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Pentatina 19, 1000 PC

As part of Oliveryn's welcome back to Troll's Bridge and becoming the head of House Chicdell, a formal ball is arranged to be hosted by Morrisul Groves V at his estate.  This risky proposition plays into many factions current plans to disgrace House Groves and rid it of its current leader.

The affair begins as is typical with the arrival of guests and the introductions of the new House leader by the hosting House leader.  Then, dinner is served and this is when problems begin.  All of the food has been poisoned with arsenic and it makes many of the guests ill.  Those affected the worst, including Nyza, are treated and no deaths occur, but dinner ends leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

After the guest get some fresh air, it begins to rain.  Filling the ballroom, Morrisul formally begins the dance.  The dance proceeds uneventfully until several assassins make themselves known and begin to focus on not only Oliveryn, but all of his companions.  While our heroes deal with the assassins, Morrisul is finally taken by Asmodeus' minion, Imhiakaam, after he commits suicide in disgrace for having betrayed his House's patron, Dispater.

Before Morrisul had completely given up, he called upon Dispater to send one of his assassins to finally destroy his rival, Oliveryn.  A dogai appears as the final mortal assassin falls, but it does not even get a chance to approach Oliveryn before Wintersky's holy wrath sends it back to Baator.

The day of the formal ball hosted at the Groves estate has arrived.

Preparations to survive what seems to be a fairly dangerous event begin.

Sparta: Oli, do you think Groves will try to poison you at dinner?

Oliveryn: Most likely he will try some way in which he can deny all possible wrong-doing in the matter.

Legeand: So, he plans for a star to fall on you?

Wintersky: Nah, he will probably just summon a succubus.

Miqulius: Balis is keeping an eye on Groves as well.

Miqulius nods.

Sparta: That sounds more like a fate for Ozi.

Ozimius: I would not worry too much, Oli.

Legeand: I need to dress up like a stuffed pheasant or is my shined armor going to be enough?

Oliveryn: I have a feeling, though, that he does not want anything to point back to him, but at the same time many other houses wish the fall of House Groves, so it could come from any House that is in attendance.

Susana enters the room where our heroes' discussion is taking place.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: Getting ready for tonight?

Sparta: It is a formal event, but I am planning to wear my armor.

Wintersky: We are trying to.

Oliveryn: Yes, we are mother or at least I am.

Wintersky: I will wear my armor too.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: Posing as Oliveryn's guard is perfectly appropriate.

Sparta: I do not think it will take much posing.

Sparta: There will be trouble tonight.

Legeand: Good, because I am not one for looking pompous as a offense.

Ozimius: There will be others there as well. I am not too concerned.

Oliveryn: Will Lady Morisle be acompanying me, mother?

Susana Chicdell-Witson: Yes, if you wish.

Oliveryn: Good, she knows more about the poltical movement here then anyone.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: It would not hurt to show an interest in Lady Morisle from a political standpoint.

Oliveryn: Yeah, I know mother. You have told me a million times.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: Based on talk, she may need as much protection as you tonight.

Oliveryn continues to fix his new suit in the full length mirror.

Sparta: You got a sweetheart, Oli?

Oliveryn: I will keep closer to well as my....guards.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: Would not say...a sweetheart. There is no "sweetness" about her.

Wintersky shiftweaves into her fanciest outfit.

Sparta: Close to you may not be the safest place tonight.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: It probably seems like an arrangement at this point.

Oliveryn: She lives the life of a noble, something I doubt I can handle much longer.

Oliveryn puts on a sour smile.

Susana Chicdell-Witson smiles.

Sparta: Much longer? You just started?

Oliveryn: I have lived the life of a noble, Sparta, ever since I was born, but I have grown to love life without the political purposes behind them.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: That is OK. We have plans to free you from this way of life in the not too distant future, do we not.

Oliveryn: Yes...yes we do.

Sparta: Well, what else do we need to do to get ready?

Sparta: Any spells to cast, potions to quaff?

