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Ethyltina 21, 1000 PC

Our heroes begin their quest to recover Princess Tangle's horde by having Wintersky speak with the dead skull of the dragon.  In her cryptic utterances, the dead dragon gives away the location of her lair by virtue of Oliveryn's knowledge and T'Krosh's experience.  They quickly make preparations to journey to the location known to T'Krosh, who has been in proximity to it in the past.

During the early hours of the second day of their journey, our heroes come face-to-face yet again with Cedarcleaver the Great.  During a relatively pleasant converation with the great wyrm, Oliveryn informs Cedarcleaver of his part in the plans to remove Hardun as mayor of Troll's Bridge and Cedarcleaver would have our heroes believe that he has already discovered and occupied Princess Tangle's former lair.

Cedarcleaver departs, flying off in the correct direction, but our heroes resolve to see for themselves Cedarcleaver's new lair.  As they continue, they hear the music of a flute and a mouthless elven figure apparently playing said flute.  This banshrae along with four shaedlings attack, babbling on about some treasure they are to recover for the banshrae.  After what is a very intense minute of fighting, the battle is over with several injured heroes and five dead fey.

As our heroes collect themselves and look over the dead banshrae, they realize they are surrounded by a vast number of centaur and grim, armored sidhe.

The day after Nyza and Sparta return from vethiSha'Tek, a tornado crashes into Tanglewood from the north strewing debris from the forest across the entire town of Redemption.

Sparta: Well Miss 'Sky, those were some mighty fine biscuits.

Ozimius sits in his room chating with his "friends."

Wintersky: Glad you liked them I keep a batch going.

Sparta: What would you say we find Ozi and Oli now?

Nyza spends some time finding temporary lodging for her scaly minions.

Wintersky: I guess the present is as good as any time.

Sparta: I might have to come visit you and SnowShadow more often.

Legeand has once again returned to the practice fields, trying out his new shield and adjusting to its new weight.

Wintersky: You are always welcome at my home.

Wintersky: Do you know where Ozi is?

Sparta: That is a mighty big invitation for any halfling.

Sparta whistles to Ringo.

Soldiers and town guards wander through the town cleaning up the debris, but there is no damage as the tornado did not actually reach Redemption.

Sparta: Let us go, boy.

Wintersky whistles for Cinder.

Sparta: Hmm, odd time of year for a tornado.

Sparta: You usually see them more in the spring.

Wintersky: Maybe it was an elemental visiting.

Sparta: It could be.

Sparta: I would just as soon he visited somewhere else if he is going to make such a mess of the forest.

Wintersky: Let us go.

Wintersky: The forest can use a little mess. It makes homes for small creatures.

Wintersky and Sparta head over to The Blazing Griffon Inn in search of Ozimius as they chat.

Sparta pounds on Ozimius' door.

Sparta: Anybody home?

Ozimius: Come in, it is open.

Wintersky: Hey Ozi, how have you been.

Ozimius: I am still alive.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Howdy, that is a good sign.

Wintersky: A rousing endorsement for life.

Ozimius: What can I do for you?

Wintersky: Do you still have Princess Tangle's skull.

Sparta: I was hoping we could have a little chat.

Ozimius: Of course I do, she is right there. In a miserable mood today though.

Oliveryn heads over to the Griffon after his meeting with his followers.

Ozimius: What you need her for?

Wintersky: What has made her unhappy today?

Sparta: Oli asked me to lead him to Cedarcleaver a while back.

Ozimius: She has her moods, usually she has nothing good at all to say.

Nyza returns to the inn with T'Krosh after leaving instructions with her followers (telling them to prepare for a journey).

Sparta: I was hoping she might point the way.

Wintersky: That is a dragon for you...

Sparta: and maybe tip us off to her lair while she is at it.

Wintersky: I would like to ask her about the location of her lair.

Ozimius: Well, I am assuming you mean her lair. Go ahead and ask her, but do not expect her to be polite. Death has not improved he manners any.

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky: And perhap where Cedarcleaver can be found.

Sparta (to self): Did I no just say that?

Sparta: We should find Oli too.

Wintersky: Once I cast the spell she will answer four questions.

Ozimius: I would word them well. She may not like giving you a straight answer.

Wintersky: She will answer, but probably will not be forthcoming.

Nyza: Hi again, everyone! Nyza is back with an er... old friend?

T'Krosh: Peace humans. Do not kill me. I follow your mae'krix now. I am on your side.

Wintersky: Let us get Oli and perhaps Nyza could be helpful too.

Sparta: Yep, her Draconic is much better than mine.

Wintersky: Let us see if anyone is around downstairs.

Wintersky leaves.

Ozimius scoops up Tangle's skull and follows.

Oliveryn enters the Griffin and looks around.

Sparta follows Ozimius.

T'Krosh: By Kurtulmak's stinger! Is that the skull of a dragon?!

Ozimius: Of course it is.

