Reconnaissance Report

Post date: Jun 25, 2010 4:8:15 AM

The nineteenth day of Undecitina may prove to be one of significance, but nothing like the twentieth.

Xunor arrived at the cabin to report on the situation in Troll's Bridge and it is dire.  It is impossible to pass in and out of the city without a particular substance that Miquilius acquired the knowledge and possession of from Emulov shortly after the barrier was raised.  This substance is steelisin.  I am certain the rest of my friends will have no trouble entering the city since Legeand is likely to lead the way and he is encased in the stuff.  Our passages is gained by use of a small knife forged from this strange metal.

With access to the city by a number of secret ways, we will have little trouble infiltrating.  We will have escape routes and means of using Imhiakaam's activities to our advantage.

Of course, there are the vampires that we will have to be careful with, but in only takes some preparation to prevent them from being a problem.

Tomorrow my people will begin the usurpation of Troll's Bridge's underworld and the rest of the city will not even know it is happening.  So Sajenese.