Oliveryn: I wish I had a strong glass of whisky, if that is the potion you are talking about.

Preparations continue and vials of antitoxin are gathered, one for each member associated with Oliveryn's party.

Wintersky: My spells are too short-lived to be cast now.

Sparta: Will the ball be indoors?

Balis invisibly whispers in Ozimius' ear, "Going in the shadows or in the open?"

Ozimius whispers, "I will stay in the open and Miqulius will stay hidden. I hope you plan to attend, my dear."

Susana Chicdell-Witson: It will be held in the ballroom in Grove's manor.

Wintersky: What about weapons? Is it poor form to come armed to the teeth?

Balis Sphinx: I would not miss this for the world.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Excellent.

Legeand: I think I might not come armed to the teeth, but rather close if I can.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: Rapiers, cinquedas, daggers are appropriate.

Sparta: Not greatswords?

Susana Chicdell-Witson: Guards can carry whatever they want.

Wintersky: I want to bring my bow.

Sparta frowns.

Oliveryn: And, of course my lute.

Oliveryn: You think they will want me to play a song tonight?

Ozimius (mumbles): Only if they are tone deaf.

Sparta: Oh great, let us put him up on stage.

Ozimius grins.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: I am sure Morrisul will ask you to peform, Oliveryn.

Wintersky: I think they can try to pry my bow out of my hands.

Sparta: Does Morrisul keep any pets? Dogs or such?

Wintersky: Vampires, I believe.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: There are dog on the estate. He might bring some of the more intimidating members of his mengarie however.

Sparta: That will do.

Ozimius: There is nothing wrong with the Undead. They make wonderful pets Wintersky. They eat rarely, are clean, they smell a bit but.....

Legeand (chucking): So, he is bringing his family then.

Sparta: Maybe I can get a moment alone with one of them and learn a secret or two.

Oliveryn: From what I can tell, if they are skeletons and their bones were licked clean, they will not smell.

Oliveryn: At least that is what I was told.

Wintersky scowls at Ozimius.

Ozimius: True, Oli, very true.

Ozimius grins.

Susana Chicdell-Witson raises an eyebrow.

Wintersky: I guess I am bringing my mace too.

Wintersky: Perhaps I will even put on some war paint and really be exotic.

Oliveryn waves for a bulter to see if Morisle as arrived.

Nyza pops in.

Oliveryn moves to draw his blade as Nyza appears out of nowhere.

Wintersky: Hey, Nyza, good to see you.

Oliveryn: Do not scare me like that.

Nyza: And you, Ms. Sky!

Nyza: Why? Did more assassins kill you while Nyza go away?

Oliveryn: No...just a little nervous about tonight. I have a feeling something is going to happen.

Wintersky: Not yet. We are trying for tonight.

Sparta: Howdy, Nyza.

Ozimius nods to Nyza.

Ozimius: Nyza, did you still need to talk to me at some point?

Legeand: So, where were you, Nyza? Have not seen you for the last while.

Nyza: Hmm, maybe. Me want help with something, but Nyza contract the work out.

Oliveryn sits down on the couch putting on his formal boots.

Oliveryn: So, T'Krosh how are you liking the city so far?

Nyza: In the Tanglewood, actually. Nyza lead many kobolds in digging out a new home.

Ozimius frowns.

Sparta: Why pay for help? You know we would be happy to help you.

Ozimius: In the future, contact me at the Blood Cloth Inn, Nyza. I have friends there.

Ozimius grins.

Legeand: Ah, getting that town ready?

Oliveryn takes T'Krosh's silence to his question that he is not liking Troll's Bridge.

T'Krosh: The humans do not welcome me with open arms, if that answers anything.

Ozimius frowns at T'Krosh.

Ozimius: Some humans T'Krosh, but not all.

Oliveryn: I am human, I have opened my arms, my house and even my alcohol to you.

Oliveryn winks.

Nyza: It is a long story, Sparta, but part of it is that me want to expose humans to kobolds when possible.