Wintersky: "Hi, Nyza, I have not seen you for a while," Wintersky calls from the stairs.

Sparta: Just a little one.

Ozimius eyes T'Krosh's skull, "It kind of looks like yours a little bit."

Wintersky: Hi, I am Wintersky of the Tetons.

Nyza: It is good to be back, Ms. Sky. You have been well, yes?

Wintersky: I have been very well. I have not had to sing any souls to the beyond for awhile.

T'Krosh steps away from Ozimius, obviously fearful.

Wintersky: Ozi, be nice.

Ozimius chuckles and continues to follow Wintersky.

Sparta: Come on, Nyza, T'Krosh, we are going to chat with a dragon or two.

Wintersky: I was going to ask the princess here about her home and thought you might have some suggestions.

Nyza: 'Kay. To find the rest of her hoard?

Wintersky: Yes, noone has admitted to claiming it.

Wintersky: Do you have any suggestions on wording?

Ozimius: Do not leave her any wiggle room.

Wintersky: Dragons alway make wiggle room, but I will do my best.

T'Krosh: That magic is familiar to me. The dragon will resist your questions. However, it cannot lie to you.

Sparta: Is she compelled to answer?

T'Krosh: It is not her soul that will answer, but the memories still within her corpse.

Wintersky: It can resist since my moral code is quite different from its own.

Ozimius: Her moral code?

Ozimius: I dont understand.

Wintersky: Her understanding of right and wrong, good and evil.

Sparta: That is because you do not have one.

Sparta winks at Ozimius.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: But what does her moral code differing from yours have to do with anything?

Wintersky: She will not want to talk to me.

Aifos wanders in, curious about the gathering.

Ozimius: Want me to talk to her?

Wintersky: I do not think 'what is the location of your lair with treasure?' will work.

Wintersky: Sorry, I have to talk to her because I do not believe you can cast the spell.

Oliveryn walks into the Griffin noticing all his friends sitting around talking.

Sparta: 'Morning Aifos, how you doing on this blustery morning?

Nyza: Hello, General.

Oliveryn: Good morning all.

Ozimius: Want me to shake her skull a bit to get her to listen to you?

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius nods to Oliveryn.

Aifos: Hello, finally trying to find her lair?

Legeand: Stretching his arm out after loosing his shield, Legeand walks back into the inn just behind Oliveryn, "What is this, a convention? Or did I miss a party call?"

Wintersky: That will probably help.

Wintersky smiles.

Ozimius: Great! I do not mind tormenting her at all!

Ozimius grins widely.

Sparta: Her lair and maybe directions to Cedarcleaver while we are at it.

Nyza: Cedarcleaver? Is he not out of our league?

Sparta: Oli here feels a need to talk to the big guy.

Aifos: Be careful what dragons say. Even good ones may lead you astray.

Sparta: Did you not, Oli.

Wintersky: My guess is she will not know where Cedarcleaver lives.

Oliveryn: Yes, for our plans to go well in Troll's Bridge, I will need to speak with Cedarcleaver before that happens.

Legeand: So you still plan to go to war with your family then, bard?

Nyza: Well, me can try to spy on Cedarcleaver with a scrying spell to find him. He will resist, of course, and if he is indeed very powerful, the spell is doomed to fail.

Oliveryn: I do not know if you would call my grandfather family anymore, but yes, if it comes to that. Hopefully, if my plans go as planned, it will end without bloodshed.

Wintersky: Plans never go as planned.

Ozimius rolls his eyes, "Tell me about it."

Oliveryn: Yes, I know. That is why I need to speak with Cedarcleaver.

Legeand: If they did, I am sure we would not have a streak of good luck like we have had.

Aifos: So, what questions will you ask Princess Tangle?

Aifos: You probably need to ask a leading question about Tanglewood or her ancestors before getting the location of her lair out of her.

Sparta: Well, that is what we were trying to figure out.

Sparta: Her ancestors? Like old Lord Tangle?

Aifos: Yes. Was he not the green dragon lord before Cedarcleaver?

Sparta: Yes, and the princess' father, I believe.

Legeand: You are going to need to ask fairly direct questions and you will definitely need to not ask ones that pop into your head. I am glad it is you and not me.

Nyza: Is there any rush? Perhaps we should ask the questions later when we have time to prepare.

Wintersky: Where did your family live?

Wintersky: Maybe where did you and your family live?

Wintersky: Where in Tanglewood is your treasure?

Aifos: More specific, like Lord Tangle used to rule Tanglewood, where did he perish?

Wintersky: How can your lair be located? If you wanted to talk to CederCleaver, where would you go?

Aifos: Those are good.

Nyza: Or where did you last know Cedarcleaver to reside?

Aifos: That is also a good question.

Sparta: I think Lord Tangle died after he abandoned Tanglewood to Cedarcleaver.

Aifos: I had a conversation about Lord Tangle with Isildul.

