Ethyltina 21, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 1:5:3 AM

It is always nice when our little group plunders some magic item or thousands of pieces of gold, but it is more important that we don't get ourselves killed. See, a few days ago we decided to find Princess Tangle's treasure. She uh, doesn't need it anymore. Wintersky used a spell to contact the dragon's spirit and get the location of the hoard, so we all have a good idea of where to look. So far so good. The problem is that the dragon's lair is a few days journey through the Tanglewood. Also, the lair is sure to be guarded by something - traps, monsters, etc. As much as I want to go, I really don't want to...

While we were planning our trip through the forest, Oliveryn said he wanted to find Cedarcleaver and make some kind of bargain regarding Troll's Bridge. Considering that the green dragon would have probably killed us during our last meeting if not for General Aifos, I can't say I liked that idea at all. "Hey everyone, let's go look for this super-powerful, enormous, evil dragon, and make friends with him!" Bleh! Well, luckily for Oli (and not the rest of us), we did indeed happen upon Cedarcleaver today - the second day of our trip. Since I'm writing this, he obviously didn't kill me (yet). He talked much, but did not really say anything. Ozimius suspected that the dragon just wanted to follow us to the Princess's hoard - probably true.

After that little scare, we continued our pleasant walk through the woods. The days are growing colder, but it is still comfortable to walk above-ground. Spending the winter outside of a cave is not something I'm looking forward to. Anyway, the fey finally decided to interrupt our journey. By throwing javelins at us. How very rude! I mean, I know that the Obulus is in some kind of war with the forest dwellers, but I would have thought they would at least be civil about meeting softskins in "their" land. They did not even say "hello". We were of course forced to kill them, but really, it was their own fault!

The battle was like most others I have experienced; Leggy, Ozi, and Sparta ran to melee range while Ms. Sky and I unleashed magical attacks from a distance. T'Krosh, who was thankfully not killed by the party when I introduced him, seems to like taking part in both roles. He tried to lay some kind of a hex on our attackers, to varying success. But I don't think he should really get so close to our foes; my kind can be brave, but we are still small and frail compared to the softskins. I'm sure Ozi or Legeand could make kobold-stew out of T'Krosh in seconds if they wanted to.

When we dispatched the last of the fey, something strange happened. My thoughts must have wandered back to Cedarcleaver, because it occurred to me that it isn't good enough to just avoid him; we'll have to kill the green dragon if my new city is to live in peace. And Drymorjoc too. We should also find what happened to the orbs of dragon control. I haven't thought about those in quite a long time, not since Sun-Baker the Elder told stories of them to us kobold children several years ago.

So after a day filled with dragons and fey, could the day have become any worse? The answer, naturally, is yes! Yes it could! Because if there is anything worse than fey, it is gnomes. And as our bad luck would have it, there is a tiny gnomish village right next to the Princess's lair. Sparta has the idea that kobolds and gnomes will have to stop being enemies someday, and I do agree. It's just... very hard. I look at the short ones and find them glaring back at me, plotting murder against me and T'Krosh. We'll be resting in one of their barns tonight, but the gnomes will not catch me unprepared. I already set many Alarm spells around the perimeter, and Yentis says he will keep up a watch. They'll be in for a rude surprise if they try anything.


Ok, I cannot stay awake much longer. I drew a sketch of today's battle. I think I should have been paying more attention to the drawing instead of watching for gnome-attacks because it did not come out very well. The humanoid fey is all blurry, and T'Krosh and Sparta do not stand out very well in the fog (which T'Krosh conjured during the fight). Luckily, I paid more attention to Wintersky's bow and to Legeand as he ripped apart one of the dragonfly-fey with his bare hands.