: Sister?

Luvian Witson: Tracyka is my daughter. You are half-siblings.

Oliveryn is dumb founded.

Oliveryn sits down on the closest seat.

Ozimius pulls Tracyka carefully from the tub, being careful of her wounds, giving her his last Cure Light Wounds potion

Tracyka Duvalier: Thank you, Ozi.

Ozimius smiles at Tracyka.

Tracyka Duvalier: I think I can walk now.

Ozimius: My pleasure. Your father is downstairs. He and I had an argument. You go down now, I will wait up here.

Tracyka Duvalier: Do not mind Luvian, you will get your chance.

Ozimius smiles maiciously.

Ozimius: I know.

Tracyka Duvalier: He is used to getting his way.

Ozimius: Now go.

Tracyka Duvalier: Sorry he felt he had to do that. See you in a little while.

Ozimius sits on the edge of the tub and watches Tracyka leave.

Tracyka gingerly makes her way down stairs.

Sparta: Hey look, it is a reunion. Time for a spanferkel!

Oliveryn: My...sister?

Luvian Witson: Oliveryn meet Tracyka, Tracyka meet Oliveryn.

Tracyka Duvalier: Hello, brother.

Oliveryn: Yeah...I met her a couple of minutes ago...healed her wounds...

Oliveryn: Hi.

Ozimius sits on the tub, pouring his last poison dose of drow poison on Imhiakaam's Gift

The sheriff pokes his head in.

Brestis Borshae: Is everyone alright?

Oliveryn: Yes, no thanks to you.

Sparta: Getting better.

Legeand: No, we died horribly.

Oliveryn laughs.

Luvian Witson: We have a prisoner for you.

Nyza: Nyza curses in Draconic and points to the arrow still lodged in her shoulder.

Sparta: But, Ozi is a little worse for wear.

Oliveryn: Two actually.

Oliveryn: I charmed a guard.

Oliveryn smiles...his teeth sparkle.

Sparta: Hey, Oli, sorry to break up the reunion. Can you toss me the wand? I think Nyza needs some help.

Nyza: No, it is not bad. Me just need to rest a day.

Brestis Borshae: OK, I will have the deputies bring them in.

Oliveryn: Anyone need some healing?

Sparta: Just as well, I am still pretty new to this whole spell casting thing.

Legeand: Nothing a night of booze cannot handle.

Nyza: Oh, you cast spells now?

Sparta: Seemed to work pretty well on Ringo, though.

Sparta: I am learning.

Nyza: Nyza knows several good books of arcane lore if you wish to see them.

Sparta: I am not sure it works like that.

Sparta: Lukinvor gave me my first spell.

Oliveryn stands up and walks over to his father.

Oliveryn: I think this is yours.

Oliveryn hands over the lute.

Sparta: Now I meditate each morning and get a new one.

Ozimius quietly slips downstairs and into the room they fought Ezra, looking for his dagger.

Nyza: Lukinvor? Who is that? A master wizard?

Sparta: No, she is the goddess my family worships.

Luvian takes the lute.

Nyza looks terribly confused.

Sparta: Yeah, I know how you feel.

Oliveryn: I need some answers father.

Luvian strums a few chords and the room lights up.

Nyza: Kurtulmak does not give Nyza any magic, even when she did pray to him briefly.

Sparta: It is not exactly prayer, not like the priests at the temple do anyway.

Oliveryn: I saw a man dealing with a demon/devil that works for or used to worth for grandfather.

Legeand: Getting up Legeand streches, "Well, I am not much to ruin your reunion, but this place it a bit crowded for me." with a smirk he walks outside getting soem fresh air.

Oliveryn: Is grandfather up to something I do not know about?

Ezra Nanz