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Undecitina 3, 259 First Cycle of Man

After determining that our heroes wish not to assist Zodyu any more than absolutely necessary to ascend into divinity, Luanes suggests seeking out Visaria, who is likely in the nearby town of Zelmbring, the predecessor of Redemption.

As they are preparing for the journey, a young Egalem Random makes the acquaintance of Legeand and is invited to join the group on their excursion to Zelmbring, unbeknownst to the future emperor that he may meet his future wife there.

The youngster is quite knowledgeable about Gresham's Library, which lies between Walton and Zelmbring, and leads them through Tanglewood to an area where they can teleport the rest of the way without being ensnared in the arch-mage's wards.

Before they can teleport, a group of kobolds that dwell in Tanglewood in this era flee pass the group before a gargantuan guulvorg that is stalking them.

Our heroes engage the monster, but before they can dispatch it, Eregard is slain and Legeand mus fly into a rage to survive the beast's assault. Fortunately, Nyza is able to ply the fabric of magic to wish Eregard back to life only seconds after the swashbuckler falls, the threat of the guulvorg quashed by Oliveryn's phantasmal killer.

With those injured in the fight healed, our heroes safely teleport the rest of the way to Zelmbring.

Egalem Random hands Petals in the Wind respectfully back to Legeand.

Legeand grinning, takes it back, "You have a good eye for material; I too took some knowledge of blacksmithing when I learned to use a sword." He hands Cleaverbow over he smirks to see his response.

Egalem Random: This is an amazing weapon. By the way, I am Egalem Random. I am sure you have heard of my family, no?

Legeand holds back a gasp. Had he been drinking, sure he would have done a double take, "Aye, I have heard of you." Legeand smirks a bit, "Yes, I found it not long ago; kept it since, though I rarely use its hidden features."

Egalem Random: What does it do?

Legeand gives a light shrug, "Oh, nothing much." Legeand chuckles and points to certain features, "It can become a bow, no need to switch weapons with that. These crystals change its material properties based on which is pressed, for a short time though."

Egalem Random: Very interesting.

Egalem Random: So, will you teach me? I can pay you very handsomely.

Legeand scratches his chin, "Fairly; I have been meaning to add a few magical enhancements to it; though I lack any magic skills." Standing up Legeand moves back a bit, "As for teaching you, I can. There is no need for a fortune on my behalf, though. Most of it is just following a basic set of moves and reaching out from them."

Wintersky: Hi Leggy. What is going on?

Egalem Random looks at the newcomer agape, "Are you a Teton, miss?"

Legeand: Ah, hey Wintersky. It has been a while since seeing you. I was practicing and this young man here took an interest in my style. Says his name is Egalem Random."

Egalem Random nods.

Wintersky: Interesting. Yes, I am a Teton shaman.

Wintersky: My name is Wintersky.

Legeand: Wintersky here is one of my traveling companions I have joined with on a few adventures.

Egalem Random: Pleased to me you, Wintersky...and Leggy?

Legeand: Ah heh...My name is Legeand; Leggy is a nick name they have taken to.

Egalem Random: My apologies, Legeand.

Legeand: Ah, it is alright. Most people tend to call me it after a day or two; long name and all.

Egalem Random: I am kind of a prince...I guess.

Legeand chuckling, eyes the young Random and shrugs, "I have never been much for titles and such; as you can tell from the lack of respect..." He sticks his tongue out playfully at Wintersky.

Wintersky: So you want to learn sword fighting? Leggy here is one of the best I know.

Legeand: Considering I have bested a few of the best we knew...

Egalem Random: That is good to know. I have grown accustomed to the best...not to be overbearing or anything.

Wintersky: You may be accustomed to the best, but I bet you bruise just like the rest of us.

Legeand: The best, the worst. In the end, it all returns to the dust. Ahem, do not mind that I am bad for saged words.

Wintersky: Yeah, you sound like a maudlin bard.

Egalem Random: Oh, I have three older brothers. I know what bruises are.

Legeand: I still hurt from that Ice Elemental we fought.

Wintersky: Do you know where the others are, Leggy?

An stately man strides up with a stern look on his face.

Legeand gives a meek shrug turning back to Wintersky, "Not a clue."

Haastifur: Master Egalem, you should be on your way to your lessons.

Wintersky looks the man approaching.

Egalem Random (under his breath): Darn.

Wintersky: I believe that he is attempting to obtain lessons, sir.

Legeand: Oh? never want to miss those. Knowledge has its uses where a sword never finds a gap in armor.

Haastifur: Really, Egalem. What has your father told you about keeping Gresham waiting.

Egalem Random: Not to.

Haastifur: That is correct. Now get a move on.

Haastifur gives Legeand and Wintersky a disdainful glance and glides back off the way he came.

Egalem Random scowls.

Legeand chuckling, "If you do get free time, Egalem, I am around town. I am sure if you ask around for a man in glowing armor you will find me without a second thought."

Wintersky: Yes, do come around later.

Egalem Random waits until Haastifur is out of earshot, "Absolutely."

Egalem Random: I better go. I will look for you around town.

Legeand grins rougishly, "Though I'm sure not many people walk around with enough arms to run an army either."

Nyza: Meanwhile, "Athena" departs the doors of Magus Universitatus. She stops on the main road and looks for something to do (or set on fire).

Egalem Random starts to run off and smiles back, waving, before disappearing down the road.

Legeand: Collects his armor and weapons.

Nyza spots someone familiar down the road. She grins and channels a spell.

Athena appears directly in front of Legeand with a poof.

Nyza: Surprise!

Legeand lets out a GAH! of shock before almost falling backwards, "Don't do that!"

Nyza looks disappointed.

Wintersky: Good one!

Nyza: Hmm, it is no good if our meat-shield gets scared so easily.

Legeand: Scared? I am armed to the teeth. You know I am willing to dice anything that pops out like a gopher!

Wintersky: No, I think you are lucky you were not skewered.

Nyza nods at Wintersky. "Nyza take a break from studying. How goes your own cross-time adventure?"

Wintersky meet StormClouds.

Nyza looks around.

