Post date: Jun 14, 2010 8:46:29 PM

The scarred old stump burst into a flaming inferno before her eyes!

Bronwynn Aujir looked astonished at what her brother just accomplished.

“Zander that was amazing!”

He beamed proudly under her praise and answered,

“As a Dragon Samurai, it’s one of the many benefits we enjoy in exchange for our loyalty and devotion to dragons.”

His sister’s blue eyes nearly glowed with admiration for her brother and his new skills.

“If only I could join.” She sighed in envy.

Zander scrutinized his sister closely. There was something… different about her that eluded him. He knew she was being secretive.

“Bron is there something you’re keeping from me?”

Although her expression didn’t change, something flickered briefly in her eyes.  Her silence, so contrary to her nature, was a blatant admission of guilt.

With swift strides, Zander moved to this sister and grabbed her hand. He could sense, almost feel a second heartbeat within her. Sjach.