Nyza: And, that is what the work entails.

Nyza: We go out tonight? Where to?

Oliveryn: We are heading to a formal ball, Nyza.

T'Krosh: At the mention of the contracting, T'Krosh taps Nyza on the shoulder, pulls her aside and whispers something to her.

Nyza: A moment passes before the kobolds rejoin the others.

Oliveryn finishes tying his boots in the process.

Nyza: Hm, maybe my plan fail? The humans I hire disappear beneath the city.

Sparta: Beneath?

Nyza: They investigate some deep dwarves that threaten a nearby kobold burrow.

Legeand: Sounds like some nasty business.

Ozimius: Might be something we need to look into, Nyza.

Balis Sphinx enters the room in her formal finery.

Ozimius grins at Balis.

Nyza recalls her quick fight with the young adventurers.

Ozimius takes Balis' arm.

Nyza: Could be. Nyza overestimate them a tad much, perhaps.

Sparta: I would not mind talking to some dwarves.

Nyza: Will the ball last long? Such as, all night?

Oliveryn: Most likely.

T'Krosh: They were getting quite good, surviving well.

Balis Sphinx: They last until morning sometimes.

Nyza: Ok, well... Oli, your safety means more to me, yes? The human-adventurers can hold on for a few hours.

T'Krosh: They have been missing for almost a week already. They are lost or dead.

Nyza: T'Krosh is always so positive!

Ozimius grins.

Nyza: Remember when Ozimius is kidnapped for many weeks?

Oliveryn: Nyza, if you help me, you can always count on me helping you.

Nyza: Oh wait, you were not there. Well he was and he live.

Legeand: If at all, after this ball, I am free enough to help you, Nyza.

Wintersky: Well, are we ready?

Nyza: Um... is it okay if me attend as Nyza? Or is a dancing kobold too strange for the ball?

Ozimius: Dance, Nyza. If they do not like it, we can take care of that soon enough.

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky paints a red and a white bar on each cheek.

Nyza: Haha, good!

Susana Chicdell-Witson: I think you should go as yourself, Nyza.

Sparta: That settles it.

Legeand: Politically or personally you think?

Ozimius pulls Balis close.

Nyza changes into her finest. T'Krosh has no "finest", but he manages to make a halfway-suitable illusion.

Ozimius whispers, "If I give you some poison, can you get it on to something Groves will touch?"

Balis Sphinx pecks Ozimius on the cheek.

Balis Sphinx: Can do.

Wintersky rolls her eyes.

Ozimius slips his hand into Balis'.

Ozimius slides her a vial of Dragon Bile.

Ozimius returns her kiss and grins.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: Let us be off then.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: The carriages await.

Wintersky: Do you think they would object to Cinder dancing.

Ozimius bursts out laughing.

Nyza: Heh, they might pay to see it even!

Wintersky: I will ride along side.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: It will be too crowded for even a Teton's horse.

Oliveryn: I am guessing Lady Morisle will meet me there.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: She just arrived.

Wintersky: Oh, do not worry about that. Cinder can always make room.

Oliveryn nods.

Melizza Morisle sweeps into the room.

Melizza Morisle: Good evening, Oli, my dear. Are you ready for tonight?

Oliveryn bows slightly to her.

Oliveryn: Yes, I am.

Oliveryn holds out his arm.

Melizza Morisle curtsies.

Melizza Morisle takes his arm.

Oliveryn follows the others out with Lady Morisle at his arm.

Susana Chicdell-Witson: It is time.

Sparta looks between Oliveryn and Ozimius.

Wintersky: Oli, you cad, tell her she looks beautiful.

Sparta: Yeesh, spring must be in the air.

Ozimius grins at Sparta and heads out.

Nyza sniffs and looks disappointed.

Wintersky: Are you riding Ringo?

Sparta: I was not planning on it.

Sparta: He does not dance very well.

Oliveryn: She knows that I know she looks beautiful.