Nyza eventually waves at the thin air next to Wintersky.

Legeand: Another companion? With all the spirits and animals you have following you.

Wintersky: He is a friend just like you, Leggy.

Celesta walks up on her way to Magus Universitatus.

Celesta: Good morning.

Wintersky: I do not limit my self to just ten friends and no more.

Wintersky: Celesta, it is good to see you.

Legeand (grinning): You say that like we do not have enough. Well, it always helps to have another, I guess. Morn.

Celesta: Good to see you all, as well.

Nyza aknowledges the mage's presence silently.

Wintersky: With the enemies this crowd attracts, the more friends the better.

Legeand: Then again the more we have the more we attract too, no?

Wintersky: Perhaps.

Nyza: Still, we are stronger with more allies. It is safer overall.

Legeand: Let me know when we travel with fifty or so. I might need to thin the ranks.

Celesta: I thought I would let you know that Marshal Octavius wanted to have a meeting about what to do next.

Wintersky: Besides, I feel naked without a good horse.

Nyza: Marshal? Like Aifos?

Celesta: Yes, Aifos.

Legeand: What next? Such as we know we need to 'set up' gods and such.

Celesta: He has options that may be more to everyone's liking.

Wintersky: Really?

Celesta: I have already discussed things with him and I have a mission of my own to complete.

Nyza: We do seem a bit lost without him. All we can otherwise think to do is help a supremely evil person ascend.

Legeand: Like the next god of destruction or how about a god of plagues?

Celesta: He is with Luanes at the Temple of Armee.

Nyza: We should swing by the inn to grab Sparta, then. If he is still there... Does anyone know?

Legeand: I have been here all morning, so I have no idea.

Celesta: He is not all that pleased with the Grotesque situation either.

Celesta: I saw Sparta and Dale heading down towards the temple, though I had the impression they were touring.

Legeand: Then we should be able to pick them up easily.

Celesta: I will see you all later.

Nyza: See you at the meeting?

Celesta: No. I am dealing with Isildul. If you need me at some point, contact me through the sending stone.

Nyza: Dealing with?

Legeand donning the rest of his equipment, "Then shall we pick up our missing shorties?"

Nyza: Hehe, he is a handsome young human, yes?

Celesta smiles.

Celesta: Too.

Celesta heads off towards the university.

Nyza: Maybe we should not keep the General waiting. Time has not been on our side lately, hmm?

Legeand: It is not like we do not have a few millennium to catch up on.

Wintersky: Well, let us go get Sparta and Dale and then see the General.

The group wanders back to the inn to collect Oliveryn and then heads down to the temple.

Oliveryn greets the group and follows them to the temple.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Hello, Sparta...Dale.

Sparta: Hello, Master Aifos.

Luanes turns and smiles.

Sparta: I hope we aren't intruding.

Sparta: We came to visit Luanes, but I'm glad you're here too.

Luanes: Good morning. No, it is fine.

Sparta: You see we have a dilmema or two and perhaps you can offer us some advice.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: I am hoping Celesta found the rest of your companions to let them know to meet down here.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: A dilemma. My concern as well.

Dale: Celesta? We haven't seen her all morning.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: She has been spending her time at the magic school.

Sparta: Aye, and they have names.

Sparta: Zodyu and Ozi.

Luanes: Yes, we have other options for being helpful in this time.

Sparta: Luanes, your father gave us a quest.

Sparta: I'm glad you said that. Lukinvor would never forgive me if we help Zodyu any more.

Luanes: He did. I think I know where we can find Visaria.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: One diametrically opposed to Zodyu.

Sparta: Really?

Sparta: Yes, I was hoping we could help her or Lukinvor.

Sparta: Where do you think we can find Visaria?

Luanes: Where she was born, of course.

Wintersky, Legeand, Oliveryn and Nyza enter the temple and are escorted into the alcove.

Dale: Born? Hasn't she set off on her way yet?

Luanes: She is a teenaged half-elf at this point, I believe.

Wintersky: Sparta, Dale, Luanes, good to see you.

Legeand: I have a feeling we walked in on half a conversation.

Sparta: Hello, Miss 'Sky. Oh, good everyone is with you.

Wintersky: Oh, hello Aifos.

Luanes smiles warmly at Wintersky, "Welcome."

Wintersky: Not Ozi.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: We are only getting started.

Dale: That's just as well, he scares me.

Oliveryn nods to everyone.

Nyza: Eh, he has always helped us.

Legeand: He is probably still butt-kissing our soon-to-be god.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Luanes was expressing the option of helping Visaria.

Luanes nods.

Wintersky: Is she not a child at this point?

Sparta: I would like to help Visaria, but I think we need to try to help Ozi first.

Luanes: A teenager, but half-elf, so less mature than a human of the same age.

Wintersky: Help Ozi? What?

Sparta: His infatuation with Zodyu isn't healthy.

Legeand: Well, I am sure Zodyu will be getting sick of him soon enough.

Wintersky: No, but it is his. And he has choosen the path of evil.

Sparta: Do you remember when we first met? He wasn't always like this.

Sparta: He is, or at least was, our friend.

Nyza: Me do not like this picking and choosing. It makes more sense to me that we help all of the proto-gods.

Luanes: We do not want to give up on Ozi, but he needs to ask at this point.

Nyza: To put time the way it should be.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: I agree with Luanes.

Wintersky: Sparta, it is personal decision and choices that make a person what they are.

Legeand: We are all bound to change. He took a path that we chose not to.

Sparta: You are willing to let him descend to damnation without even trying to save him?

Wintersky: Sparta, I have been trying all along.

Wintersky: I could see his path. He chooses this.

Luanes: No, Sparta. He will face something soon, I believe, that will begin to turn him around.

Legeand: If not, a few smacks up side the head with some sharp metal object might help.

Wintersky: You have been treading a dangerous path yourself, Sparta.

Sparta: I hope it doesn't come to that, Legeand.

Nyza: Hmm? What does Sparta do that is so bad?

Sparta: She's right, Nyza.

Wintersky: Vengence.

Nyza: And?

Sparta: There were days in Troll's Bridge I was ready to burn the whole city to the ground.

