Dodecitina 14, 1000 PC

Post date: Oct 13, 2010 3:31:35 PM

A couple of my companions seem to just want to get back into Troll's Bridge and butt heads with the monsters there. Believe me, this is not a smart approach, especially having already done that myself for all intents and purposes.

It is understandable. They have emotional attachments within the city just as I did. Having nothing left there as changed my perspective and now forces me to think how to resolve this situation.

Gathering some information seems to be the most prudent approach now, even though we have very little time. As unreliable as Darzagon is likely to be, he is a demon and he does have information and he is trapped. He is in a position that is uncomfortable, but not permanent. Is he patient enough to ply his demonic arts or desperate enough to lower himself to begging? How might one tell the difference?

The resistance of the group to go and speak with him is understandable, but unfounded. Maybe I need to prepare the iron flask as a more permanent threat to Darzagon's viability.

I will speak with Darzagon whether the others do or not, though having Wintersky's intuition would provide a measure of confidence in the conclusions drawn from such a conversation.