Wintersky's Page

Wintersky was born during a fall snow storm. Her mother is Horse Pacer and her father is WindFunnel. WindFunnel,, idolized by his daughter, is a great warrior and has been a Protector of the People for many years. His first wife,BlueFlower, died in childbirth bearing a son, LongSpear. LongSpear is also a warrior and can cast a spear further and more accurately than anyone else.. Horse Pacer makes the most beautiful beadwork of any in the tribe. Her ceremonial beadwork is sought after by many. Wintersky would like nothing better than to be a Warrior of the People.

Wintersky's family loves her greatly, though her mother and father believe that being a warrior is a waste of her talents and will ultimately lead her to unhappiness. LongSpear dotes on his little sister teaching her whatever she wants to know. He has taught her to ride, hunt, cast a spear, and shoot a bow. He also over time,taught her caution in expressing what she knows.

Other than LongSpear, Wintersky has been somewhat of a loner since childhood.  Her spirit friends and her own unusual observational skills set her apart from other children. She soon learned to hide her interactions with the spirit world; but the others found her uncanny knowledge worrisome. She soon found that the open plains offered comfort and pleasure as she did not have to work so hard concealing her nature. Horse was Horse and Plains were Plains and Sky was Sky. No hidden agendas,no known secrets, no intrigue.

SnowShadow appeared on the Fourth day of Wintersky's Totem Journey. She just uncoiled from a snow drift and brought a white hare to Wintersky. Taking the hare from the panther, Wintersky was marked across her right shoulder and down her back with a panther a Protector of the People's Totem. Wintersky believes that this means she will be a Warrior of the People.

Crooked Root has been teaching Wintersky about spirits, healing and guiding her gently, quietly along the path of a SpiritWalker.  Wintersky already experiences a great love for the People, and feels the Land as part of her. She just needs to discover her calling and gain confidence in it. She has been part of All for so long she does not realize that not everyone knows this.

As much as the tribe respects SpiritWalkers, being a SpiritWalker can be a lonely calling. Being half in the spirit realm gives one an other worldly aire. Very few are truly friends with a SpiritWalker but those that are are exceptional indeed.