William, Nyza (the Flame)

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Years Roleplaying


Versions of D&D Played

D&D 3.5

D&D 4e

Campaign Settings

Greyhawk and a slew of Homebrewed settings.

He has both played and DMd a few Paizo settings.

Other Roleplaying Games Played

d20 Modern, Warhammer 40k, and Dark Heresy

Lots of computer RPGs.


Newport, RI, USA. Resides in New Jersey.

What He Does for a Living

Software QA for a defense contractor.


William started playing computer games on an Amiga when he was 6 years old. He was a B-average student in High School and something of a geek. However, he never played pen and paper games even though some of his friends did. He graduated from high school in 2005 then attended a college in New York. After a rocky semester (caused mainly by his Everquest playing), he decided to enlist in the Air Force.

Air Force Basic Training went well for William who is, by the way, somewhat reserved with his emotions. Halfway through his training, he was disqualified from service for a minor heart defect he was previously unaware of. While in the medical hold squadron awaiting transfer out of the military, he was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons from another airman. Without even dice to use, he participated in a short campaign with other sickly recruits.

After returning home, William went back to school. He majored in Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering. He immediately took a job after graduating and is now trying to pay back his student loans.


Single. He is the youngest of his siblings, which include two sisters, both of whom are married, and a brother. He has four dogs: two dachshund and two basset-hounds. The basset-hounds are the only real dogs.

Other Interests

Japanese - William studies Japanese language in his free time. He plans to spend a few years overseas when he has enough money saved.

Tennis - he used to play tennis in high school, but hasn't since then.

Music - Anime music, trance, dance, techno. He especially likes the violin and the piano.

TV - He doesn't watch television much anymore, but when he does he is partial to: Battlestar Galactica (new series), Law and Order, Stargate SG1, the History Channel, Futurama.

Movies -

Books - The Bell Jar, Red Storm Rising, Arena (the first of the Magic the Gathering books)

Computers - William is a technophile, perhaps even to the point of preaching Transhumanism.

Politics - Both parties suck. Votes third party.