Nyza: You are not convincing me, heh.

Legeand: Only a few? I am sure Nyza almost did it hourly.

Luanes smiles.

Wintersky: And she likes fire.

Nyza: Anyway, we never let our philosophies get between us before. Why does it matter now?

Luanes: That city is a vile place, but there are also many innocents there that have nowhere else to live.

Dale: Did you see the look in Ozi's eye when Luanes fell?

Wintersky: It matters to me, Nyza.

Luanes: I can only imagine.

Nyza: No... You are not saying he enjoyed it?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Celesta almost disintegrated him for it.

Dale: He tried to act indifferent.

Wintersky: He did not care as far as I could tell.

Legeand: After the first hop here and his little chat, did you expect less from him?

Dale: Inside, yes, he enjoyed it.

Sparta: Yes, I did.

Sparta: Which one of us is next to fall.

Sparta: And, when will it be on the end of his blade.

Wintersky: The question is do any of us choose to do evil.

Luanes: We do eventually need to help him, but I think starting Visaria on her path may lead us there more quickly than beating sense into Ozi.

Legeand: You know he cannot walk more then five feet when he tries.

Sparta turns back to Luanes.

Nyza crosses her arms and looks away.

Sparta: Are you sure? Is that the best way to help him?

Nyza: Then you beat him without me, after we help Visaria. Ozi is only ever nice to me.

Sparta: I don't want to abandon him to Zodyu.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: And while Ozimius is enamored with Zodyu and distracting him, it would be good to spend our time wisely.

Legeand: You saw Zodyu when he was with Ozi. He is a bit like a rival dog with his hairs up by him;

Wintersky: Sparta, I will not say it is hopeless, but Ozi has to want to change.

Oliveryn looks at the party, moving his eyes back and forth to the speakers.

Sparta: I know.

Sparta: I know we can't make him change.

Wintersky: Right now his aura makes my skin crawl. He has chosen to be an anti-paladin; a force of evil.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Alright!

Aifos Auravici Octavius: We are in the Age of Demons and it is taking its toll on us all.

Nyza looks distracted for a moment. She then shakes her head to clear the confusion.

Dale clutches her mistletoe.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Ozimius is doing his part as Taevon mentioned we all would do.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: His salvation is not for this time.

Wintersky: Perhaps he is the only one of us that would willingly help Zodyu.

Sparta (dejectedly): Is he that far gone?

Wintersky: Yes, he is. But a step from becoming a demon.

Sparta: Demons? He hated demons.

Legeand: He hated a demon.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: He is in Imhiakaam's grasp. Celesta is working on making his course swing when we return to your time.

Sparta looks around.

Sparta: Celesta? She's not here.

Legeand: I am up for whatever the group is willing to do, though I have promissed a young Random to help sword-train him...

Nyza: She is with Isildul at the moment.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Celesta's background makes her suited to the less scrupulous things that need to be done in that arena, but she is finding the path to redemption as well.

Dale shudders.

Dale: The lich?

Wintersky: Not yet.

Nyza: He never look better.

Sparta sighs.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Isildul is an impressionable young wizard who is securing his salvation, which will not come to pass for over a millennium.

Sparta: Then we leave Ozi behind while we search out Visaria and the others?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: And Celesta.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: I will remain in Walton as well to make sure Zodyu is kept busy.

Sparta (whispers): I hope Ozi doesn't have to wait that long.

Nyza: Ahh, love saving two lost souls... It is so sweet. Such a human idea.

Legeand: Says the lizard who wants to make a home.

Luanes: Then, may I suggest we journey to Zelmbring to find Visaria.

Legeand: How hostile will Zelmbring be to us?

Wintersky: Why should Zelmbring be hostile?

Legeand: You never know.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: It will not be the open-minded community that Redemption is in the future.

Wintersky: Probably about as hostile as every other towm.

Legeand: Even in our time races are tense against each other. What is to say it is different now?

Nyza: Nyza is not giving her disguise-hat back to the temple, even if a time-loop calls for it to happen.

Sparta: Tanglewood held as much danger in this Age as it does on our own.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Zelmbring is an elven controlled village at this time and there are prejudices that must be overcome.

Legeand: How strong against humans and halfings?

Sparta: Legeand, we aren't planning to besiege Zelmbring.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Disdain, but half-elves...that is another story. And, as Luanes mentioned, Visaria is a half-elf.

Legeand: Yes; but a walking armored warrior with weapons in the lead?

Nyza: Will it be safe to travel there magically? It is quite a distance otherwise and through possibly hostile Tanglewood.

Legeand: I don't exactly 'blend' well.

Sparta: Dale and I do, at least in more natural surroundings.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: It is always a risk to teleport, but proper preparation should mitigate the danger. Scrying will help and knowledge of the keep which has not moved will also help.

Nyza: Okay, so we have some, er, time, then.

Nyza: We meet back in a few hours for the journey or maybe tomorrow?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: I will leave you to the preparations.

Legeand: I should probably let that young Random know that I will be leaving town.

Wintersky: Perhaps we could really annoy his keeper and take him on a road trip.

Dale: Random? You met the Emperor?

Legeand: Eh...kinda?

Legeand: Egalem Random.

Sparta: That was Emperor Ran MCXI's name before he took the throne.

Legeand: Look, I am not a history buff, okay? I knew the last name.

Luanes: And he is going to learn to wield a sword from one of the best swordsmen from a millennium in the future.

Legeand: Ah, shat...

Wintersky: If we can get him away from his keeper.

Legeand: Why do we have the luck to run into everyone important?

Legeand: Can I not once...run into some random bunny...

Sparta: Aye, we are meeting all these people who will rise to powerful positions in our time. This is getting complicated.

Legeand: Like fluffy... and cute? I will call it something like George... I will love him and hug him... and pet him!

Wintersky: Now who is looking for companions?

Legeand: Ah, sush. I do not have a single pet!

Legeand: And, what is he going to do? Eat a carrot to invoke fear?! My lord, the fear!

Wintersky: No. No, Legeand. I think a pet for you is just the thing.