Aifos: His Arcaners slew him over 900 years ago.

Sparta: I did not think Princess Tangle was that old.

Wintersky: What landmarks are near your lair?

Aifos: There you go. Excellent question.

Aifos: She is not, I believe she is actually a granddaughter.

Aifos: Or should I say was.

Wintersky: How about these: 1. How can your lair be located?

Wintersky: 2. What landmarks are near your lair?

Nyza: Oh, and traps! Ask if she protected her lair somehow.

Wintersky: 3. Where did you last know Cedarcleaver to reside?

Legeand eyeing something for a moment he asks, "What about 'What defining traits of your lair would be easily seen from outside?'"

Wintersky: If you wanted to talk to Cedarcleaver, where would you go?

Wintersky: That is a good one Legeand.

Sparta: I agree, The first two are pretty similar.

Aifos: Those last two may be enough.

Sparta: And, we should have a backup question, just in case.

Wintersky: Remember, I only get four.

Sparta: Maybe, How would you enter your lair?

Legeand: You know she could answer that as "Though the entrance."

Sparta: Yep, but if she answers the first one nicely, we might want to change the second question.

Aifos: That may become obvious depending on the answer to Legeand's question.

Sparta: Good point, Legeand.

Ozimius: I think the questions should be very distinct. Is there a limit how long each question you ask is?

Legeand: What area of tanglewood did you defend more fiercely than any other would work as well for narrowing it, yea?

Wintersky: There is a time limit to the spell and I can only cast it once.

Nyza: Perhaps not. The Lady Tangle may have had more of an interest in defending some territory because of encroachment or of potential for wealth.

Aifos: Legeand, you have a keen intellect.

Aifos: This is true also, Nyza. That is draconic thinking.

Legeand smiles, "I am lucky now and then."

Nyza: Oli, do you want me to attempt to scry on Cedarcleaver? It will only take an hour.

Wintersky: What landmark defines your lair from the outside?

Sparta: I like that one.

Wintersky: What passive defensies are in place?

Legeand: Try, Nyza, but he is an old dragon.

Ozimius: I hope she doesnt say "It is a big hole."

Ozimius chuckles.

Sparta: Do they need to be passive?

Oliveryn: Do you think you can be successful in finding him?

Wintersky: Other than the dragon herself.

Sparta: Well, she is no longer defending it.

Nyza: Well, it is not likely. But it will be worth an attempt.

Wintersky: What defenses are in place?

Oliveryn: Do you know of anything that he has you can scry on?

Nyza: Oh, it will be easier if we have something of his.

Sparta: Oli, Did you not give him a scale from Miss Tangle as his pledge to help you?

Wintersky: Where would you go to talk to Cedarcleaver? and leave one for clarification.

Sparta: Yes, I would rather not parley with Cedarcleaver in his lair anyway.

Sparta: He might be offended by us blundering in there.

Nyza: Nyza shall begin the casting. Ms. Sky should finish her business with the skull first, so see me when she is done.

Oliveryn: Yes, I did give him the scale from Miss Tangle, why not try scry on that Nyza?

Nyza: Are the Lady and Cedarcleaver of the same bloodline?

Sparta: They are both green dragons?

Aifos: I do not think so. Cedarcleaver is from the Elfin Swamp far to the south, according to legend.

Wintersky: I think we have the questions. Any objections?

Oliveryn: Scry on the scale and see if it is still in his possession.

Nyza: Ok, let me have the scale, please. It will be a very weak connection at best, but it may help.

Oliveryn hands over the scale.

Nyza: The spell can spy upon creatures, not objects.

Sparta: Miss Sky, should we find someplace a little more private to try this?

Wintersky: Most definately!

Legeand: Once we know where we are going, will we leave today or tomorrow?

Sparta: Tomorrow I think. I have a little shopping to do.

Legeand looking at a table he nodded "Good I would like to grab some food and rest before we leave."

Oliveryn: Tomorrow, I also need to buy some things before we leave.

Wintersky: Who wants to be present at the casting?

Aifos: It would be a good idea if you all were. I would also like to hear what she has to say.

Wintersky: Nobody? Help remembering the cryptic details would be appreciated.

Oliveryn: I will come.

Sparta: Me too.

Legeand: I have nothing to do, I guess I can follow.

Ozimius: I will, if only to torment her a bit.

T'Krosh: I will listen while Nyza casts her spell.

Wintersky: Can we get a private meeting room here?

Aifos: There is a casting chamber in the basement of the mercantile, I believe.

Wintersky: A what?

Aifos: A private room for casting spells.

Aifos smiles.

Ozimius: I remember that. Where Nyza was stabbed.

Wintersky: Good enough. Let us go. I am ready.

Wintersky: Wait, stabbed?

Ozimius: Yea, Nagav stabbed her.

Oliveryn starts heading over to the Mercantile.

Wintersky: Why was he invited?

Ozimius: He was not.

Wintersky follows Oliveryn.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: He helped himself.

