Beginning the Hunt

Post date: Jun 10, 2010 11:0:18 PM

Having my sanity back and only now talking to my skulls as a ploy to keep my enemies believing I am still under the effects of the disease, I begin anew a journal this eightteenth day of Undecitina of the year 1000 of the Age of Chaos to organize my ideas for hunting Imhiakaam and leading my countrymen back into their rightful position within Saje.

To begin, I need to normalize the situation with Aris and "Balis" to get our forces back into Troll's Bridge while chaos reigns there.  I need to conceal my plans and thoughts and cure, but this chaos should allow me some flexibility and cover as I take on the leadership of my expatriate Sajenese.

Dealing with Imhiakaam will be very dangerous and I must remember that she will likely discover what I am up to.  She must remember our encounter in the Age of Demons and I am certain that she took great joy in impersonating a Sphinx clanswoman.  For the time being, I need to try and keep her in that role if for no other reason than to keep her from attending to her other self-appointed duty of corrupter of Troll's Bridge.

I hope to rally all Sajenese to this secluded location in Tanglewood near Troll's Bridge and re-establish our presence and lay the foundation for utter control of its underground.

Ah, it seems that through some magical summons, my countrymen begin to approach.  The Elder Ring of Khan seems to be pulsing in anticipation of their arrival.  I must prepare.