Luanes: Now, now, Legeand. This is something to gain even more wisdom from.

Legeand: A book by Legeand... 'How I Went Insane'...a tale of bunnies.

Wintersky: Yeah, People will think you have a lot of girl friends.

Sparta: Legeand, if you really want a pet rabbit, let's go hunting in the woods. I bet I can live trap one before sundown.

Legeand: Goodie.

Legeand: How do you leash a rabbit?

Nyza: Ms. Sky! Is it okay if Nyza borrow the crystal ball? It is faster than my spell and me need to scry for the teleportation fix.

Luanes scowls.

Dale scowls as well.

Wintersky hands Nyza the crystal ball chuckling to herself.

Nyza: Many thanks!

Wintersky: Any time, Nyza.

Sparta: Are you sure this won't pop us another thousand years into history?

Nyza: Maybe after we help this batch of gods!

Luanes: I think that is why Aifos is relying on you to do the magical transportation, Nyza.

Dale: Nyza, how many of us can you carry at once?

Nyza begins counting on her fingers.

Oliveryn looks around wondering what going on.

Nyza: Four others besides me at the same time or all of us at once if we travel the shadow plane.

Dale: I'd really like to bring Ferocious with me.

Legeand: Well, considering there are eight here not including pets, a shadow jaunt might work best.

Wintersky: I can take myself, SnowShadow, StormClouds, plus two small people or one larger person.

Nyza: Ah, can you teleport as well, Ms. Sky? That would speed things up considerably, especially with Celesta's help if she comes.

Wintersky: Yes, I can teleport once a day. I just do not like to.

Nyza: Good to know. It is best saved for an emergency, yes?

Legeand: I would agree on the back up teleporting.

Wintersky: It is a useful emergency spell, but so far I have never found an emergency that required it.

Legeand: The moment you do, you will not have it.

Wintersky: Spoken like a true pessimist.

Nyza: Um, General, is Mask coming along with us?

Legeand: Spoken like our luck the past long time.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: I believe Celesta is available if necessary. She said you would be able to contact her.

Wintersky: I feel very lucky. I am living in interesting times.

Legeand: On the stone right?

Nyza: Chain-teleports are probably safer than a shadow jaunt. That spell is, um...unpredictable.

Wintersky: Do shadows inhabit the shadow plane?

Nyza: Yep! As the name suggests.

Legeand: We need to find you something to boost your teleporting count.

Wintersky: Not just a lovely ride in the shade, then.

Nyza: That would be nice, Leggy. It takes quite a bit of focus to maintain a passenger's integrity during transport.

Legeand: Oh, yea. I needed to hear that.

Wintersky: You can teleport three times?

Nyza: If you mean round trips, yes. Seven otherwise. Nyza is no scroll-bound wizard!

Nyza: But me go back to the Universitatus after this and get Celesta's help. One trip would be better.

Legeand: Hmmm, to bad we cannot link several mages together for a super teleport.

Legeand: Teleport the town in one huge jump, just for kicks.

Sparta: Why don't we return to the inn to collect our things.

Sparta: Who knows how long we'll be gone.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: That would be teleportation circle, Legeand.

Wintersky: No, Nyza just two trips. There, back, there. I take my bunch.

Legeand: Ah? I'm not up to cue on my magic as you can tell.

Wintersky: We will just have to hope no emergency occurs in the day after I teleport.

Nyza: Give me an hour to study through the ball. And er, Wintersky will need to do that as well. In fact, you take the ball back.

Nyza: So an hour to cast for me; an hour to study. The earliest we leave is in two hours.

Legeand: Grab Cel too if you are doing that.

Legeand: All three of you study.

Nyza: This hurt my brain too much. Let us just leave tomorrow morning. By then, we are all studied and have our things gathered and apprentices trained.

Luanes: Sounds good to me.

Wintersky: What apprentices?

Nyza: Legeand has his pet emperor?

Legeand shrugs, "I would need more than a day, but fine."

Nyza grins at Leggy.

Wintersky: That and his rabbit.

Legeand: Remind me to ask for... Oh, I don't know... a town or something...

Wintersky grins at Leggy.

Legeand glares at Wintersky.

Wintersky: Aw, come on. You know you want one.

Nyza: We can locate a rabbit while all this scrying is going on!

Nyza: Teleport into its warren and lasso it, mwahaha.

Aifos Auravici Octavius shakes his head.

Legeand sighs, "That was a joke... Like seriously, if I wanted a pet, I would just leash Nyza..."

Nyza crosses her arms again, "Nuh uh!'

Legeand: Flames on a rope. Only a toss away.

Luanes gasps.

Wintersky: Be nice. You know we are only teasing.

Legeand chuckles, "Oh, I know, but that would be amusing... Swining Nyza in a circle as she uses a ray or something..."

Our heroes begin their preparations: packing, scrying, studying and such.

Dale joins Nyza & Miss 'Sky studying the crystal ball, looking for an ironwood tree near to Zelmbring.

During the course of the various scryings each sees the familiar keep of Zelmbring on a bluff above a village that does not look anything like Redemption in the future.

There is an open area at the base of the bluff shaded by a huge ironwood tree.

Dale: Do you see that tree at the base of the bluff? That's where Sparta and I will appear with Ringo and Ferocious.

Nyza: Likewise.

Wintersky: I will aim for the left of that tree. Who wants to come with me, SnowShadow and StormClouds?

Luanes: I will, Wintersky.

Wintersky: You can call Gaelitae when we get there?

Luanes: Yes.

Wintersky: So Nyza, Oli, Eregard and T'Krosh are left?

Legeand: And, I will flap my arms in the wind.

Nyza: T'Krosh wait in the University for the trip.

Wintersky: Sorry, Leggy. Did not mean to leave you out.

Sparta: Don't you think the old boy will be useful?

Oliveryn: Yes, and Eregard will be coming.

Legeand: It is alright.

Nyza: Top secret!

Nyza: Well, only mild secret maybe. We want to find out about the kobolds in this time. He research for me.

Sparta looks askance at Nyza.

Sparta: You planning to make a home here, Nyza?