Ozimius follows.

Wintersky: I guess you will have to protect me, Ozi.

Ozimius: Me?

Legeand: Well, he should not be a problem this time.

Wintersky: Why not you?

Ozimius: Nagav is dead and I have his head to prove it.

Ozimius laughs.

Our heroes participating in the dead speaking walk over to Redemption Mercantile.

Oliveryn: You can protect her, Ozi.

Ozimius looks at Oliveryn.

Oliveryn smiles and winks.

Ozimius: Me? All I do well is cause trouble, but I really excel at that!

Ozimius chuckles.

Oliveryn: I think we all cause a little chaos.

Wintersky: It is the trouble makers that make the best body guards.

Ozimius grins.

The group enters the mercantile and takes the stairs down to the basement and follows a hallway to a domed room with odd runes carved into the walls and floor.

Wintersky: The holy righteous sort worry too much about the right and wrong of it.

Ozimius: I just get it done.

Wintersky: So true.

Ozimius drops his hand to the Gift as he passes where he found Nyza.

Wintersky: Here, Ozi, shake some sense into the skull.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Galdly.

Ozimius shakes Tangle's skull violently.

Wintersky get out rattles and fettishes and begins to cast.

With Princess Tangle's skull set in the middle of the room, Wintersky begins the spell.

Ozimius chuckles softly and mumbles, "This is for the dreams!"

Legeand: Bad nights, Ozi?

Ozimius: Always, Legeand, always.

Wintersky: Princess Tangle, you will speak for me!

As the spell takes effect, the skull glows with an erie green light.

Wintersky: What are the landmarks that define your lair?

Legeand grins, "I know the feeling," looking at the roof of the room. "Things could be better."

Princess Tangle: In a deceptive place. In the flowing tears of a great queen.

Wintersky: What defenses are in place?

Princess Tangle: Deception and secrets.

Ozimius rolls his eyes and mumbles, "This is not going well."

Wintersky: If you wanted to talk to Cedarcleaver, where would you go?

Legeand: It is going fine. A river named after a queen and magic and traps hold the thing.

Oliveryn watches, thoughtfully.

Princess Tangle: Where ever you go looking, to find it, but do not approach without deception.

Sparta: Who is the queen whose tears flow past your lair?

Oliveryn looks towards Sky.

Oliveryn: There is a place known in a very obscure tale called the Ladyran Falls, near Eternal Fires in Tanglewood. At its top are spikes of stone that could be a queen's crown.

Legeand: Might be it, hidden by desception.

T'Krosh: I know of a waterfall like that.

Wintersky: What can be seen outside from the entrance of your lair?

Princess Tangle: The magnificent visage of the mother of Nar. Four spiked crown of adamant, weeping at the loss of her king.

Wintersky: Well, those were somewhat cryptic clues.

Legeand: Definitely sounds like the waterfall then, but I do not want to go swimming if we do not have to.

Wintersky: But it does give some ideas though.

T'Krosh: I am quite sure I could find my way to that waterfall again, if you want me to lead.

Sparta: Once we get close, I can ask the plants if they know where her lair is.

Wintersky: I think to find Cledarcleaver, just enter his territory.

Ozimius raises an eyebrow at Sparta.

Sparta smiles.

Wintersky: Anybody good at disabling traps?

Ozimius: I do OK.

Legeand: But she warned of entering as well. Deception and the lot.

Wintersky: Illusion maybe?

Ozimius: Deception could be illusion, yes.

Ozimius: Like Nyza's hat.

Legeand: Or it could be natural, like behind the falls.

Oliveryn: Could dispel them, unless she cast them, then it would be tricky.

Sparta: Would the spells have not dispeled when she died?

Legeand: Runes?

Oliveryn: Unless she made them permanent like your dogs fangs.

Sparta: She was a young dragon, just starting to come into her magic.

Oliveryn: True.

Legeand: Young by a dragons age. cats live long in their eyes.

Ozimius: I think it would have been easier to put me in the dagger and then bring me back inside her lair.

Sparta: I think Manty can talk to you about that sometime.

Manitowoc: You do not really want to do that, Ozimius.

Wintersky: Hey, do you want to live forever?

Ozimius: Not me.

Legeand: By name and fame only.

Aifos: It seems you have a location. That falls was in open steppe in my time.

Oliveryn: Well, you can all just chip in for a teleport spell.

Aifos: Tanglewood had not reached as far yet.

Sparta: Are we coming back to Redemption? Or going straight on to Troll's Bridge from there?

Aifos: Except for all the trees now.

Legeand: Times change anything and everything.

Ozimius: And sometimes, nothing.

Sparta: I would rather not teleport into a tree.

Sparta: It would be bad for both of us.

Wintersky: Cinder would want to come.

The skull of Princess Tangle ceases to glow.

Oliveryn: Well get a "better" teleport spell.

