Undecitina 19, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 25, 2010 3:11:14 PM

Oh, my lord!  Troll's Bridge is in major trouble.  Not only is Imhiakaam claiming souls left and right, but Hardun has escaped...weeks ago and the two of them are basically at war.  There is also a demon called Sezdelishae exacerbating the rioting and chaos.  With all the devils, demons and vampires, it is amazing there is a city left.  Aifos is nowhere to be found and all of his forces apparently vanished when we did, so there has been very little protection for the city.  The White Blades have retreated to their fortifications within Tanglewood as well.  On top of all of this, the empire seems to have issues throughout its claims and has been unable to send any help.

Isildul was able to penetrate the ward over the city, but it alerted everyone to the intrusion.  This was not all bad, since we are trying the show that Mask and I are different people.  Isildul determined that Aifos somehow erected the ward, though he thinks it is not having the effect that the half-dragon probably intended since all the destructive forces were already within the city.  He is also concerned about the demon mentioned above, but he has not elaborated.  I suspect there is some connect between it and his former Arcaners.

Of the houses, most are safe in some fashion or another.  House Chicdell's wards erected by Suzana are holding strong as are wards over Houses Random, Elan, Illman and now Artural, as I erected them over my family's estate.  Houses Donomal, Groves, Quaid and Tarcigorkan have made some kind of diplomatic or diabolic pact to remain protected.  Houses Beauregard and Morisle are in ruins, there survivors having been taken into my family's estate.  The Cathedral has been closed and fortified, being sieged first by Hardun and now Imhiakaam.  All other temples have erected wards and taken in as many as they can.  Visaria's Orphanage and The Dome of "The Billiken" are overwhelmed, barely managing to feed the throngs they have taken in.  Before my very eyes, Messer's Tradehall vanished from sight as its defenses took full effect.

For now I will remain within Troll's Bridge with Isildul playing the role of Mask until such time as I am comfortable that Imhiakaam is convinced that Mask is Isildul and the knowledge that Mask the Archmage and Lady Artural the Archmage are separate individuals is well known.  I tried to send my findings to Tangleton, but the ward around the city is preventing the sending stones from working.