Oliveryn blushes a little.

A procession of carriages winds towards the Groves estate as the nobles of Troll's Bridge converge for the night's events.

Wintersky: I guess that I will be our lone guard then. Cinder is not coming in.

Wintersky: It never hurts to tell a lady that.

Oliveryn (murmurs): You are starting to act like my mother.

Legeand: Just be careful she does not stab you in the back.

The long line of carriages slowly drops off nobles from all the Council of Houses.

Oliveryn steps out of one of the carriages and holds his hand out to help Lady Morisle.

Wintersky dismounts with a flourish.

Security is very present, especially upon the arrival of Oliveryn's carriage.

Nyza: Who do we owe the guards to, me wonder?

Oliveryn digs into his jacket pocket and pulls out his invitation that his mother put there.

All parties arrive for the ball without incident and the festivities begin.

Oliveryn holds it out for the butler.

Sparta looks the guards up and down and sniffs.

Oliveryn: This is for me and my entourage.

Ozimius nods to Miqulius.

Miqulius moves into the shadows, keeping watch.

Cliques of nobles form throughout the manor's dining room and ballroom and guards look one another over suspiciously before dinner is served.

Sparta looks about for any animals.

Wintersky stays near Oliveryn.

Oliveryn pulls out a chair for Lady Morisle.

Aristocrats of all sorts make their obligatory introductions to Oliveryn and Morrisul.

Morrisul Groves: Welcome, Oliveryn, to my estate.

Oliveryn nods slightly, just enough to meet custom.

Oliveryn: Great to be here.

Oliveryn smiles warmly.

Wintersky watches for any animosity.

Morrisul Groves: I hope you enjoy the night. I assured your grandfather that your safety was the first priority.

Ozimius seats Balis next to him, where they can both keep an eye on things.

Oliveryn: Thank you, Lord Groves. I know my grandfather would hate to be disappointed in you.

Oliveryn smiles coldly.

Wintersky stands guard behind Oliveryn.

Legeand: Legeand just stands nearby, looking half-asleep

Oliveryn steps in front of Lady Morisle.

Nyza looks for a waiter.

Oliveryn: What is on your mind, Lord Groves?

Nyza: Nyza will have the roast duck with the mango salsa.

Morrisul Groves: This is your night, my prince. Enjoy the attention if you will.

Wintersky quietly chants and casts Warning.

Oliveryn: Maybe you should stay close to me tonight, Lord Groves, I would hate to not know someone that you could have introduced me to.

Ozimius looks at Wintersky, his expression quesitoning.

Morrisul Groves genuinely smiles and appears to relax.

Oliveryn leans in close to Groves to whisper something.

Oliveryn: We would really hate to upset my grandfather now, would we not?

Oliveryn smiles.

Morrisul Groves nods.

Wintersky glances at Lord Groves grimacing. then quickly looks away.

Oliveryn: Good. So, how long have you had this mansion?

Sparta wanders away from the conversation looking for household pets.

Nyza is oblivious to the politics and sensing of motives. She eats meat stuffed with meat and then she dances.

Morrisul Groves: It was build by my great-great-grandfather and finished almost a century ago.

Morrisul Groves: It is the newest of the estates.

Oliveryn: It looks really nice. I am glad you were able to host this for me. Your ball room is quite...breath taking.

Morrisul Groves: Why, thank you.

Oliveryn turns around and brings Lady Morisle up next to him.

Oliveryn: I am sure you have met Lady Morisle.

Pleasantries are exchanged between Morrisul and Melizza.

T'Krosh does not seem very concerned with the party or even with protecting Oliveryn. From a distance, he watches Nyza and those around her.

The procession continues into the dining room and dinner is served.

Sparta tries to befriend one of the rottweilers.

Oliveryn now pulls out a chair for Lady Morisle to sit at.

Wintersky still stands behind and to the side of Oliveryn, not partaking in the banquet.

Oliveryn takes a seat assigned to him and next to Lady Morisle.