Ozimius scoops the skull up and gives it a shake, then tucks it under his arm.

Sparta: Aifos or T'Krosh, which direction is Ladyran's crown from here?

Wintersky: What is your hurry, Oli?

Ozimius: Hey, maybe some of Aifos' dragons will give us a lift. I love to fly.

Sparta: That would certainly get Cedarcleaver's attention.

Oliveryn: No hurry really just practical in our journey. With all the trees down in Tanglewood, travel is going to be hard pressed. It would be simple to teleport there and see what is up.

Aifos smiles, "I think you need to use the cover of Tanglewood for this trip."

Legeand: I would prefer a tree over my head if something wicked comes our way.

Aifos: Eternal Fires is almost straight south of Redemption.

Wintersky: I prefer open sky, but that is just my preference.

Sparta: Are your thumbs pricking?

Ozimius: What makes you think something wicked will come.

Ozimius grins.

Legeand: No, but the hairs on my neck stand.

Oliveryn: Something wicked is always with us, that is why.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky: Ozi, since I have met you something wicked aways comes.

Ozimius: I have no idea what you mean, Oli.

Ozimius laughs.

Oliveryn: I guess it is one of those jokes you just have to be there to hear.

Legeand spitting on the floor, "With our destiny we are bound to fight," making for the exit he looks back. "Time to prepare, yea?"

Sparta: Due south? That would put us well on our way to Troll's Bridge.

Sparta: Yes, let us get ready.

Wintersky: So are we coming back here or not?

Sparta: Probably not for a long time.

Legeand: Strait to Troll's Bridge if you ask me.

Wintersky: I better pack up my home then.

Sparta: Oli? Are you ready to go home?

Ozimius: If we are not coming back, we need to bring everything. I am not leaving my stuff for someone to pick over.

Oliveryn: My plans are not under way for us to travel to Troll's Bridge after going to this lair.

Oliveryn: We need more time before traveling there.

Legeand: No time like the present, Oli.

Sparta: You can send your friends on ahead.

Sparta: It will take us a few days, at least, at the Missy's house.

Oliveryn: It is more planning than that for my plans to work. I have to get into contact with my mercenaries and my support in Troll's Bridge before I move.

Wintersky: What do you mean, Sparta?

T'Krosh: Indeed. The journey is a few days.

Oliveryn: I say we go to the lair and then come back to Redemption for a while.

Ozimius: Missy's house? Oh, you mean Tangle. I thought you were holding out on me, Sparta.

Sparta: And I doubt we will waltz in, take what we like and waltz right back out.

Wintersky: You have a girl friend, Sparta?

Legeand: Ever thought of using magic to talk with your men, we have lots of that with this group.

Sparta: Yes, but she is back home in Rebelton.

Ozimius: I agree, Oli. I would still like to pay a visit to one or two people here before we leave for good.

Ozimius: I think we should come back here and prepare after we loot the lair.

T'Krosh: Dragons are stubborn about their lairs, even after death. If this Princess Tangle was attached enough, she may remain in the lair as some spirit.

Oliveryn: Plus even after I speak with Cedarcleaver, he might not be ready to move on to Troll's Bridge when we are.

Wintersky: Oh, I sent her on her way. she should not have lingered.

Sparta: Maybe, who knows. He is probably drooling at the chance to loot the old city.

Aifos: Yes, dragons, other than white ones, are not very fond of winter.

Legeand: Then a return is it?

Wintersky: But if she has, then I can really talk to her.

Oliveryn: Yes, I will return. But it is up to you what you do. I am no ruler of you.

Ozimius: I will return as well.

Sparta: You will be ruling an entire city soon enough. You had better start thinking that way.

Legeand: It does not matter to me. My belonings are not many to hold me down here or anywhere for long.

Wintersky: Considering I can take my house with me, I travel light also.

Oliveryn: I am not a ruler, Sparta. It will be the Council of Houses that will rule Troll's Bridge once I restore order.

Sparta: Assuming Cedarcleaver does not eat them all.

Oliveryn: True.

Oliveryn laughs.

Sparta: Alright, so we will return.

Legeand: Then let us leave and prepare.

Oliveryn: On a side note, Ozi, you do not have citizen's papers to enter Troll's Bridge. I can draft up some for you and sign them. But once the Council of Houses takes over, they will be worthless.

Oliveryn smiles.

T'Krosh: Citizen's papers? What are those?

Sparta: Take only what you will need for a week or two in the forest and underground.

Ozimius: If you think I need them. I was able to sneak in and out before. I may be able to do it again.

Legeand: Wonderful world of passing from city to city.

Oliveryn: Well, the plan so far is enter through the front gates. Or, at least, those are the tenative ones.

Aifos: I wonder if Nyza was successful in scrying upon Cedarcleaver?

Sparta: We might be able to get Nyza through there, but what about T'krosh and her scalykin? Are we going to leave them camping outside?

Ozimius: That is easy.