Nyza: Well, let us hope that we do not stay long enough for that.

Sparta: Well, let's get some dinner and some rest.

Sparta: We can leave right after breakfast.

Wintersky: How did I know you would say that.

Oliveryn: Always good to have a meal in before we leave, unless people get nauseous while traveling.

Oliveryn smiles.

Nyza: Nope! Eating is good for you. Especially beer.

Nyza: Munch munch. Om nom nom.

The rest of the day is spend in preparation for the next day's events. As the group relaxes in the dining hall, Egalem wanders in.

Egalem Random: Hello.

Legeand: Ah, young Random. Popped in for a visit?

Wintersky: Lost your keeper for the time being, young prince?

Egalem Random: I do get some free time.

Wintersky: Glad to hear it.

Egalem Random: I usually spend it all at the smithy, though.

Sparta watches the young prince, amazed at how much he looks like his older self, a thousand years in the future.

Legeand: Good to know. It is always good to know what materials your armor and sword are made of.

Egalem Random: He has a new journeyman starting tonight, so I skipped out.

Egalem Random: You are all the group that made the big entrance in town a few days ago, are you not.

Legeand: Ah, yes we are.

Egalem Random: There were others, I thought...a giant and a demon and a wizard, too?

Sparta (mutters): He's not a demon.

Nyza: By the giant, you mean Zodyu, yes? Me think everyone in town know his name now.

Legeand: Hmm, yes; they are about their own business in town.

Wintersky pats Sparta shoulder consolingly.

Sparta smiles wanly at Wintersky.

Oliveryn eats little, hoping not to get sick during travel.

Legeand: It seems my group has decided we need to make a way-lay to another town for a bit, so my invitation might need some working while I am away.

Egalem Random: My father insists that I talk with the lady wizard, but I have been too busy.

Wintersky: Celesta is quite nice. You might like her.

Legeand: I do not know how well you will learn enchantments from her though.

Egalem Random: I heard at the university that she is kind of stern.

Legeand: She is rough like a board of nails until you get to know her.

Egalem Random: Sounds like all the wizards I know.

Wintersky: She is very good, very powerful and wants to be taken seriously.

Egalem Random: I will run into her eventually. The whole school is buzzing about her.

Wintersky: She is also kind, work hard and you will please her.

Legeand: A mage with magics they hardly know; go figure.

Sparta: Perhaps the young prince would like to join us on our journey tomorrow?

Egalem Random: A journey? Where?

Wintersky: I think that is called kidnapping, Sparta.

Sparta: Not if he comes willingly.

Egalem Random: Not if I want to go.

Sparta: We are off to visit Zelmbring.

Wintersky: He is what...ten? If his parents agree.

Egalem Random: Zelmbring? Just tomorrow?

Nyza: We walk fast.

Egalem Random: You are going to teleport.

Legeand: I think its more like a week stay...

Dale: And, walk through trees too.

Egalem Random looks excited.

Wintersky: Would your parents agree, young prince?

Nyza: Err, maybe this is not such a good idea.

Legeand: You think they could stop him?

Egalem Random: If it is a magical endeavor, my father will agree.

Wintersky: Perhaps not, but we could.

Wintersky: I will come with you to ask.

Egalem Random: Alright.

Nyza: It might be dangerous, we never know about these things. And a prince dying would have...DIRE repercussions.

Legeand: Oh? Only dire?

Egalem Random: I will get a charm from my father that will keep me safe.

Dale: I don't think there is any danger of his dying.

Egalem Random looks confused.

Wintersky: Let us go ask your parents; mother and father both.

Dale winks at him.

Legeand: It will be good to teach him as we go anyway.

Wintersky and Egalem leave the inn and head to Random House.

Dale: Sparta, you are a naughty boy. You intend to introduce young Random to Visaria?

Sparta: Why not, they have to meet sooner or later.

Sparta: And, it's better than him becoming enamored with Celesta.

Sparta: She has her hands full with Isildul.

Luanes: But do they meet this soon?

Sparta: Who's to say they don't.

Luanes: Just wondering out loud.

Sparta: Oli, do you know any tales of the emperor's betrothal?

Luanes: I do.

Luanes: They were engaged in the dwarven enclave in Observation Peak at the northern end of the Rearing Realm Mountains.

Legeand: At what age?

Luanes: Young. I am not sure how old they were. They had been adventuring together for over a year, though.

Oliveryn thinks to himself for a second, wondering if his mind can trace back those tales.

Oliveryn: I believe it was the year 32; about seven years from now.

Legeand: So we put a seed into his head about it then.

Sparta: Well, perhaps his father will forbid the journey.

Legeand: Somehow, I doubt that.

Oliveryn: They were married sometime that same year here in Walton.

Sparta: Well, if they are to be married seven years from now, they had better get started a courting soon.

Dale: Sparta, the big folk don't usually court as long as we do.

Nyza: Oh? How fast before the big folk do it?

Legeand: Within weeks...

Legeand: Sometimes within decades.

Wintersky and Egalem return after awhile. Mother and father both agree to the "adventure," but Melage cautions teleporting may have some undesireable effect towards the east of the city.

Dale: I'm not teleporting. As long as there is an ironwood tree, I can get there.

Egalem Random is as excited as ever, "I get to go! This is going to be great."

Legeand: Just make sure to hold back if anything big action-wise hits.

Egalem Random: I will be invisible.

Legeand: Invisibility does not always help, Egalem.

Egalem Random: I know, but it usually helps.

Wintersky: Egalem, do you know what the effect your father was talking about?

Dale: You will need to stay in touch with us when we leave, otherwise you will be left behind.

Egalem Random: Gresham's Library...maybe. He has odd wards up sometimes.

Sparta: Gresham? He is here?

Wintersky: We could walk a distance passed Gresham's Library and maybe avoid the effect.

Egalem Random: Gresham the Golden is my wizard master.

Egalem Random: He is teaching me to be a wizard.

Dale: Oh my.

Legeand: Then again is it not sometimes fun to take a risk like teleporting though danger?

Oliveryn: Some risks should never be taken.

Legeand: I am suprised you would say something like that after what you have tried.