Ozimius makes occasional eye contact with Miqulius, keeping tabs on him

Ozimius looks Balis in the eyes, wondering if she made her delivery.

Nyza: Umf!

Nyza: Uggh, me eat too fast... Nyza need to lie down...

Ozimius: Not feeling well, Nyza?

A number of people at the tables become ill, including Nyza.

Nyza pukes violently on Ozimius' feet.

Ozimius: Nyza!

Oliveryn looks at Groves.

Oliveryn: Why is everyone sick?

Ozimius: That just is not done in polite company!

Oliveryn: Or some.

Wintersky runs to Nyza.

Morrisul Groves: I have no idea. My testers are alright.

Ozimius kicks the vomit from his boot

Ozimius eyes Groves.

T'Krosh takes notice and approaches Nyza.

Legeand: Hmm...

Sparta gets near Oliveryn in the hullabaloo.

Oliveryn: It looks like someone has poisoned the food, my Lord.

T'Krosh inspects Nyza and those around her with a spell.

Oliveryn: food*

Wintersky casts Panacea upon Nyza.

T'Krosh casts Detect Poison and finds all the food in view is poisoned.

Ozimius (sarcastically): Hmm. I feel just fine. You Lord Groves?

Morrisul Groves: I am queezy, myself.

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky continues casting with Restoration.

Morrisul Groves (angrily): This is no good. This is a disaster.

Legeand: You should hire new chefs, such bad food upsetting so many stomachs.

Nyza glances at Wintersky, but she is too queasy to answer.

Ozimius: Perhaps a walk in the night air would help everyone. Especially, you Lord Groves.

Oliveryn: Yes, let us not eat anymore.

Legeand: Hmm, I was hoping for at least dessert.

Sparta: Mmm, dessert. Maybe it should wait until we get home.

Oliveryn: The dessert would have been the secondary poison that would have reacted to the first one we ate.

Oliveryn: Just a guess.

Legeand: But it added such a wonderful flavor.

Ozimius: Slight hint of almonds.

Ozimius grins.

Nyza: Uggh...but the first meal is pretty terrible... as is...

Sparta: Ahhh, Le Chocolate Bomb Surprise.

Wintersky: Nyza has anything helped?

Nyza: Not so much...

Oliveryn steps back into the main ballroom. In view of his friends.

Sparta: Stay close, Oli.

Sparta: Do not want any other nasties thinking they can take a stab at you.

With Wintersky's spell, Nyza recovers.

Nyza stands to her feat and wipes her mouth.

Nyza: Oh, that is much better. Thank you much!

Ozimius: I will send you the bill for the cleaning off these boots, Nyza.

The dining room clears our and the guest make their way to patios and lawn outside the ballroom.

Nyza: What boots?

Ozimius frowns at Nyza as he heads outside, keeping an eye on Miqulius.

A number of House priests perform the same service for other guests as Wintersky did for Nyza and things settle down.

Nyza: Er, wait, Ozi! It was a joke, yes? Nyza pay!

Nyza follows Ozimius outside.

Legeand meanders his way out.

Wintersky follows Oliveryn.

Miqulius moves outside and patrols the shadows around the party.

Sparta stays at Oliveryn's side.

Oliveryn leads Melizza Morisle into the patio.

Oliveryn: I hope you did not get sick?

It has grown dark and the weather is turning to rain, so before long, the guest begin heading back into the ballroom as rain begins to fall.

The fresh air seems to have raised the spirit of those who were poisoned and the guests gather in the ballroom to await the dance.

Oliveryn positions himself next to Melizza Morisle, waiting for the music to start.

Morrisul moves to the head of the ballroom and strikes a gong there to get the crowd's attention.

Nyza decides to sit this one out, having lost the mood for dancing.

Morrisul Groves: Welcome to my humble and unfortunately envenomed home.

Wintersky looks for a vantage point to see everything.

Sparta is still at Oliveryn's side.

