Dodecitina 22, 999 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 12:57:0 AM

I thought it was just Ozimius who was caught up with thieves and devils, but it seems I had overlooked Oliveryn. This morning, the Redemption guards mustered to search for Oli. They said he was kidnapped by Ezra - another softskin thief. Of course, my first instinct was to save him! Oli may not be the best fighter, but he has always been a loyal friend to me.

We found the house Oli was being held at and immediately launched an attack. Sadly, this meant I could not put any of my fire magic to use - it would have meant burning down the whole house, Oliveryn included. But no matter; the environment was rich with targets for my magic missiles. I stayed outside about the entire time, firing through doors and windows. I can be honest with myself; fighting hand-to-hand doesn't suit me even a little. Sparta, Ozi, Legeand, and Iyam, on the other hand, were more than happy to hack a path through the kidnappers. Oliveryn turned out to be conscious, and he managed to twist the mind of one of his captors, much like one of my spells is capable of.

While I was recovering from the wound inflicted by Nagav, my friends fought with T'Krosh once more. I am sorry I missed the fight; I would have very much liked to get the chance to convince him to stop following me. I may get that chance eventually since the witchdoctor eluded capture once again. In the meantime, I asked the sheriff of Redemption to let me know when T'Krosh turns up again. I don't even want him dead, but he keeps pressing the issue.