Egalem Random: He is quite powerful and it might be better to journey beyond his tower before trying to teleport to Zelmbring.

Legeand: Then so be it; a nice long stroll before we teleport to town.

Wintersky: You could ride pillion with me.

Dale: Maybe Sparta will catch a rabbit for you, Legeand.

Nyza: That does not sound so bad. The tower is fairly close, so it will not be too much trouble.

Legeand: Glares at Dale, "Maybe we can stop talking about fuzzy, furry creatures of the woods for an hour."

Luanes smirks.

The next morning arrives and after breakfast the group sets out.

Oliveryn: "We are off to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard of..."

Oliveryn skips down the golden brick road.

Sparta: No, Oli, we want to avoid the wizard's tower.

Oliveryn looks confused.

They follow the King's Road to the Zuodeyja Gate and out into Tanglewood, making their way east.

Legeand: He has wards up or something right?

Oliveryn: Oh...

Egalem Random: It would probably better to get beyond his tower before we do any teleporting.

Oliveryn: That would make sense.

Sparta watches for small animals as they walk through the forest.

Egalem Random: I know a pretty safe way through the forest pass the tower...at least I think it goes pass the tower.

Oliveryn strums his lute, looking around.

Legeand: Hopefully it does or else we might have some problems teleporting.

Nyza: The land will be different than we are used to, but not too different, yes?

Nyza: So mountains will still be mountains...

Wintersky: We definitely want to avoid meeting Gresham.

Wintersky: The terrain around Zelmbring looked relatively close to what we are use to.

Egalem Random: You have been to Zelmbring too?

Nyza: Oh yes, they are nice people...or will be?

Sparta points into the brush and whispers to Dale who casts a spell.

Wintersky nods.

Dale casts charm animal on the rabbit hiding in the bushes.

Egalem Random: Will be?

Dale: Come here, little buddy.

Nyza just nods in agreement.

Dale bends down to pluck a rabbit out from under the bush who seems quite calm and friendly to her.

Egalem Random looks confused, but then concentrates on the trail.

Legeand grumbles at Sparta and Dale's lack of sarcastic understanding.

Dale: Legeand, you seem so lonely without a companion.

Dale: Don't you want George?

Legeand glares at Dale, "It was a joke...really..."

Dale strokes the rabbit's ears.

Nyza drops her illusion when they are a good distance away from the city.

Oliveryn: "We are off on a trip to meet our future self..."

Wintersky: Yes, Legeand. He...she...it is hard to tell...is perfect.

Egalem Random: Wow! You are a kobold!

Sparta: She's our friend.

Legeand: She is less likely to eat your face...as burn it.

Oliveryn: For some, she is more than just a friend.

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: And, probably the greatest kobold sorceress you'll ever meet.

Nyza: "Eh? You did not notice before? A prrrrinnncee cannot distinguish the simple illusion?" says Nyza, stressing 'Prince' for some reason.

Egalem Random: We definitely want to avoid the tower then.

Nyza giggles at the praise from Sparta and company.

Wintersky: Why?

Egalem Random: The lightning traps set for the other kobolds.

Sparta: Other kobolds?

Nyza: Other kobolds?

Sparta smiles at Nyza.

Egalem Random: Sure, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of them between Walton and Zelmbring.

Egalem Random: Gresham is always chasing them away.

Egalem Random: They are greener than you...what is your name?

Nyza: "Wow, thousands! We should take a detour to meet them!" she says excitedly.

Nyza: Nyza make fast friends with them. And take command of...er, no, probably not a good idea.

Egalem Random: Not a good idea.

Nyza: Ah, Nyza is Nyza.

Egalem Random: Nyza, they are really vicious, barbaric even.

Nyza: Yeah? Well, softskins are warmongering racists.

Wintersky frowns.

Legeand: Among other things, thank you.

Dale sidles up to Legeand while talk turns to kobolds.

Egalem Random: I do not disagree, Nyza, but these kobolds are...demonic.

Dale still stroking the rabbit, "Are you certain you don't want a pet?"

Legeand glares at Dale again, "Let the bunny go, Dale."

Dale: If you insist.

Nyza: All the more reason to take a look. Nyza see what go wrong with them. After this trip though...

Dale finds another bush to release the rabbit and then drops her spell.

Egalem Random: What deity do you worship, Nyza?

Nyza: Um...none really. My old tribe teaches about Kurtulmak. He watches over kobolds. And Tiamat is revered, since she is all we are supposed to aspire to.

Legeand sighs rubbing his temples, "I rather not have a pet bunny at the moment. Maybe when I stop adventuring, I will pick one up, but until then I have a few decades."

Sparta gulps.

Egalem Random: These kobolds worship Demogorgon.

Dale: When you're ready, just ask. I'm sure Sparta won't mind finding another one for you.

Nyza: T'Krosh find that interesting if Nyza tell him. Oh, T'Krosh is the other halfling you see before. Friday. He is a priest of Kurtulmak, now that you mention it.

Wintersky thinks.

Luanes: It is a powerful demon prince, Nyza.

Legeand: Great. More demons. Where is Ozi when you need him?

Luanes: From the Abyss.

Nyza: Demon? That cannot be right. Kobolds always worship dragons. You are sure of that, prince?

Wintersky frowns again.

Sparta: He's not a demon

Luanes: That is who Demogorgon is.

Nyza: No, a devil. Much different.

Egalem Random: Very certain. Gresham explained the same regarding Kurtulmak.

Luanes: Demogorgon is a demon.

Legeand: Hmmm. Well, technically doesn't Tiamat dwell in a level of the Hells and rule evil dragons?

Wintersky: Ozi is messed up with a devil.

Nyza grins.

Luanes frowns sadly.

Nyza: We can plane shift there to find out!

Luanes: I would rather not.

Egalem Random: Shh. We need to leave the trail to stay far enough away from Gresham's wards.

Sparta is happy to concentrate on finding the way through the forest and not think about the conversation regading Ozimius, devils and demons.

Egalem Random: I hope one of you is a ranger. It is really easy to get lost in Tanglewood.