Oliveryn: I have some people on the inside that can smuggle them through if need be, but since I am heir to the throne, I think my word could get everyone through the gates.

Ozimius: We can pretend they are our slaves.

Nyza: Right on cue, Nyza swings the chamber door open and enters.

Ozimius: No one will question that.

Legeand: An army of collared lizzards. That would be funny.

Ozimius: It would get us in, I believe.

Nyza and T'Krosh do not agree with Legeand.

Wintersky: I do not think degrading our companions is worth any benefit.

Oliveryn: Well how large of an army of kobolds can Nyza field if we march on Troll's Bridge?

Nyza: My band of kobolds do not have to enter Troll's Bridge. I will have them scout the location of a new city.

Legeand: Better than the other idea.

Sparta: You missed the discussion.

Sparta: Miss Tangle's home sounds kind of promising.

Sparta: What do you think, T'Krosh? Would you like to live near there?

Wintersky: But Nyza does not like wet...

Oliveryn thinks to himself.

Wintersky: at all.

Ozimius: We can dry her off.

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky: You can try, Ozi!

Ozimius laughs.

Sparta: Halflings only need an occasional shower and usually in private.

Nyza: The scrying was partially successful. Me see Cedarcleaver for only about a minute. He dive in and out of the forest.

Ozimius: As long as it is not your rain, Wintersky. That water I cannot tolerate either.

Nyza: Sorry, me do not know where exactly. Forest all look the same.

Wintersky: With a friend is better, Sparta.

Ozimius raises an eyebrow at Wintersky.

T'Krosh: Sparta, I will live wherever Nyza tells me.

Wintersky grins back.

Oliveryn: Well, when the Council of Houses is restored, all are welcome inside the city.

Oliveryn: So are we traveling today or tomorrow?

Sparta: Tomorrow.

Wintersky: Tomorrow.

Our heroes return to The Blazing Griffon Inn and prepare for the trip to Ladyran Falls.

Oliveryn: Then, I will meet you at the Griffon later. I have other things I need to do.

Legeand: After that bath talk, I am sure they need to take a day.

Oliveryn goes to the main floor of the Mercantile and looks for the shopkeeper.

Wintersky: If it takes you a day, I am sure you are a pleasure to the ladies.

Legeand: Sometimes I wish never to leave, but that is a differant tale now is it not?

Sparta goes shopping for a scroll of Wind Wall & Tree Stride.

Wintersky goes to get provisions for a couple of weeks for herself and SnowShadow and Cinder, plus a bit to share.

Legeand goes to his room to prepare his armor, not having much else past his travel wear.

Ozimius goes looking for company for the night after the shower talk.

Nyza tells her followers to travel west of Redemption and search for a suitable digging location. She will contact them via magic later.

Wintersky: Does anyone have a problem with me taking the Talisman of Undead Mastery?

Our heroes head out of the Zelmbring Gate and travel south.

The first day is uneventful, though there are feelings of being watched from time to time.

Sparta easily finds a safe place to camp the night.

Oliveryn: Is everyone having that same feeling we are being watched?

T'Krosh: Yes.

Ozimius makes a pit trap on the backtrail.

Nyza: No.

Legeand: I did not notice to much.

Nyza surrounds the camp with three Alarm spells.

Ozimius: Yea, I cannot shake the feeling of being watched either.

Wintersky: I am always watched.

Sparta tries to spot what ever is watching.

Oliveryn: I think it is my extraplanar friends that want me to sing them a jig.

Sparta: You can sing around the campfire tonight.

Oliveryn: I would love to.

Oliveryn pulls out his lute and tunes it.

Sparta edges closer to Oliveryn.

Oliveryn: What would you like to hear?

Sparta whispers to Oli, "You might get your chance to talk to Cedarcleaver sooner than later."

Night is pitch black beyond the light of the fire.

Tiny pairs of reflections stare back at our heroes from the forest.

Legeand stands near the edge of the firelight looking up at the sky.

Oliveryn: "There once was a might boy of young and youth. Who as he grew older found his own tooth. Now some say he was a fool of a man but I hear...he was tan. oOOoOo LaLaLaLa He once was a fool and now he is tan..."

Sparta: Well, that should entertain our forest friends.

T'Krosh holds his head in agony at the amazingly good music.

Sparta: Music hath charms to sooth the savage beast.

Oliveryn: Come on everyone knows it, sing along..."He once was a fool and now he is tan..."

Oliveryn continues singing.

Sparta joins in the chorus, a little off key, "He once was a fool and now he is tan."

Sparta: *off

Wintersky: Usually when I sing someone has died; would not want to set a precedent.

The forest becomes still and remains so after the music ends.

Ozimius digs a shallow elongated pit, covers it with brush and climbs in to be hidden while he sleeps.

Oliveryn: That was a great song. I loved that one when I was growing up. Anyone want another?

Sparta: We should keep watch, but the forest seems quiet tonight

Wintersky: Sure give us another.

