Inamorata Incorporeal

Post date: Mar 20, 2009 12:35:27 AM

Legeand and Chelsia have been friends since childhood and have gotten themselves into and out of several scrapes along the way.  Chelsia has always been looking for a way out of Isilville and hatching schemes to do that.

Chelsia's last scheme involved taking up with a local band of brigands and helping them move towards a bigger town after looting Isilville.  Legeand takes exception to this plan and informs Chelsia he is going to the elders to report her.  She attacks and Legeand flies into a rage while defending himself, killing her.

The elders, after much consideration and debate, clear Legeand of murder charges, but banish him from Isilville out of fear that he will kill someone in a rage in the future.  Dejected and lost, Legeand wanders to Redemption in search of guidance and finds friends among a group of adventurers that have recently come to Redemption.

Chelsia's ghost finds Legeand in Redemption unaware that she is even dead and is even helpful.  However, Legeand eventually causes Chelsia to recall the events of her death and attacks.  Fortunately, Wintersky, aware of the presence of the ghost since arriving in Redemption, is able to interdict the spirit, who is gone...for now.

Timeline of Events