Oliveryn: I thought someone in our party knew this place like the back of their hand.

Dale: Don't worry, young man. My boyfriend up front will lead the way.

Dale: Just don't fall behind.

Egalem Random: Never heard of a halfling ranger before.

Dale: Really? You must expand your horizons.

Dale: Have you met any druids yet?

Dale tosses her curly hair.

Egalem Random: I seem to have found the right people to do that with.

Legeand grins, "Good thing you met me then, young lordling."

Egalem Random: Just one druid.

Egalem Random: His name is Fairsard. You know that huge oak tree at the top of the Mount of Walls...in the middle of Walton?

Dale: Yes, I was wondering what such a magnificent tree was doing in your city.

Dale: It seemed so out of place up there.

Egalem Random: That is Fairsard.

Dale: Is?

Nyza: The tree is a druid?

Dale: I'll have to go have a chat with him.

Egalem Random: No. The druid is a tree.

Luanes (mumbles): Fascinating.

Legeand: Rather big druid. So, why is he a tree?

Egalem Random: Spends his time thinking and watching over the city that way. He is very, very old.

Nyza: Huh. What does he look like when he is not a tree?

Egalem Random: A very, very old man.

Egalem Random smiles.

Dale: I'm glad you told us that. I was thinking of climbing the tree. I'm glad I didn't.

Nyza is likewise glad she didn't set it on fire.

Luanes stifles a chuckle.

Egalem Random raises an eyebrow.

Egalem Random: He does not burn.

Egalem Random: Sparta, sir?

Sparta: Yes, young master.

Egalem Random: We are getting close to kobold territory. Is there a way to cover our tracks?

Sparta: Yes, but it will slow us down a bit.

Egalem Random: Maybe cover our presence a bit also?

Sparta: Miss 'Sky, can you quiet us down for a bit?

Wintersky: Nothing I have will help with that.

Nyza: Nyza's next step takes her into mid air. She maintains an altitude of about a foot off the ground.

Dale: I could raise a fog, but that might attract just as much attention as we do

Nyza: Nyza can help, but not for any long period of time.

Nyza: Make everyone fly for instance, but that is no good for traveling all day.

Egalem Random: We will want to try and be as quite as possible.

Legeand: I'm not good at quiet.

Dale: OK, everybody gather round. I have another spell that will just do it.

Nyza steps close to Dale.

Wintersky moves close to Dale.

Dale casts Pass Without Trace and touches the nine companions and Ringo.

Dale: Ferocious, you'll have to take care on your own.

Dale: There, now at least you won't leave footprints or scent behind.

Dale: But you will still need to be quiet.

Luanes: I cannot do anything for sound, but I can make us all invisible, though we would not see one another.

Oliveryn moves in.

Wintersky: SnowShadow can disappears as it is, but StormClouds will need some help.

Dale touches StormCloud.

Dale: Are you sure Miss 'Sky? I could use the last touch on Ferocious then.

Wintersky: This is SnowShadow's domain. She will be fine.

Dale touches her lion instead of the panther with the final burst of magic.

The group travels as quietly as possible for a while. Then they begin to hear distant chatter.

Sparta listens to identify where the chatter is coming from.

Nyza whispers to Sparta, "Those are kobold voices. Tell the others?"

Sparta whispers back, "Yes, I'd rather not have to fight your kin, even if they are from a distant tribe."

Nyza nods in agreement.

Nyza flies to each person and relays the message.

Nyza: Again, to Sparta: "Can we go around?"

Sparta still whispering, "We can try."

Sparta leads the party away from the voices.

Legeand grumbles quietly, not being stealthy as he wears glimmering armor.

Sparta leads the way through the forest trying to avoid the kobolds, but also not approach Gresham's Library too closely.

Suddenly, scores of green-scaled kobolds dash by chattering frantically. They look terrified and pay no attention to the group as they race by.

Sparta looks to see what is chasing them.

Something big can be heard approaching from the distant right, slathering and growling.

Nyza examines the kobolds closely as they go by.

Legeand: That cannot be good.

Sparta readies his bow and points with the arrow.

Sparta can see a terrifyingly huge guulvorg approaching through the trees.

Sparta: There, through the trees.

Sparta: Remember the guulvorg from Troll's Bridge?

Legeand sees a straight shot through the trees and takes off at a run towards the guulvorg.

Wintersky casts Divine Agility and then steers StormClouds through the trees.

SnowShadow circles around.

Oliveryn starts to sing a ballad while strumming his lute, inspiring courage in his companions.

Sparta commands Ringo "Protect Dale," then looses a volley of arrows at the beast.

The second arrow hits after the first one nails the closest tree.

Steaming blood sprays from the wound just missing Legeand.

Sparta: I think I made it mad

Nyza recites a spell and a wave of persistent flames spring into existence before Legeand.

Legeand (sarcastically): Cast that closer thext time, Nyza. I need a shave!

Dale: Miss 'Sky, do you want a larger horse?

Sparta looks at his bow and sighs.

Eregard moves forward drawing his blades.

Luanes calls for Gaelitae and mounts.

Dale casts Animal Growth on Ferocious and Ringo.

Dale: Go get him, girl.

Ferocious circles to the left.

Egalem Random vanishes from sight.

The guulvorg circles the flames created by Nyza and stalks towards Legeand.

The guulvorg smashes Legeand with its lightning-fast tail as he closes.

Legeand slashes the guulvorg with a flurry of attacks, but is also sprayed with the beast's boiling blood.

Wintersky woops as she guides StormClouds with her legs, firing an arrow at the guulvorg.

The arrow bounces of the guulvorg's hide.

Oliveryn moves forward contining to sing and help the party.

Sparta lets loose with another volley of arrows, one arrow piercing the guulvorg. Its boiling blood sprays harmlessly on the ground.

Sparta steps a little closer to get a better shot.

Ringo barks.

Nyza steps to the side to get a better view of the guulvorg.

Nyza: You eat those kobolds? Demons or not, that is unforgiveable!

Dale: What is it boy?

Nyza weaves together Boiling Blood. On her command, the guulvorg's blood goes from merely searing hot to fully ignited.