Morrisul Groves falters momentarily.

Ozimius grins.

Morrisul Groves regains is composure for the most part.

Morrisul Groves: Let the music and dancing begin.

Ozimius looks for Balis to take his arm.

Oliveryn holds out his hand for Melizza Morisle to take.

Oliveryn: Mind if we dance?

Melizza gladly obliges.

A troupe of bards begins to play a familiar dancing tune and the guests begin to dance.

Wintersky stands on a chair to see over the guests.

The ballroom is quite crowded and the dancing is organized to allow for the cramped quarters.

Oliveryn dances with the music.

The night of dancing and mingling proceeds.

Ozimius dances with Balis.

Miqulius watches the crowd.

Sparta tries to keep out from under foot.

People come and go and all are enjoying themselves when there is a scream from the west side of the ballroom near the patio doors.

Oliveryn stops dancing to see what the matter is.

Sparta: Here we go again.

Miqulius looks to the scream.

Nyza rises with a start.

Ozimius draws his weapon.

People begin to rush for the doors as assassin throw their cloaks to the side.

Legeand draws his sword.

Legeand: Come, let me see how well you can dance with swords!

Assassins begin to advance through the escaping guests, intent on their targets.

Balis threads her way back through door near Sparta.

A large space opens around Oliveryn as guests retreat.

Oliveryn looks around the ballroom and casts Invisibility upon himself.

Legeand flies into a rage focusing on demoralizing a nearby assassin and step up to him and slashing him with his steelisin weapon.

T'Krosh conjures a wave of fear on the nearest assassin, but it does not seem to phase him.

Miqulius advances on the assassin near him and catches him off guard.

The assassin attacked by Miqulius turns, strikes, but misses.

Nyza begins summoning something a large fiendish monstrous scorpion from her robe.

Ozimius advances on a nearby assassin as strikes.

An assassin attacks T'Krosh, but misses.

Sparta draws his great sword and taps Groves on the knees.

Sparta: Call off your assassins or surrender your family jewels!

Groves vanishes as if he was an illusion.

Wintersky casts Righteous Might shared with SnowShadow. They both double their size.

SnowShadow pounces on the nearest assassin.

Mask teleports into the middle of the ballroom, blue flames engulfing her.

An assassin attacks, but misses Ozimius.

Ozimius grins at his attacker.

A screech eminates from the door near Sparta.

Ozimius: Sparta! Check on that sound! See to Balis' safety, please!

Sparta: You betcha, Ozi.

Another assassin misses Ozimius.

A ripping sound eminates from the door near Sparta.

The ripping sound is followed by a cackling laugh.

Ozimius looks at Sparta, concerned for Balis.

Oliveryn casts Silent Image and creates an exact image of himself at the south entrance.

Sparta looks torn between running to help Oliveryn and stopping whatever evil is going on in the adjacent room.

As assassin squints at Legeand trying to hit him unsuccessfully.

Legeand weighs into an assassin near him slashing him viciously with his sword.

Legeand: begins laughing manicly "Is that all? Is this all you have? I will slaughter all of you!"

T'Krosh steps back and smites the attacker with a spell.

Two assassins drop in quick succession.

Miqulius continues his assault on the assassin facing him.

An assassin advances on Mask and attacks, but misses and takes damage from the aura of fire around her.

Another assassin attempts to attack Legeand, but misses.

An assassin attempts to hit Miqulius.

The monstrous scorpion summoned by Nyza appears in the middle of the ballroom and attacks the assassin threatening Mask.

Nyza: Ahaha! Go scorpion, poison the poisoners!

Nyza: While the scorpion attacks, Nyza launches a flame ray at the assassin.

The assassin bursts into flames and falls.

Ozimius thrusts his rapier at an assassin facing him piercing him.

Ozimius: Sparta, what about Balis?!

Sparta: I am going, I am going, you protect Oliveryn.

Sparta ignites his greatsword and runs to the door.

Sparta: Ozi, I cannot open the door.