Sparta: I think you sang the beasties to sleep, might be best to leave it that way.

Oliveryn: I saw the moon on a winters night, so cold and light it shined into the night. I watched the moon sink below the hills, which made me weep as a young sailor can.

Oliveryn: Oh, I weep until it shows its round face again. Oh, I weep until it shows its round face again...

The night passes without incident and our heroes are rested the next morning.

Wintersky: Sparta can you tell what the beasties were?

While traveling early the next day, the feeling of being watched is overwhelming.

Sparta watches for dragon sign.

Oliveryn: I think they really liked my song from yesterday. They seem to be looking at me.

Rounding a hill, our heroes come upon the scary, but familar sight of Cedarcleaver.

Cedarcleaver: Welcome to my realm.

Ozimius: Oh goody, company.

Sparta practicing his Draconic.

Cedarcleaver: What ever are you all doing out here?

Oliveryn: Oh, though mightly Cedarcleaver. We come to speak to you about my bargin!

Sparta: Greetings. Oh, mighty Cedarcleaver.

Wintersky: Having a sing along.

Oliveryn: Yes, but not everyone was singing.

Cedarcleaver: That is quite good, halfling.

Oliveryn looks around shamefully at the ones that did not particpate.

Cedarcleaver: I prefer that only the bard sings, actually.

Cedarcleaver grins.

Legeand: Glares back at Oliveryn.

Sparta: Thank you.

Oliveryn: We have come to speak with you about my bargain, oh gracious mightly dragon.

Oliveryn: The one I made with Tangle, may she rest in peace.

Cedarcleaver: Our bargain is still in force, my young noble.

Cedarcleaver: Have you plans to impart to me?

Oliveryn: We move on Troll's Bridge soon, by spring, and the first melting of the winter snow.

Cedarcleaver: That is good, I like to sleep during the winter.

Sparta edges back behind some of the bigger folk while Oliveryn speaks to the dragon.

Oliveryn: Your part in the plans is simple. Guard the castle in which Hardun is hiding from any city guards that might storm it. Then, you will get your share of the treasure of the city.

Wintersky: You are a particularly pleasing shade of green. It is almost luminescent.

Cedarcleaver: That is simple enough.

Oliveryn: My friends and I will take care of my grandfather, we just need you to protect us from the city guards.

Cedarcleaver: Before you set things in motion, you will also want to speak with Drymorjoc.

Cedarcleaver: He is expecting a visit from you.

Ozimius (mumbles): Oh wonderful, more dragons.

Oliveryn: I understand, your mightyness.

Cedarcleaver: So, your purpose for this trek was to seek me out?

Oliveryn: Would you know the purpose of this meeting, your most graciousness?

Sparta finds his new scroll and keeps it ready.

Cedarcleaver: I would think you are after the princess' horde, no?

Oliveryn: I see no treasure around me.

Cedarcleaver: But, you do know where it is. I would expect no more than stunned silence.

Oliveryn: I thought you, the mostly mightly dragon around would have found her treasure already. Why would we, lowly humans, want to try with your mightyness?

Sparta mutters, "We are not all humans."

Ozimius mutters, "You can say that again."

Cedarcleaver: I like her lair, it is very comfortable.

Oliveryn: Maybe you could show us where this lair is, if it so comfortable? I hear dragons' lairs are most...glorious.

Cedarcleaver: Oh, you are on the right track and actually not far away. We can meet again there.

Oliveryn: These trees are such a hassle. Can you not just fly us there, your mightyness?

Cedarcleaver grins, "I must be going, I believe you would like to make its shelter by nightfall."

Cedarcleaver stands and stretches.

Sparta tenses.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: I will keep an eye out for you in the sky. I will follow you that way.

The slightest wave of fright washes over the group.

Cedarcleaver leaps into the air and flys south.

Oliveryn shivers.

Ozimius: I do not think he knows where it is. I think he will follow us.

Oliveryn: Maybe I should have sang it him instead. Put him in a trance.

Sparta watches till he disappears behind the tree cover before relaxing.

Sparta: Well that went better than I expected.

Sparta stows away his scroll.

Oliveryn: Yeah well, he is going to be following us until we go to her lair. I say we try to lose him.

Oliveryn laughs.

Our heroes hear the sound of a flute to the south.

Ozimius has no idea what the sound is.

Our heroes see a tall elvish figure playing a flute to the south.

An odd-looking dragonfly-winged humanoid-shaped creature flies into view and launches a javelin Oliveryn.

Nyza casts Mirror Image on herself and Yentis. She bursts into six illusory selves.

The elven being lithely races up and touches Legeand, setting into a rage.

Sparta casts Entangle, which engulfs the two assailants, as well as Legeand.

Another dragonfly-winged assailant appears and launches a javelin at Ozimius.

Oliveryn sings for his party to fighter better.

Ozimius moves in and strikes at the elven creature whose wounds heal almost completely from the damage.