Eregard moves forward to attack.

The guulvorg strikes with its tail again and crushes Eregard's skull. Eregard drops dead.

Oliveryn stops in mid-song.

Oliveryn: Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Luanes urges Gaelitae towards Eregard, dismounting to examine his condition.

Dale casts Speak With Animals.

Dale: What is it, Ringo?

Dale tries to keep her attention on Ringo, even with Eregard falling.

Ringo: Want to attack!

Dale: Ferocious pounces.

The guulvorg's tail strikes again with devastating effect on the huge lion.

Luanes looks over Eregard with expert hands. Her shoulders slump as she makes her examination.

Ferocious rakes at the guulvorg's hide, but it is too tough.

Dale: You better stay here, Ringo.

The guulvorg bites and pounds Legeand.

Legeand is knocked prone, tripped up by the guulvorg.

Legeand: Lets out a blood thirsty roar as he enters a rage. "I will slaughter you dog!"

The guulvorg releases the howling barbarian and backs away, blood spraying over the raging barbarian after his hacking strikes.

Wintersky wheels around and charges back towards Eregard.

Wintersky launches herself from StormClouds and tumbles up to Eregard.

Wintersky is not quite quick enough to revivify Eregard as she sees his spirit begin to depart.

Oliveryn pulls up his hand and casts Spell Enhancer followed by Phantasmal Killer at the creature.

Oliveryn roars, pointing his finger at the creature, "Fear your worst fear!"

The guulvorg is surrounded by shadows and suddenly drops dead beneath Ferocious.

Dale: Let's go, Ringo.

Legeand rolls up onto his knees, panting hard.

Oliveryn runs over to Eregard.

Dale and Ringo run over to Eregard.

Luanes looks to Wintersky.

Luanes: Is there anything you can do, sister?

Dale joins the group huddled around Eregard.

Sparta joins the group huddled around Eregard.

Dale: I can bring him back tomorrow, but he won't be the same.

Nyza: Nyza flies towards Eregard at breakneck speed.

Nyza: Eregard! I wish for you to come back like Wintersky bring back your Lord Oliveryn after the assassin get him!

Sparta sees there is nothing he can do to help the fallen Eregard and looks around to see if there are anymore dangers about.

Nyza: Yentis, Nyza's weasel familiar, leaps from her shoulder and lands at the fallen man's chest and reality ripples around the Eregard.

The effect of a Revivfy revives Eregard.

Eregard blinks his eyes.

Eregard: What...what happened?

Wintersky looks around amazed at Nyza.

Luanes: You fell.

Eregard: I...yeah...

Egalem Random reappears and runs toward the group, "Got your head bashed in."

Eregard looks around.

Eregard: Huh...what?

Nyza kneels to the ground herself, panting from a sudden wave of fatigue.

Luanes looks him over quickly before remembering that Legeand also took a beating from the beast.

Legeand: Next time...do not run up to anything bigger than you. You lack my armor and I am hurting as it is.

Eregard: Well, I think Oli forgot to cast a spell on me.

Luanes stands and walks to Legeand, intent on healing.

Eregard looks at Oli.

Legeand: Remains on his knees in his spot.

Luanes lays her hands on his shoulders and murmurs a prayer.

Oliveryn: I was supposed to cast a spell, so he could not go unconscience or die.

Ferocious moves to Dale for help.

Oliveryn: I am sorry Eregard...and thank you Nyza.

Nyza (huffing): It is okay. Because we are a team.

Legeand: We will be glad we got enough smart people on the team to heal us when we are down.

Dale examines Ferocious' wounds.

Nyza: Leggy, you look like I feel.

Legeand: I feel like I look. Thanks, Luanes, I should be fine for now.

Wintersky casts Heal on Eregard.

Luanes: You are most welcome.

Oliveryn: I am starting to not like this alternate universe.

Legeand: Thank the Gods for some good armor.

Oliveryn: Almost twice we have had someone move onto the next life.

Dale casts Cure Serious Wounds on Ferocious.

Wintersky: Thanks to Nyza, that did not happen today.

Legeand: Well, it would not be the first time we have come close, right Oli?

Egalem Random: We are probably far enough from the library to teleport safely now.

Dale: Ms 'Sky, do you have any power left to heal Ferocious?

Nyza: Ah! Oh, it is you Prince, right.

Oliveryn: This is true.

Wintersky: Yes. I will heal up Ferocious, Dale.

Wintersky casts Cure Critical Wounds on Ferocious.

Dale: Thank you.

Luanes: The last time we teleported, we ended up in another time.

Dale: I could do it myself in the morning, but who knows what will happen in Zelmbring?

Nyza: To be fair, the General cast that spell. Nyza does not send anyone in time yet.

Legeand: Yet.

Oliveryn: Which is good.

Luanes smiles gently to Nyza.

Luanes: That was my pale attempt at humor, Nyza.

Dale: Is anyone else still injured?

Legeand: Well, it could be worse, Nyza's teleports could light us on fire.

Nyza barks a few times. It is probably meant to be a laugh.

Legeand: Speaking of injurys, I think I do have a few spare potions kicking about.

Wintersky: Well, I will worry about my animals and Luanes and Egalem can come with me.

Nyza collects her familiar then moves to the dead beast to scrounge up any valuables it might have collected.

The beast has nothing of value on it. Its lair could be anywhere.

Sparta: I could try to track it back to its lair, but with the kobolds about I think it best we be moving on.

Nyza: If Ozi is here, he take the head off.

Nyza: We all know where to meet, yes?

Wintersky: Next to the big tree below Zelmbring, yes.

Nyza: Okay, see you all there!

Dale: Yes, don't stand too close to the tree. We'll be stepping out of it in a moment.

Wintersky teleports with Egalem, Luanes, SnowShadow and StormClouds and appear near the tree below Zelmbring.

Nyza teleports with Legeand, Oliveryn and Eregard and appeared safely, but closely interspersed with Wintersky's charges.

Dale, Sparta, Ringo and Ferocious huddle up then she casts Transport via Plants.

Dale and group step into the nearest ironwood tree and step out of the tree below Zelmbring.