Pentatina 20, 1000 PC

Post date: May 17, 2009 5:12:10 PM

These "Heroes of Redemption" are a very interest group.  They are so different and I cannot figure out how they put up with each other.  I am sure they are not fond of me, but they are beginning to grow on me.  I will need to try to be more diplomatic.  Helping out Nyza and T'Krosh with these duergar will be a good start.

Maybe I can convince Isildul to allow them a visit to the tower and use of the chest.  That could go a long way in building some trust.  Imhiakaam has been absent from the tower lately, so it should be safe enough if my master agrees.  Of course, the bitch-devil may be back at the tower this very moment.

Anyway, Oliveryn has redeemed House Chicdell in my view.  Only Hardun will suffer for his abuse of me.  I need to work with Oliveryn, but I still want the kill.