Sparta: It is locked.

Ozimius: Damn! Come help me! I will see to the door!

SnowShadow pounces an assassin near Ozimius, shreading him while an arrow from Wintersky hit each of two other assassins, dropping one of them.

Ozimius nods to Wintersky in thanks.

Mask's scorching ray torches Miqulius' attacker.

Wintersky grins ferally.

Another shriek from behind the door.

Nyza is positively most certainly not jealous.

Sparta pounds on the door with the hilt of his sword.

Imhiakaam (from behind the door): Ha, ha, ha! You are Asmodeus' now!

Mask turns and looks back at the door.

Wintersky: Anybody know what that is?

Ozimius: Imhiakaam! Come fight me you pathetic fool!

Ozimius: I will make you squeal like your bastard son!

Oliveryn moves the silent image of himself out the southern door of the ballroom.

Nyza: Nuh-uh, Ms. Sky.

Oliveryn then casts Alter Self.

Legeand finishes off the final assassin.

T'Krosh prays for a spiritual spear to follow the creature from the lower planes and attacks.

Miqulius runs for the door in the north wall.

Nyza sends a very, very hot scorching ray at the grey creature.

The scorpion advances on the dogai, but misses.

Ozimius runs for the northern door.

Sparta charges the grey thing striking it twice to little effect.

Sparta: Legeand, I could use some help over here.

Wintersky casts Divine Agility on herself.

SnowShadow pounces the grey thing, managing to scratch in effectively with a rake.

Mask casts Phantasmal Killer on the dogai.

The vague shape of a balor briefly appears and swipes at the dogai before vanishing.

The dogai concentrates its attacks on the scropion while disappearing.

Sparta: Eh? Where did it go?

Imhiakaam (from behind the door): That is a good boy, send yourself straight to The Hells where you belong.

Oliveryn comes out of being invisible appearing as Morrisul Groves and looks around.

Oliveryn: Is everything OK?

Oliveryn turns back into Oliveryn seeing no immediate threats.

Legeand moves towards the northern door having no target to attack.

The dogai reappears and T'Krosh call his deities vengeance down upon it.

T'Krosh: Hm... well, it is not dead yet. Press on!

Miqulius moves the rest of the way to the northern door.

Nyza casts Dimensional Anchor on the dogai preventing it from using its movement abilities.

Nyza: No disappearing while we kill you, please!

The scorpion attacks the dogai without success.

Ozimius unlocks the door.

Ozimius swings the door wide.

Ozimius: Imhiakaam!

Sparta strikes the dogai again doing minimal damage.

Wintersky fires Blessed Black rapidly at the dogai.

The dogai shrieks as Wintersky's arrows rip into it.

SnowShadow pounces but does little damage to the dogai.

Legeand: What metal does it have a weakness too?

Mask: A sword materializes and attacks the beast.

Imhiakaam beguiles Ozimius and Miqulius into immediately attacking SnowShadow.

Oliveryn starts playing his instrument, to help out his comrades.

Legeand chases after the dogai and strike it.

T'Krosh continues smiting the planar creature, but his spell fails.

Miqulius continues to attack SnowShadow, but to no avail.

Nyza aims her staff at the creature, trying to encircle it with a force bubble, but it dodges the effect.

The scorpion strikes the assassin devil with a claw, but causes no damage.

Ozimius stabs SnowShadow with Imhiakaam's Gift.

Sparta charges the grey thing again, but it avoid him.

Wintersky steps back then fires Blessed Black point blank, rapidly with three arrows into the dogai.

Wintersky: SnowShadow withdraws

Mask: Leave, Imhiakaam. Isildul is watching.

Imhiakaam: As you wish.

Imhiakaam teleports away.

Sparta: There is far to much of this popping in and out for me.

Nyza: does take some getting used to.

Ozimius shakes his head and runs into the room looking for Balis.

Miqulius follows Ozimius.

Wintersky: Ozi, you stab SnowShadow again and you will be living in the rain.