Legeand breaks free of the entanglement.

Another dragonfly-winged creature flies into the entanglement, but turns and circumvents it.

Eregard moves and thrusts at the nearby winged creature doing only minimal damage with his rapier.

Wintersky casts Divine Power and shares it with SnowShadow.

The dragonfly-winged creatures chatter away about recovering something for their mistress.

T'Krosh touches the nearby creature with a curse.

T'Krosh works his witchdoctor magic to spoil the creature's luck.

Nyza: Giddyap, biter!

Nyza lobs a Scorching Ray at the dragonfly creature which is incinerated by the surprisingly accurate and intense flame.

Sparta: Nice shooting, Nyza.

Nyza: Nobody hurts the kobolds in my command!

Nyza: Or even approaches them!

Legeand and Ozimius strike the elven creature as she steps from the entanglement.

Sparta realizes this elven creature is a fey known as a Banshrae, which is highly resistant to weapons not forged of cold iron.

The banshrae strikes Ozimius and stuns him.

Sparta fires his bow at the dragonfly thing.

Eregard stabs a winged creature as it advances and launches a javelin at Nyza, which misses.

Oliveryn casts a spell creating an image of a troll within the entanglement.

Ozimius stands stunned from the banshrae's stunning attack.

Legeand swings at, but misses the banshrae.

A winged creature launches another javelin, but it misses its target.

Eregard shifts and attacks a winged creature.

Wintersky begins to chant, casting Spiritual Weapon.

Wintersky's spiritual spear moves and strikes at the banshrae while SnowShadow pounces a winged creature, brings it down.

T'Krosh waits to combine his attack with Nyza's.

The winged creature caught in the entanglement continues to struggle in vain.

Nyza looses a volley of magic-spears at the banshrae.

T'Krosh lays a healing touch on his

Ozimius grins in thanks.

Legeand strikes the banshrae as she brings up her flute as a blowgun and sprays the area with darts, damaging Legeand and T'Krosh. Ozimius ducks to avoid the barrage.

Sparta rummages around in the gear strapped to Ringo until he finds his trusty old greatsword.

Oliveryn: All that can hear my voice that is not a friend of mine. Fear this mightly troll that I am summoned to fight for us. He will eat you alive if you do not leave this instant!

The creatures look worried about the troll, but either cannot leave or believe the troll safely entangled.

Ozimius shifts and attacks the banshrae causing a wound that does not completely heal this time.

Legeand strikes ferociously at the banshrae, but she resists Petal's edge.

The last free winged creature's weapon becomes a spiked chain which it swings, but misses with.

Eregard moves and attacks doing a bit of damage.

Wintersky's spiritual spear strikes the banshrae, but seems to have little effect. Three arrows fly from Blessed Black, but do not find their mark.

SnowShadow pounces again raking into the last free winged creature, bring it down.

The trapped winged creature continues to struggle against the entanglement.

Nyza grabs her new metamagic toy and directs a fireball at the trapped winged creature, which is incinerated in the blast.

T'Krosh heals Legeand of his wounds.

T'Krosh: Fight strong, softskin.

The banshrae takes a step back and sprays the area with darts again, striking Legeand, T'Krosh, but Ozimius dodges them again.

Oliveryn: Wintersky do you know if this thing is evil?

Wintersky shakes her head in denial.

Sparta closes with the fey and swings his greatsword, which bites deeply into the banshrae. The banshrae's concern shows in her eyes.

Oliveryn turns and starts castiing a spell to summon a monster.

Ozimius swings at the banshrae, but misses.

Legeand's sword strikes the banshrae, but she again resists its edge.

Eregard moves in and attacks the banshrae, hitting but leaving no mark.

Wintersky's spiritual spear strikes the banshrae, but it seems resistant again.

Arrows from Blessed Black again miss the banshrae while SnowShadow pounces in and tears at the banshrae with her bite.

Nyza: With the help of some metamagic, Nyza lets fly a very tiny fireball at the banshrae, who manages to avoid the full brunt of the fiery attack.

T'Krosh moves to flank the banshrae to lay a curse upon her, but the spell is wasted against the banshrae's magical defenses.

Wintersky: Anybody know anything about that creature?

Sparta: It is a kind of fey, like an elf.

All those surrounding the now lone fey strike at her as she again sprays the area with darts, which strike Legeand, Sparta and Ringo.

Sparta strikes again with his cold iron weapon, slicing into the banshrae.

Oliveryn's summoned fire beetle appears next to the banshrae and bites.

Eregard moves.

Oliveryn moves.

T'Krosh: mosies.

Ozimius strikes the banshrae with sword and Imhiakaam's Gift. The dagger slices the banshrae effectively.

Legeand's flurry of strikes finally brings the banshrae down.

Nyza: Huzzah!

Sparta: Nice swinging, Legeand.

Legeand: Gah, that took a lot.

The Faerie Queen