Hexatina 16, 1000 PC

Post date: May 23, 2010 4:16:40 PM

The Gaedracis is dead! Again! And this time he'll stay dead. The big break in the search came recently when the lich attacked Redemption again, assuming me and the other "Heroes" were there. We've moved on to bigger and more important things though, so all he did was hurt innocents. Or maybe I should say noncombatants? We're innocents too! Anyway, Tesela was killed, and Brezaya (the woman with big breasts) was badly hurt. Luckily, one of Ms. Sky's compatriots was able to track the lich back to its lair after the attack. I was notified and met the others at Redemption so we could launch the counterattack!

We stopped at Tangleton for a night during the march. I hope nobody was too disappointed at the small tunnels and the hastily built hobbit holes, but I tried to stress that the new town is still under construction (and will be for some time). Maybe one of my friends will stay there when we are done adventuring? Oli will be busy with his own city of course, and Wintersky will probably return to her own tribe. Maybe I can convince Leggy to make a home here? We could use his muscle! And maybe the quiet setting will soothe his nerves a bit.

The next day, we located the Gaedracis's lair. The approach was dangerous - not so much for us, but for Wintersky's friend! The ghost Chelsia, along with a really nasty blade trap, cut him into tiny pieces and then deformed his spirit! T'Krosh showed his interest moreso than I, and he was very insensitive about it! Yes, the trap was very effective, and I'm sure we were both thinking about how we could build a few of them ourselves for Tangleton. But a friend of a friend had something horrible happen to him! For being a priest, T'Krosh is not much of a "people person."

Our assault on the lich went quickly. I summoned a very large magma spider to tear down the outer gate, and then we proceeded inside. Have I written of the spider before? I only researched the method to summon it recently. The spider is like an enormous one from this world, but made of pure fire (even its web). It is truly an amazing creature. Anyway, we were immediately beset by wraiths and, of course, the lich himself. Mask stole the show once again by turning the undead gnoll into dust with a disintegration. She lacks style! All she ever does is point her finger and poof, dust. Meanwhile I made a spectacle by setting the entire room on fire! Ahaha! Now that catches people's attention! The wraiths perished quickly, and nobody was seriously hurt in the encounter. We then had to disarm a bizarre trap which was protecting the Gaedracis's phylactery.

The gnoll is very stupid really. Why would he make a quiz based trap if he only intended to be able to disarm it himself? He should have made the questions tied to events in his own (un)life - things that only he would know. As it was, Oliveryn and Legeand easily disarmed it. Sparta had the honor of completing his revenge by destroying the phylactery with his own summoned fire creature. I hope the halflings of Rebelton who were killed can rest easy now.

Oh, and Chelsia is still on the loose. The Gaedracis was, in my view, the more dangerous of the pair since he could raise an undead army. Chelsia is just a lone spirit, if frightening in her own power.

What manner of puzzle is this?!