Ozimius (shouts): I could not help it!

Ozimius finds Balis unconscious in the corner of the room and Morrisul is hanged from the rafters.

Ozimius ignores Morrisul and checks Balis.

Miqulius checks Morrisul for life.

Nyza: Are you ok, Ms. Sky?

Morrisul is dead.

Wintersky calls for SnowShadow.

Sparta: Too bad, I was looking forward to gutting him.

Ozimius pulls Balis to her feet, supporting her.

Wintersky: I am a little hurt.

T'Krosh: Interesting timing you have, Mask.

Balis Sphinx: What happened?

T'Krosh: Teleporting in just as assassins attacked.

Sparta douses his sword and sheathes it.

Legeand: Amazingly, I appear unscathed.

Ozimius: I was hoping you could tell me. Imhiakaam was here. We heard arguing and then nothing.

Mask: I was watching; could not resist getting involved.

Nyza: Well, surely it is nothing you cannot fix!

Nyza: If only we could clear the poison from the desserts.

Wintersky casts Cure Light Wounds on SnowShadow.

Sparta (shouts from the other room): I bet The Smoking Pipe has some unpoisoned desserts

Wintersky cast Cure Light Wounds on herself.

Nyza: (shouts back) Yeah, this party really died, huh?

Wintersky looks for treasure among the bodies.

Guests begin to look in from the patios at the carnage.

Ozimius motions to Miqulius to search the area.

Mendelard Groves enters the ballroom.

Sparta joins the search.

Mendelard Groves: Where is Morrisul!

Ozimius: Dead!

Mendelard Groves: What?

Ozimius: Dead, I said, you fool!

Mendelard Groves enters the back room.

Mendelard Groves: Oh, no.

Ozimius: Oh, yes.

Ozimius: Dead.

T'Krosh: And not by our hands, either.

Mendelard Groves: That seems obvious.

Mendelard Groves: This is a disaster. We are ruined.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius (dripping with sarcasm): What a shame.

Mendelard Groves: It will take generations to recover from this.

Sparta: It could be worse

Ozimius: Be grateful you still live.

Mendelard Groves: Out! Everyone out.

Ozimius: Imhiakaam could easily have taken you as well.

Mendelard Groves: That damned fool, Morrisul, caused all of this.

Ozimius grins again.

Mendelard Groves: Imhiakaam was here?

Ozimius: Yes. She killed Groves.

Ozimius motions to the hanging body.

Mendelard Groves: That is bad. She is one of Asmodeus'.

Mendelard Groves: And, she probably took his soul for Asmodeus.

Ozimius: I seem to recall hearing something to that effect, yes.

Mendelard Groves: Dispater will never stand for this.

Sparta: Why should he care?

Ozimius: It seems to me, he has no choice at the moment.

Wintersky looks around for Groves' spirit, but finds no sign of it.

Mendelard Groves: Dispater is the Groves patron.

Sparta spits on the floor.

Mendelard Groves: Please, leave.

Mendelard Groves: Enough damage has been done.

Sparta: Then, Morrisul got what he deserved.

Ozimius nods and with Miqulius' help, leads Balis out.

Oliveryn nods to Mendelard.

Nyza shrugs.

Oliveryn: Your father should have been more careful with the people he delt with.

Nyza: Thank you for having us.

Wintersky: I am sorry for your loss, my lord.

Nyza takes T'Krosh and leads him out, whispering in his ear.

Oliveryn: Now...if you are looking for an new alliance. Please...stop by the Chicdell estate.

The guests disperse and a procession of carriages leave the Groves estate.

Sparta follows Oliveryn.

Sparta: Well, you did not die tonight, Oli. That is a good sign.

Oliveryn heads out of the estates.

Wintersky: He is not home yet.

Oliveryn: Yes, that is a good sign, although it seem another House did fall.

Oliveryn: I hope he takes my invitation.

It is early morning when our heroes finally arrive back at the Chicdell estate.